A Cool Example of an Analytics Application

Sanchita Lobo

India comes out tops for many things. We are the world’s largest democracy, we have the world’s second largest population and are the third largest economy in terms of PPP. We have one of the largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world and are one of the largest users of the internet, antibiotics and gold. And guess what else we now have a pretty impressive record for? Lets politely call it ‘Adult Cyber Entertainment’!

Recently a team of data analysts from Pornhub, one of the world’s largest adult websites and Quartz India, took a look at the habits of India’s internet pornography consumers. In recent articles on their websites, they say that India comes in at 4th place in terms of number of worldwide visitors to the site on mobile devices. And apparently Indians are most active on Saturdays and slower on a Sunday. For more engrossing insights (even some fascinating state specific facts like how Assam is tops in one area, while Delhi in another), and some cool charts, take a look at the full article. Data science can be interesting work, don’t you think?

 Image courtesy: Pornhub

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