Best Tableau Books in 2021

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Tableau is a platform that uses a rather different approach to working with data. It is a visual analytics platform that allows one to understand data better and use information taken from the same in a well-defined way. The platform is a market leader as it makes it easier for customers to work with data by exploring and managing it. In order to make the most of it, one needs to refer to tableau books to get a better idea of how to use the platform.

Visual analytics is a field that focuses on the analysis of data using visual means to give better results and ensure the person is able to better understand what the data is on about. It can help focus on various issues that may be untraceable otherwise due to their characteristics such as size, complexity or any other factor. It is a research tool that brings together many elements from a variety of computer fields and makes up for a better research experience. 

List of the best books for one to understand Tableau 

As is the case with any software that offers productivity, a full guide on understanding the basics of how to use a software along with certain tips and tricks for the same is always important. There are various books available in the market that claim to be the best tableau books.

However proper research on the same before choosing what’s best for you is important as not everyone using the software is on the same page. Regardless of whether you’re using the software for the first time or have an extensive experience of the same, many books are meant to be the best books on data visualization and here are a select few

  • Getting started with Tableau 2019.2 (Second Edition)

The first book on this list is primarily associated with what is a newer version of Tableau. Tableau 2019.2 is a new updated version of an old favourite and brings along with it certain improvements and advancements along with it that many people may take some time getting used to. This feature comes with various tweaks to the original formula with changes made to the UI, dashboard, visuals presented, etc.

The book helps one get up to speed with the basics of the software along with providing extra emphasis to what the new update brings along. The books also covers concepts about ‘Ask Data’, which is a feature that helps in interacting with data using English as a medium. It is one of the few tableau books that properly cover the topic of how to use the new software.

  • Mastering Tableau 2019.1 (Second Edition)

This book by Marleen Meier and David Baldwin is all about providing information on the wide range of updated codes and features of Tableau. These details are supposed to help the reader get comfortable with the more advanced versions of Tableau.

It teaches one about the in-depth aspects such as blending data, densification of data, calculations at an advanced level and a whole host of other Tableau features. The book also talks about the basics of the software and how to use it. It covers topics on how to get one’s data ready. It also gives a detailed level of calculations and is easily one of the best books to learn tableau.

  • Learning tableau 2019 (Thirds Edition)

This book was written by Joshua N Milligan, who happens to be a renowned Tableau user and expert. Once again focusing on the very basic aspects of Tableau such as how to install it and then go on to create one’s first visualization, this book is easily one of best books for tableau beginners to go ahead with.

It also focuses on the advanced aspects of a variety of features associated with Tableau and helps one learn these advanced functions. Also focusses on teaching visualizations such as histograms, pie charts and other forms of visual data. It covers topics such as working with visualizations and how to make the best of them, thus also being one of the best books on data visualization.

  • Tableau: Creating Interactive data visualizations

This book by Jen Stirrup is another example of the best books on data visualization as it focuses on giving an overall view on the ways of doing visualization and dashboarding on this software. Along with understanding on how to procure data from various sources, using mathematical formulas it also attempts to teach one how to group and filter them. The book divides itself into 3 modules and aims at familiarizing the reader with Tableau properly at the end of it.

  • Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau 

Another book that happens to be co-authored by the writer of the previous book, this one is also focused on teaching its users about Tableau’s capabilities when it comes to visualization and analysis. It is for those who wish to learn more about data analytics and the possibilities to create various insightful visualizations from it. For advanced learners, it is easily one of the best books for learning tableau as it has a lot to offer such as The Power of R methods for advanced analytics and how to use its prediction feature. It also gives information and how to understand and communicate the end results of your analytics.    

  • Tableau 10 Complete Reference

Another guide to the using of the tableau, this one specifically focuses on working with Tableau10. Written by Joshua N Milligan, who also authored another book mentioned in the list, this book goes back to basics and begins with an introduction on the origin of data visualization. It then goes to explain various features related to connecting, cleaning and the analysis of data. It goes around the basics of setting up the first visualization and learning how to work with the dashboard. Also talks about the transition from basics to more advanced levels of visualization make it one of the best books to learn tableau. 


Tableau is an innovative platform that has a variety of productive features to offer. For anyone who wished to adopt the software or already used it before, these tableau books can help them take better advantage of the software.

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