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Analytics means dealing with numbers! Analytics is complex! Analytics is hard to learn without a statistics background! Have you been having these thoughts? Well if you think analytics means moving mountains, and are afraid and discouraged about taking that first step into analytics,come hear what our experts have to say.

At the session you will find out why numbers and statistical knowledge though useful and a great plus for a flourishing career in analytics, is not an absolute necessity, as anybody with sound business sense and logical reasoning can arrive at great insights using data analysis. The session is hosted by Sarita Digumarti  a legendary data scientist in her own right.


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Before the session, we recommend viewing the pre-session videos so that you get more time with the expert to ask specific questions.

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Now for a quick introduction to Jigsaw Academy:

We are India’s leading online analytics training company. Our courses are acknowledged by the industry as the “best in class” in the field of business analytics.


The session details to answer all your doubts and queries related to analytics are:

Date:                     Saturday, 7th November 2015


Session link:


Time:                     11:00 am IST


Location:               Virtual classroom


Host:                      Sarita Digumarti



Please see instructions to attend the Q&A session on 7th November 201511.00 AM IST onwards.

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. You will get to a login page: please enter your name and click on Login as a guest option –  see image below:





  1. If you have any trouble logging in or for further queries, please call this number +91-9243522277 or write to us
  2. The minimum requirement for internet speed is 256 kbps. However, we would strongly recommend high speed internet connections (1 Mbps or above) for some of the later classes that involve remote sharing.

You can download the latest flash player here for free: can download Java Runtime Environment 1.6 here for free:


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Come join the session and get your doubts cleared. Don’t be nervous about starting something new. Take charge of your career Now!

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