AWS Career Path: A Guide In 3 Easy Points

Ajay Ohri


It is believed that the budget and expense on public cloud infrastructure and cloud services are going to double in the years to come. This points to the fact that it makes a lot of sense now to start your career in the public cloud domain that offers a promising future. AWS career path (Amazon Web Services) can be an ideal option if you are interested in the cloud services domain and have been looking for a career change for some time. Here we discuss why choosing to pursue AWS can be a smart choice for your career.

In this article let us look at:

  1. Why and How to Pursue an AWS Career Path
  2. Available AWS Certifications
  3. Best Paying AWS-Related Jobs Based on Certification and Job Type

1. Why and How to Pursue an AWS Career Path

You may have experience as an IT professional but want to switch to a new field or to cloud computing because of its demand. This is why you should pursue the AWS career path. Below we give you all the details about why you should choose AWS and how you can enter this AWS career Path.

Why AWS?

  • AWS is undoubtedly the most used cloud platform among various other public cloud domains. 
  • AWS is the public cloud platform that is the fastest growing today.
  • There is going to be a huge demand for AWS professionals. There are, however, not a lot of professionals in this field which makes it lucrative to jump into this field right now.
  • IT professionals need to be proficient in cloud computing as AWS will be largely adopted by various organizations.

How to Learn AWS

Now that you know that the AWS career path is lucrative and demanding, the next is to educate yourself about how you can get the required knowledge to take the plunge into this career field.

There are many resources on AWS learning that you can get your hands on. There are courses, manuals, and books along with AWS communities and practice exams that will let you acquire the desired knowledge. These are useful to let you start and grow your career. However, you must take time and research and choose the right material. The quality of the material, time available, and your budget are the key factors that you need to consider before you choose the AWS programs. The best, however, is to take the course from a reliable and reputed institution that has many experienced tutors who can teach theory as well as its practical applications.

You will also need to get the AWS certification to validate your credibility and expertise, which puts you in a position where you can apply to companies for a job. The certification lets your employer know that you are ready to take over the responsibility.

There are several AWS-related jobs that you can choose once you have the AWS certification. You can work on the role as a cloud practitioner or as a solution expert like machine learning and storage. You may also want to specialize in an area and focus your attention on it. These would usually involve advanced networking, security, and big data.

2. Available AWS Certifications 

The AWS certification is divided into four categories. These are the foundational, associate, professional, and speciality. You will have to take nine certifications under these four categories.

  • AWS FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL CERTIFICATION (1 certification) certifies you as an AWS Cloud Practitioner, where you are introduced to the basic level of cloud computing and get to know how the AWS functions.
  • AWS ASSOCIATE LEVEL CERTIFICATIONS (3 certifications) offers the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate, and AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification giving you a deep understanding of the AWS development architecture and operations.
  • AWS PROFESSIONAL LEVEL CERTIFICATIONS (2 certifications) offers AWS Solutions Architect – Professional and AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional certification where you understand the AWS engineering and architecture.
  • AWS SPECIALTY CERTIFICATIONS (3 certifications) offers Advanced Networking – Specialty, Security – Specialty, and Big Data – Specialty certification where you get detailed knowledge of the speciality areas that are related to AWS.

As per the Pascale website, the average annual salary of an AWS professional in America is USD 103000. This makes AWS the best-paying job in the IT sector. Depending on the level of the employee, whether he is an associate or a professional, here are some of the AWS-related jobs and their corresponding salaries.

  • An AWS Certified Solutions Architect earns around $130883 at the associate level and $148456 at the professional level.
  • The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer earns around $137724.
  • An AWS Certified SysOps Administrator can earn pay of around $130610
  • The AWS Certified Developer earns around $130,272.


AWS certification jobs can be an ideal career choice if you are an enthusiast keen on cloud computing. The AWS career path has a lot of potential in the future because AWS certified professionals are in demand, and there are also several ways where you can fit into the IT field when you are skilled on AWS. With an AWS certification, you see a salary increase and also get diverse opportunities to work in the IT sector.

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