Jobs After Bachelor Of Mass Media: An Important Guide(2021)

Ajay Ohri


You may have heard of mass communication courses after grade 12. BMM or Bachelor Of Mass Media is the most sought-after course for students looking for career opportunities in the media. Would you like to be the reporter you watch on TV or write articles for establishing newspapers? Most people believe that the scope of mass communication is limited to a reporter or a television presenter. But it is not restricted to these traditional jobs, and now this field has much more to offer with the evolution of technology. This course provides the opportunity to explore the areas of quite impactful and demanding fields like Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Radio Jockeying, Communication, Event Management, Content Writing, and the list goes on.

In this article, you will find a variety of options that are available for a BMM graduate. 

  1. Journalism
  2. Advertising
  3. Radio Jockeying
  4. Content Writing
  5. Public Relations
  6. Event Management
  7. Photography
  8. Digital Communication
  9. Marketing Manager
  10. Higher Education


Journalism is a popular and interesting area to work in, and it is the most beloved area by students after the Bachelor Of Mass Media course. The job is to gather information from around the world, assess it, write reports, and present it in the best way possible. The role of a journalist is to interview various people, work with publishers, write stories and follow new trends.

You have to pick your niche if you want to work in crime, entertainment, business, economics, finance, sports, or politics. Journalism is one of the subjects proposed by the BMM Degree in the final year that assists students to acquire knowledge before entering the professional world. Although this is the most competitive area, it is certainly a promising one.


Whether it’s advertising signage or social media platforms, everything includes advertising. While watching a youtube video or listening to music on Spotify, you might have come across the ads before or between the video/ song you are listening to – it is all advertising. Advertising involves reaching out to the customer market and persuading them to buy the product. As a graduate of Bachelor Of Mass Media, you can definitely try this area if you are creative and can manage projects and deliver the content required by clients. This is one of the BMM subjects available to the students in the final year. It has certainly grown in scope with the emergence of social media. 


Radio Jockeying or RJ is one of the popular and exciting careers that you can obtain as a Bachelor Of Mass Media graduate. It is suitable for individuals with a good voice, creativity, humor, social skills, and fluency. In addition to the advancement of technology, people still enjoy listening to FM/am radios due to their busy schedules. The work of jockey radio requires interaction with their audience, playing live music or live talk shows, FM/AM/satellite radio jockeys. Students can work as a trainee during college on a radio station.


It’s a big field of work, and you can get a decent salary for that work. You can also work as a freelance content editor, depending on your availability. Writing content is all about playing with words, research, proper vocabulary, and excellent grammar. If you want to be a content writer, enhance your vocabulary and start doing internships at the university itself.


The public relations professional aims to enhance the value of the corporate brand. It manages the publicity and devises strategies regarding the same. As a professional, your task is to represent a business or person and communicate their image to the public. You need interpersonal skills, presentation skills, creativity, sound planning skills to be a PR. 


Event management includes planning events (wedding, birthday, business, concerts, workshops, parties, award shows, etc.) from beginning to end and makes it a huge success in a profitable way. A Bachelor Of Mass Media graduate opting for this career option must have the required skills that are expected from an event manager. Competencies include organizational skills, leadership, problem-solving, customer-centric approach, good communication skills, and understanding of marketing techniques. 


If you are passionate about clicking on great images, then this field is for you. The demand for photographers has now grown as social media has emerged. Social media bloggers require a photographer and pay good money for it. Photographers are required everywhere, be it for wedding shoots, fashion shoots, wildlife photography, product shoots, travel shoots, or portraits. If you have set your name in this field, the sky is the limit for you.


With advances in the Internet and social media, almost all organizations moved onto digital platforms to expand their client base. The Digital Communications Specialist manages the company’s social media platforms, and blogs interact with potential clients and is responsible for the development and implementation of digital content.


Marketing is about creating an idea and making it a product that meets the needs of the customer. Marketing managers are hired to promote the product and entice the customer to the product the business is selling. A Master’s degree in Business Administration can be followed to gain a brief understanding of this area.


If you haven’t decided what to do after Bachelor Of Mass Media, explore your interests while pursuing post-graduate studies in mass media. Choose a field you are most interested in and enrol in a good college and pursue an MBA in Mass Communication. If you are interested in advertising, journalism, marketing, public relations – opt for a master’s degree in the respective field. There are different certification courses available online, and you can opt for that as well. Higher education can offer you excellent employment opportunities that could be challenging for an undergraduate student.


These are some of the mass media and professional opportunities available to a Bachelor Of Mass Media Graduate. There are a lot of reputed Bachelor Of Mass Media colleges from which you can pursue this course and get a job with a decent salary. Bachelor Of Mass Media salary varies from 1.8 lakhs-8 lakhs according to the profile and caliber of the candidate. Simply do an in-depth search of each area of interest and make an informed decision if you want to pursue higher education or get a job after you graduate.

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