Career In Finance: An Overview In 3 Easy Points


If the finance business and terms like securities, stocks, and investment create interests in you, then a career in finance is worth considering.

The finance business offers various finance career options to experts just as beginners who have the right ranges of skills. The financial services are multi-layered with different sub-classes. The way to a person’s prosperity is to find a career that furnishes them with the perfect blend of pursuing a career that they are energetic about and one that uses their skills.

In this article let us look at:

  1. Top Career in Finance Options
  2. Why Finance as a Career?
  3. How to Make a Career in Finance?

1. Top Career in Finance Options

It’s essential to evaluate the prerequisites for a specific job in the industry. In light of this, we should look at the list of career in finance that you can opt for:

  • Public Accounting
  • Compliance and Internal Control
  • Corporate Finance
  • Commercial Banking
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Management

1) Public Accounting: 

Accounting is a broad field of study and practice, containing a class of financial services. Public accountants likewise give ideas and convey reports to improve financial health, increase revenue, and cut down expenses.

The Big Four firms, to be specific PwC, KPMG, EY, and Deloitte, aggregately offer the biggest portion of expert services in public accounting. They assist in governance, internal control, business advisory, tax consulting, and auditing & attestation to their government and corporate partners globally.

Graduates in Business Administration and Commerce can consider a Certified Public Accountant qualification to become an internationally licensed accountant. Degrees like MBA (Finance) and Master of Commerce (M.Com) are additionally perceived as evidence of candidates’ educational knowledge in the field.

2) Compliance and Internal Control: 

Compliance services engage administrative and managerial authorities to guarantee that all activities and procedures stick to standards, ethical practices, and applicable laws. Organisations need to keep away from harming their reputation and finances because of non-compliance with any regulations. Consequently, the work of compliance officers is crucial to support compelling business execution.

3) Corporate Finance:

Corporate finance is a sub-division of finance that gives funds to business enterprises. The basic job roles in this profession involve:

  • Adjusting risk and benefit.
  • Accomplishing tasks identified with financial risk management.
  • Boosts the value of the stock.
  • Examining and forecasting financial patterns.
  • Managing funds and choosing investment portfolios.
  • Examining organization reports and recommending improvement measures.

Leading corporate advisory firms hire finance degree graduates to facilitate mergers & acquisitions of organisations.

4) Commercial Banking: 

Commercial banks give a large group of services to people and organisations. The contributions range from current and savings account facilities to credit and debit cards to education, home, personal, and different advances. Commercial banking additionally incorporates analysis of industries, competitive positions, and financial statements. 

Commercial banking is viewed as an appealing finance career options for numerous candidates because of the good working hours and salary packages.

5) Risk Management:

Risk management experts are capable of distinguishing market risks, and it is one of the emerging careers in finance. Their essential responsibility is to minimize risks and maximize returns deliberately. The job roles can be separated into: 

  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Digital Risk Manager
  • Enterprise Risk Manager
  • Operational Risk Manager
  • Supply Chain Risk Manage

If you are looking for work in risk management, you should consider an education degree like a PG Diploma or MBA in Risk Management.

6) Investment Banking: 

Investment banking discovers a spot among the most renowned career opportunities in finance. It is likewise a rewarding way as far as salary package and professional growth. Investment bankers are answerable for assignments identified with financial remodelling. Their work includes working with numbers and data and introducing decisions that improve business tasks.

7) Financial Planning:

Organisations and individuals require the services of financial planners to secure their future and current financial security. A career in financial planning would review cash flows and financial statements and make strategies for saving and investing into resources coordinating with the client’s necessities.

8) Portfolio Management: 

Portfolio management is a combination of science and commerce as it requires knowledge of analytics, maths, and business. As a portfolio manager, you don’t pore over singular investments, yet take a look at the overall investment mix of your clients, who might be individuals or institutions. 

Education in Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics is ideal for these types of careers in finance.

2. Why Finance as a Career? 

Here are ten reasons to demonstrate that a career in finance might be the ideal decision for you.

  • A wide field of roles and specialisations.
  • Personality-driven.
  • Narrow focus.
  • Lots of career choices.
  • High acquiring potential.
  • Job security.
  • Continuous education and learning opportunities.
  • Challenging career.
  • A range of businesses and organizations to work for.
  • Your skills are important and transferable.

3. How to Make a Career in Finance?

  • Take up finance degree courses.
  • Search for internships in the field.
  • Introduce yourself with financial terms.
  • Increase your certifications.


Several financial positions demand particular capabilities and require adaptability in complex working condition. Hence, it is indispensable to pick one that lines up with your long-term objectives and goals. For example, if you have strong interpersonal skills, you may do well in corporate finance, and assuming you appreciate working with numbers, you may accomplish remarkable work in public accounting.

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