Career in Machine Learning: An Easy Overview(2021)

Ajay Ohri


In recent years, a huge development has taken place in the field of technology and automation. Businesses are prospering with its help, and so is the economy. A huge surge is noticed in the spending of businesses in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, and this may continue for a near-future of at least two decades. A Career in Machine Learning has an immense scope in the near future, not only in terms of knowledge and growth but also in terms of personal wealth creation from an individual perspective. 

In this article let us look at:

  1. Career in Machine Learning
  2. Why are ML Roles so Popular?
  3. Why should you pursue a Career in Machine Learning?
  4. Machine learning Skills

1. Career in Machine Learning

‘Machine learning (ML)’ is the study of computer algorithms that automatically improve performance by using past data and experiences. It is designed with the help of sample data called training data and is required to do predictions and accordingly decide on the course of action based on its own experience and that too without programmed to do so. ML is also referred to as ‘Predictive Analysis’. ML is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Difference between AI and ML lies in the fact that AI focuses on simulating human behaviour with specific programming. However, ML focuses on self-learning from past data available without specific programming.            

Listing herewith, Career in Machine Learning.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

A Natural Language Processing Scientist develops machines in a way that they adapt and learn human languages to effectively interact with human beings. This career requires the person to know at least one human language very well, along with the knowledge of how machines work. This is a promising field for a career in Machine learning.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

An ML Engineer trains machines to make future predictions based on his knowledge of Analytics, data science, statistics, programming, mathematics and probability, Java, algorithms, System design, and modelling, etc.

  • Data Scientist

Data scientists help businesses in making sound decisions based on the huge data available. This profession requires knowledge of Data mining, data collection, probability and predictions, statistical research, and programming languages.

  • BI Developer

BI Developer is similar to a Data scientist in terms that they collect data and perform statistical techniques over it to arrive at optimal decisions for a business. Proficiency required in Power BI, Perl, SQL, databases, Python Language.

  • Human-centred machine learning designer

Many times you must have noticed while operating YouTube, Netflix, Google Feeds, you get ads or suggestions similar to your interests. Where does that come from? A Human-centered machine learning designer is the one who designs machines to study the preferences and choices of an individual and feed him with similar data.

  • Neural Networks

This study helps machines to classify information as humans do. For example, the software can be taught to distinguish between words and images and to make high-level accurate predictions based on data inputs.

90% of Americans use AI and ML in their daily lives, and this is how its importance is evolving. Indian businesses are actively engaging in the incorporation of automation models into their functioning to eradicate human errors and perform effectively at lower costs and greater quantities. Companies are willing to spend huge sums on ML adoptions, and this is the area where ML Roles become popular.

ML professionals assist in a smooth transition from a traditional business model to an ML-based business model. Huge companies like Facebook, Linked In, Microsoft, Accenture are at the top to provide such services. With more than 330% increase in job postings for the field and an average salary of Rs. 700,000 per annum, it is considered as ‘the hottest jobs of the century’. 

3. Why should you pursue a Career in Machine Learning?

There are great career opportunities in ML. Here are some of the reasons backed up.

  • ML and AI are the future. There is a dearth of professionals in this field, and a lot of skilled and professional workforce will be required in the near future. Expertise in the area will not only secure your present but will promise a bright future for the coming decades.
  • Exponential career growth is guaranteed. If we dig into the statistics of how technology is evolving, we can easily make out about where the future business prospects are going to lie. As ML has much to achieve in the field of research, it has far more scope attached to it.
  • Real-life challenges to experience. ML and AI have all to do with practical knowledge and its applicability and fieldwork. You may end up finding the best business solutions in your career and face real challenges and learn from them.

4. Machine learning Skills

  • Statistics and Probability: Study of predictions through sets of past data available.
  • Data Evaluation and modelling: Analytics of data with the help of correlation, regression, and classification techniques for a better decision.
  • Programming Languages: Set of instructions for a machine to perform a particular task. Like Java, C, Python.
  • ML algorithms: How computer algorithms practically integrate with mechanics?
  • Signal Processing Techniques: Feature extractions. 


ML has a wide scope as everyday needs are changing, and each day economy is coming closer to technology and inventions. Investing in a promising career like this is going to be much beneficial not only in terms of finance but also growth and experience. Contribution towards the business is going to play a major role for you as a person and for others as a blessing.

There are no right or wrong ways of learning AI and ML technologies – the more, the better! These valuable resources can be the starting point for your journey on how to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Do pursuing AI and ML interest you? If you want to step into the world of emerging tech, you can accelerate your career with this Machine Learning And AI Courses by Jigsaw Academy.


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