A Career in Web Development: An Overview In 7 Simple Points


Web developers work individually as freelancers or with organizations to make sites. Contingent upon the work, these experts may focus on front-end development, including producing content and designing websites, or back-end development, which includes composing code to make site highlights work. Web developers may likewise become webmasters for a webpage, troubleshooting, updates, and providing maintenance when required.

So, if you are thinking about a career in web development, you should be prepared to work in a difficult environment where cut-off times are of a typical aspect.

  1. Who is a Web Developer?
  2. What Does a Web Developer do?
  3. Web Developer Salary in India
  4. Why Should You Choose A Career in Web Development?
  5. Web Development Career Options
  6. How to Start a Career in Web Development?
  7. Why Become a Web Developer? 

1. Who is a Web Developer?

In simple words, a web developer is accountable for the coding and programming of web-based services and sites that occur at the back-end. It is frequently tough to separate between the responsibilities and roles in various web positions such as web designers and web developers.

  • Future of Web Development:
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. 360-Degree Video
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Motion User Interface
  5. Internet of Things (IoT)
  6. Voice Command

2. What Does a Web Developer do?

The responsibilities of a web developer incorporate conversing with clients via meeting or telephone with them to know their necessities. Web developers need to find clear solutions to questions like what a client needs their site to accomplish for them. 

What highlights do a client need their site to have? If you begin dealing with the site before addressing the client, the site will not be near what the client anticipates that you should convey. You will be needed to re-try it. This is a lesson that each growing web developer needs to adapt shortly to take effective steps ahead in their professions.

Here are some significant responsibilities that a web developer satisfies: 

Key Hard Skills:

  1. PHP
  2. Angular.js
  3. ASP.NET
  4. JavaScript
  5. HTML5
  6. Cascading Style Sheets

Key Soft Skills:

  1. Self-motivation
  2. Multitasking
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Organizational Skills

3. Web Developer Salary in India

The normal web developer salary in India is around Rs. 3,08,000 p.a. that incorporates around Rs. 20,000 on a profit-sharing and Rs. 30,000 as a bonus basis. This figure can go up to a limit of Rs. 7,80,000 p.a. or even past that relying upon your employer, location, certifications, skillset, and experience.

Web developers with 1 to 4 years of knowledge can make around Rs. 3,04,000 p.a. With 5 to 9 years of knowledge, you can receive around Rs. 5,89,000 p.a. If you have knowledge of more than 10 years in the field, you can receive around Rs. 10,00,000 p.a. or considerably more relying upon various factors.

4. Why Should You Choose A Career in Web Development?

Web developers will keep assuming a significant role. So having what it takes to create sites has a few benefits.

1. Job Flexibility:

The work of a web developer is profoundly flexible. You are permitted to work how you need to. 

2. Web Development is Fun and Interesting: 

Web developers love everything about their work. Web development is among those positions that have a fundamentally higher occupation fulfilment rate. 

3. There Are in Every Case More Abilities to Add to Your Resume: 

CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are the fundamental abilities that you cannot manage without a web developer. However, if you are energetic about it and need to add your career in web development, there’s lots more to learn as well, including Ruby, PHP, Ajax, AngularJS, and more.

4. It’s Not Difficult to Start:

Regardless of whether you are not able to be work with an organisation on a full-time basis, there is still a lot that you can do as a freelancer. All you need is the appropriate skills. 

5. There Are Job Opportunities Aplenty:

There are a larger number of occupations than you might suspect in web development. Whatever occurs, online organisations will keep on building new sites or update existing ones to remain competitive.

5. Web Development Career Options

If you are an experienced web development proficient, you will have a few professional choices available before you. You may need to add an ability or two to your collection, yet we don’t believe that is asking a lot for a decent career. Here are a couple of professional choices:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Back-End Developer
  3. Front-End Developer
  4. Senior Web Developer
  5. Full-Stack Engineer

6. How to Start a Career in Web Development?

  1. Pick a Development Specialisation
  2. Get an Education
  3. Create Technical Skills
  4. Practice Your Coding Skills
  5. Launch an Online Portfolio

7. Why Become a Web Developer? 

Web developers need to have skills in communication and teamwork since working with others is vital for a project’s success. They should have the option to work freely, comply with time constraints and react well to evaluate. They additionally should have the option to think of innovative answers for troublesome issues.


A website is the representation of the company on the global web network. Nowadays, every company understands the requirement for having a site. They are investing in developing and designing the best web page for showcasing their services or products on the web. With the increasing demand for web development, we can see the significant scope of web development careers and web designers.

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