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A Cloud Architect is liable for changing over the specialized prerequisites of a venture into the architecture and plan that will direct the eventual outcome. Cloud Architect is an IT expert who builds up an organization’s registering system. This methodology fuses cloud selection plans, cloud application configuration just as cloud the board and observing. Extra duties incorporate help for application design and sending in cloud conditions.

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1) Cloud Architect Salary 

The top respondents for the employment title Cloud Solutions Architect are from the organizations IBM India Private Limited, Accenture Technology Solutions, and Wipro Technologies Ltd. Revealed pay rates are most noteworthy at Wipro Technologies Ltd. where the normal cloud architect salary is ₹3,500,000. Accenture Technology Solutions pays the most minimal at around ₹2,400,000.

2) Salary based on employer 

Now we come to various cloud solution architect jobs that can pay you a more significant compensation than others. Notwithstanding, your obligations would likewise be diverse in every one of these jobs. We definitely understand what a cloud architect acquires on a normal. A senior cloud architect makes around Rs 2,500,000 for each annum in compensation. A technical architect then again procures around 2,400,000 for every annum.

So what do top organizations pay their cloud architects? We should discuss two or three of those organizations! On the off chance that you are working as a cloud architect at Tata Consultancy Services, you will procure a middle base compensation of around 1,500,000 for each annum. The base compensation at TCS is around Rs 2,30,000 for every annum, and the most extreme can go up to Rs 3,800,000 for each annum. 

There are various elements impacting everything that legitimize this distinction. Presently the middle base compensation of a cloud architect at Accenture also is in the scope of Rs 1,500,000 for every annum. The base and most extreme reach are Rs 4,10,000 for every annum to Rs 2,800,000 for each annum. Given below is a list concerning cloud architect salary in India

  • Cloud Associate Architect – Rs 16.3 lakhs per annum
  • Cloud Solution Architect – Rs 18.4 lakhs per annum
  • Technical Architect Cloud Computing – Rs 24.0 lakhs per annum 
  • Senior Cloud Architect – Rs 24.7 lakhs per annum
  • Cloud Architect – Rs 24.4 lakhs per annum

1. What are the most common skills that companies ask of you as a cloud architect?

Over 25% of employees in this job have cloud computing aptitudes, which just bodes well considering the worldwide distributed computing market drifts.  Different abilities incorporate arrangement design with 14% of workers and VMWare with 15% of representatives.

2. There are a couple of organizations that are known for delivering top cloud computing ability across India. About 7% of cloud architects that are at present employed at various associations have gained their training from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS). 

The equivalent goes for the web-based learning stage you ought to decide to take a course for more engaged learning in this subject. It is about your profession, so you can’t pick the second-best, can you?


A cloud architect is one of those employment jobs that will stay popular for quite a while to come. With the cloud computing field expected to fill dramatically in the following years, turning into a cloud architect is the best thing you can seek after your profession at this moment. It’s not just an extraordinary occasion to have a lucrative work yet, in addition, to pick up direct insight of working along with novel and energizing technologies.

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