Cloud Engineer Salary: Must-Know Things In 2020

Cloud Engineer Salary Introduction

If you are one of those looking to make a career as a cloud engineer, you are in the right place. In this article, we will share various aspects related to cloud engineering, cloud engineer salary as well as various aspects and designations involved in it. Why is that cloud engineering an increasing demand and is pursued as a career? These days cloud computing process has become a critical aspect for various companies. Companies require an end to end services to be managed by an expert.

It is actually a bigger shift from the traditional form of enterprise where the data was stored differently with less security. Companies these days are now more concerned about the security of the information and services as the whole company runs on the data within the organization. This creates the demand for cloud engineers quite high with amazing packages served across the world. Technology advancements have created a sudden rise in the demand for cloud engineers. 

  1. Who is a Cloud Engineer?
  2. Salary
  3. Fields for a cloud engineer and Jobs

1. Who is a Cloud Engineer?

As we move towards technology advancements, there is an urge in the market for cloud engineers. Cloud computing is the shared use of remote servers which helps data management and storage for better optimization of services and data. Such data can be accessed from anywhere in the world which is quite inexpensive and a centre of attraction for startups and market giants. These days anyone can use cloud services, there are many applications where a normal person can access the cloud to store data for a longer period of time. These include certain applications such as iCloud, google drive, amazon web services, etc. The basis on the skills the cloud computing engineer’s salary is huge in the market. 

We are now in the world of the advancement of technology where every minute and second is dedicated to new updates and new inventions. We are slowly leaving behind the traditional ways of storing data in the data centres with a big shift to cloud-based technology which provides more advanced security and features even in natural disasters. The main obstacle faced by IT professionals these days is advancement in a particular requirement trend which comes and goes in like a wave. 

  • Various cloud platforms: There are majorly various platforms which provide free resources for IT professionals focusing on a few areas of advancements, we need to consider these as a fair chance for IT professionals. A fair amount of practice can help professionals excel in this stream. Various platforms require professionals which include Amazon Web services, MS Azure as well as Google cloud platform. Most of the companies in the market require knowledge of these cloud platforms. 
  • Application programming interface and web services: These services are the main ingredient to cloud architecture, in this case, the engineer needs to understand the integration of the systems within the company. Companies may also expect for building their own API system or maintain the one already built there. Excelling in these courses can benefit you big time with the requirement in these fields. 
  • SCM also is known as software configuration management: It is considered the main aspect of a cloud-based environment. The cloud engineer expects to be familiar with SCM tools which include chef, puppet & ansible. 
  • Development of Agile: This is a requirement to make an ideal approach to the fast-moving world of cloud computing. Various sites such as scum alliance, and the agile alliance will help you a great deal in agile development.

After knowing all of this you might think about whether this is the right kind of career to choose, let me help you with this. If you have an urge to be an IT person with strong technical knowledge and great analytical skills, and also love to grab the latest technology served to solve various problems, this field is for you. 

2. Salary

After the long description of what a cloud engineer does, you might be looking for the amount of salary these companies pay you for your skills. Having said that, similar to the role and points shared above with IT roles of engineering, according to the global stats, the associate cloud engineer salary is nowhere between $100,000 – $150,000. A simple analyst who is responsible for designing and implementing can go for a starting attractive package close to $100,000. The cloud operations engineer’s salary and cloud software engineer’s salary are near $106,000. 

The cloud engineer’s entry-level salary is close to $85,000 per year. This is also the same for a cloud engineer starting salary. A cloud server engineer’s salary is about $131,889 per month. 

The google associate cloud engineer salary is estimated at $120,000. Also, the google cloud engineer salary is nowhere less than $135,000. As we also know that various companies look for excellence in amazon’s web services, so cloud support engineer amazon’s salary is somewhat near to $110,000. They require you to work on their tools, and master and excel in the same. So, here comes the AWS cloud engineer salary which is again $135,000 per year. The AWS cloud support engineer’s salary also is somewhere close to $90,000 per year. 

The typical amazon cloud support engineer salary is $65,000. Also, amazon’s cloud engineer salary touches somewhere $134,097 per year. 

The cloud security engineer’s salary is around $135,834. Also, a cloud automation engineer’s salary is $117,386 per year. While cloud data engineer salary is close to $124,345 per year. 

Azure cloud engineer salary makes an average of $126,659 per year. There are various infrastructure roles as well which are high in demand. A cloud infrastructure engineer’s salary is about $132,422 per year while a cloud network engineer’s salary touches $107,350 per year. 

Also, a cloud database engineer’s salary is around $160,000 per year. The typical salary of a cloud computing engineer is $117,386. 

Lastly, the cloud engineer’s average salary is $91,409. 

3. Fields for a cloud engineer and Jobs

  • Companies hire software engineers with in-depth technical knowledge of hardware and software analytical advancements. The typical salary is $106,000. Skills required are five or more years of experience in hardware and software systems. 
  • Network or a cloud engineer must have depth knowledge of networking hardware and software with an average salary of $112,000. Such posts require a bachelor’s degree in computer science and five years or more of work experience. They require the candidate to have knowledge of network designing and implementation. 
  • You can also apply for a Database administrator with strong technical knowledge of configuration and installation of the database. Such kind of job earns a salary of $ 100,250. Companies require knowledge and experience in various applications such as SQL, Oracle, etc. 


The in-depth conclusion of the whole scenario is, that cloud computing is one of the booming careers which continues to expand with various opportunities along with attractive packages. More the experience, the more fruitful it will be.

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