Courses After BBA: An Easy Understanding In 2021

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Introduction to Courses After BBA

One of India’s most popular undergraduate courses, BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), offers great job possibilities and a secure future. It equips you with various skills such as management, marketing, finance, accounting, banking, etc., making you suitable for diverse roles in businesses and industries. Read this guide to learn about different courses after BBA that can make you stand on par with your counterparts. 

BBA acts as a gateway to good managerial jobs. Still, it is just an undergraduate degree that doesn’t qualify you for the best-paying and highly lucrative profiles.

Before moving on, let us first find out. 

  1. What is BBA?
  2. Courses in BBA
  3. Employment Opportunities in BBA
  4. Career Options after BBA
  5. Top Academic Courses to Pursue After BBA

1. What is BBA?

BBA is a 3-year professional undergraduate course in Business Administration and is open for all students who have passed 12th in any stream. It helps improve the students’ communication, management, and leadership skills, thereby enhancing their overall personality. 

There are several types of BBA courses that you can choose as per your interest and gain specialization in a specific field. Let us find out the top specializations offered in BBA in the next head.

2. Courses in BBA

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Finance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Foreign Trade
  • Retail 
  • Tourism 
  • Hospital Management
  • Communication and Media Management

As mentioned above, courses in BBA are abundant, and you can choose one according to your choice of subjects and the industry that you want to work in in the future. 

3. Employment Opportunities in BBA

BBA graduates get in-depth training in managerial skills and become experts in fundamentals to advanced principles of management. They can apply for jobs after BBA in the marketing and sales field or join companies as a management trainee at the starting level. If they have specialization in any particular field, then job opportunities after BBA also increase.

However, the initial stage BBA salary for a management graduate may vary from Rest 12,000 to Rest 18,000 per month. It can be more depending upon the field of specialization, capabilities, company, and the post offered. And, if the candidate has any experience of industry exposure through training programs or internships, the pay scale increases to a great extent. But, if he/she wants an executive-level job opportunity with high-paying stability, then any postgraduate degree, diploma, or professional courses after BBA is a must.

4. Career Options after BBA 

After getting a BBA degree, the students gain deep insights into concepts of finance, economics, marketing, accountancy, and organizational management. These insights make them industry-ready and skilled enough to get BBA jobs in ample fields and industries. Consequently, management graduates have wide scope and options after BBA in the market.

Find below some of the most popular and high-paying career options after BBA that one can look for a stable and secure future in India:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Management Trainee
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Finance Manager

Are you still confused and thinking about what to do after BBA? Above mentioned career options and employment opportunities clearly indicate that BBA opens the gate to the world of management and businesses and qualifies the students for the best courses after BBA. 

5. Top Academic Courses to Pursue After BBA

Many students opt for higher studies and courses after BBA to get a master’s degree or a professional qualification or gain additional expertise. They automatically become eligible for plenty of high-level courses after a BBA degree, such as  

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): One of the most popular and preferred courses after BBA, an MBA enhances your expertise level and market value and assures a great pay scale.
  • Master of Management Studies (MMS): Just like MBA, MMS also enhances skill levels and guarantees better deals on annual packages.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM): It offers the same curriculum as MBA but proves to be more dynamic than an MBA. 
  • Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM): Another one of the most promising courses after BBA, it is a 1-year certificate course that makes the candidate suitable for better-paying jobs.
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB): If you have an interest in the field of law, opt for LLB courses after BBA to gain entrance into the world of Corporate Law.
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd): Go for BEd courses after BBA to grab academic roles in educational institutes.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA): BBA graduates learn concepts of economics and accounts, making them good candidates for a Chartered Accountant course.
  • PGD in Bank Management: It is one of the most lucrative courses after BBA that strengthens the skills required for making a mark in the banking sector.
  • Union Public Service Commission (UPSC): The best career after BBA is in public services that help you get the best-ranked government job.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course makes the student earn in-depth knowledge in various fields and offers a wide scope in terms of BBA job opportunities. But, specialized courses after BBA ensure greater heights in the career graph.

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