Cruising Towards a Brighter Future

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Stepping into the classroom is the first step towards building the career you want, but the most important one is when you step inside the interview room. For most people, the interview room is where dreams are realized and you’re one step closer to leading the life you want. The journey up until that point that has been marked by persistence, hard work, and smart work is one that bears fruition. We, at Jigsaw Academy, endeavor to realize our students’ dreams and aspirations; to ensure that we provide them with all the resources and skills necessary to #GetNoticed by recruiters. For the batch 7 students of the Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science (PGD-DS) course, it was time to finally test their skills in the real world. 

, Cruising Towards a Brighter FutureThe placement drive conducted by Jigsaw Academy from Feb 10 to Feb 14, 2020, saw elite companies like Equifax, Gramener, MeritTrac Services, BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Ltd, and Dhira Software Labs hunt for the best ‘Data’ talent among the PGD-DS 2019 batch students. The recruitment drive started with a talk by David Ferber, Enterprise Data Leader at Equifax. Equifax is headquartered in Georgia, United States. Drawing insights from his extensive experience, he spoke about the industry requirements and how to move forward in the niche domain. The interactions with industry leaders are bound to broaden our horizons and outlook on the subject. Here, at Jigsaw Academy, we are stoic believers of this and want our students to interact with the brightest minds. 

Data is the future. Data is going to be a critical part of the 21st-century workplace and data science professionals have bright futures ahead of them. Data drives business and organizations are taking measures to utilize this resource. ‘Upskill’ has become the mantra to stay ahead of the crowd and secure your future. Data Science and Emerging Technologies like Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, AI, etc are expected to witness a huge growth in the coming years. Sadly, these very domains have a dearth of qualified professionals. Jigsaw Academy aims to bridge this gap in its capacity and brighten the lives of its students. Success is guaranteed to those who aren’t afraid of change. Be Bold and #GetNoticed like our students did.

Here are some videos from the placement drive!

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