Data Science Career In Five, Fifteen And Fifty Years

Data science has significant potential to impact our lives and how we work. We are going through a major phase of innovation in computing, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are transitioning from the mobile-first world into AI-first world. Breakthroughs in machine learning have enabled dramatic improvements.

Artificial intelligence is improving every industry and will be capable of transforming the products and services used by us. In this article, we will have a sneak peek of how data science will transform AI in hardware, software and societal implications.

Data Science in five years

Although 5 years may seem far away, we definitely have some insights on how data science, artificial intelligence and deep learning will make a solid impact on the world. Let us have a sneak peak of what we can expect in next 5 years.

AI-powered advanced humanoid robots

Image Source: Boston Dynamics

Companies like Boston Dynamics and Honda are already working on humanoid robots. Boston Dynamics is constantly working on improving the capabilities of Atlas. Last year, Honda also showcased their next version of ASIMO with improved balancing system.

In next 5 years, there will be even more strong and tough advanced AI-powered humanoid robots capable of working on any terrain which will help and save people in natural calamities such as earthquake and flood. These robots will be able to deliver food and emergency help during the period of natural calamities.

Highly advanced future versions of ASIMO like robots will be able do household work such as organizing the home, going out in the garden and play with or help them learn something. This way kids will have a new companion!

There will also be AI-powered robots with wheels and drones which will be able to self-navigate and deliver products and items.

Data Science in fifteen years

We have already seen the beginning of self-driving cars. Still, the technology isn’t fully reliable and the government also requires that a driver will always be present at the driver’s seat for safety. In upcoming years, it will become a reality and a norm in next 15 years. Also, AI will provide us with effective solutions to global problems

Fully Autonomous Transportation

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But in the next 15 years, the technology will become capable enough, governments will encourage it and public acceptance will bring automated cars into widespread use. In future, other transportation methods such as buses and trains may also come closer to full automation. (Big Think, 2018)

Solving bigger problems

Image result for ai climate change

Image Source: Microsoft Technical Blog

Nowadays, machines are storing and processing large size data and trying to extract insights out of it. In the energy sector, a renewable energy company called Agder Energi is using Microsoft’s cloud and AI to capture and analyze data, extract insights out of it, gather the intelligence and implement it across its electrical grid.

Using big data and machine learning, AI will be able to come up with solutions to the world’s largest problems such as global warming, climate change, renewable energy and many others. (Big Think, 2017) In future, AI will grow in these key domains which are – climate, water, agriculture and biodiversity. In coming years, ‘AI for Earth’ will become a reality and groups and companies who are creating sustainable solutions; will significantly benefit from it.

Data Science in fifty years

In next 50 years, data science and AI will bring revolution in computing hardware, software capabilities. AI will also have a significantly more societal implication. Let’s have a deeper look into the future of AI in the next 50 years!

AI breakthrough in quantum computing

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Our world and reality are quantum in nature. Real-world quantum systems can’t be modelled on a classical computer without making poor approximations. Modelling a simple compound such as calcium monofluoride makes our best supercomputers completely useless. On the other hand, quantum computers operate using superposition. This kind of modelling which is impossible today will become routine. Till date, our progress in quantum computing is limited because of the challenges in maintaining a quantum environment.

Today capabilities of AI are limited because of limitations of classical computing. Quantum computer will bring a revolution in computing capabilities and it will transform the way AI is after 50 years. Capabilities of training an AI will be significantly boosted. AI will be capable of doing the recording and stimulating brain activity, doing genetic analysis and many other aspects of medical research and space simulation.

Will Artificial Intelligence replace our jobs in the next 50 years?

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Image Source: CBNC

Nowadays, robots are taking over some hazardous jobs which also includes bomb defusing. According to CBNC, these aren’t fully robots yet and technically still drones requiring a human to control. Such robots are still not capable of using AI. Ignoring their capabilities and limitations, these have saved thousands of lives by replacing humans in one of the most dangerous jobs.

There are predictions that in the next 50 years, artificial intelligence will eat a lot of jobs. It is possible that machines, robots, AI and AI enabled robots will replace humans in certain types of jobs. But it will happen in specific types of jobs which are repetitive, have very fewer possibilities of variables and have fewer chances in a machine or robotic errors. It is also possible that robots will take jobs in certain areas which include customer service, hospitality, product delivery. (Big Think, 2017)

However, technological advances in AI will enable the creation of new jobs which require human intelligence, empathy, problem-solving, sensible decision making and creativity. As technology improves, we will surely see AI helping us instead of harming us. So, there is no need to worry!

Future job opportunities in data science

Before we begin and start looking into the future of data science and AI; let us have a look at career opportunities in data science and AI domain in next 5 years and beyond. It’s quite hard to predict the future but we can surely get some insights into how the data science industry will progress in the future.

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Coseer, cognitive automation and enterprise AI solutions company has predicted growth in certain data science jobs in the next 5 years, 5-10 years and after 10 years. Job demands of Data Analysts will be at the explosive growth in the next 5 years. After 5-10 years from now, the job demand will reduce and will be at high growth. After a decade, Data Analysts may go through negative growth. Data Modelers may also experience a similar kind of journey.

In the case of Data Engineers, the story is quite the opposite. Data Engineers may experience high growth in the next 5 years and go through explosive growth in the next 5-10 years and if the growth and demand continue, they may experience slightly lower but still explosive growth. On the other hand, Data Theorists may continue having high growth in coming years.

Top myths about the future of Artificial Intelligence

AI myths

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