Finding An Analytics Job

In uncertain economic times, finding an analytics job takes top precedence to all kinds of analytics knowledge that you can get. Here an analytical and focused approach can help you get an edge rather than resort to intuitive ways to find a job in this fast growing domain.
The good news is there is a skills shortage at the macro level for analysts and data scientists. The not so good news, you need to keep upgrading your skills frequently. We are listing down these tips in three sections- resume tips, where to find jobs, and tips to prepare in interviews.

Resume Tips for Analytics Job

  1. Mention professional certifications upfront.
  2. Do not list down code syntax in a resume.
  3. List languages known and also sub components worked with (like SAS/ETS or R Package CAR/GGPLOT2, or SPSS Trends/Clementine)
  4. Mention business  impact of projects in terms of incremental revenue or cost savings if looking for business analytics jobs . Mention journal publications if looking for academic jobs. The two categories are quite different.
  5. Preferably use a single page template than create your own resume template.
  6. Do not use excessive underlining, hyperlinks, bold, italic, fonts of different sizes.

Where to look for analytics jobs

  1. Job Portals – Internet has both specialized analytics job portals as well as generic job sites.,, ( ) and are some of the better known examples. The recent trend is towards hiring through social networks including sites like AnalyticBridge.
  2. Universities have teaching jobs especially for new courses in Masters of Analytics
  3. Email Lists -Both SAS and R have special  email lists for jobs. In addition there are newsletters for jobs in domains like High Performance Computing or Pharmaceutical Analytics.
  4. LinkedIn- is a very good resource for looking for jobs especially in analytics and technology. Most recruiters in analytics use LinkedIn extensively.
  5. Specialized consultants dealing in analytics can help push your case than just working alone pushing out resumes on the Internet.

Tips to prepare for interviews when looking for a job in analytics

  1. Brush up on all analytics platform that you mention in your resume , especially for the technical round of the interview.
  2. It is better to mention proficiency level (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert) in all technical platforms mentioned in order to set expectations correctly with the interviewer.
  3. Business impact of projects helps build credibility. It is also preferable to keep some references ready to help back up your claim.
  4. A mention in an online or offline publication of your activities in analytics helps in improving your marketability.
  5. Be prepared to back up any views you have expressed online in discussion forums and blogs.
  6. Analytics job interviews take place over several rounds. It is important to be consistent in your examples and expressions.

In addition to this, you can also refer to our article on managing your career in analytics at
Hope this helps you in getting a better job in analytics. All the best!

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