Full Stack Web Developer Jobs And Career Opportunities : Full Stack Development (2021)

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The gradual increase in the use of web-based services gave rise to full stack web developer jobs. Whenever we use any web-based services, we generally choose to focus on only one of its end, which is either the front-end (client-side) or the back-end (server-side). A full stack web developer is an engineer who manages the work of servers, databases, clients, and systems engineering. In short, a full stack web developer can develop both server and client-side software. 

  1. Skills needed to be a full stack developer
  2. Various career opportunities in full stack development

1.Skills needed to be a full stack developer:

A full stack web developer job description includes using different programming languages and technologies that help them develop different applications. To become a successful full stack developer, the person must possess some skills which will help them grow in their career. 

  • Hypertext Markup Language and Cascade Style Sheet (HTML and CSS) – This is the most important language which the full stack developer must know. This is also important for any front-end developer. HTML language is used to add any type of content that we want on a website, whereas CSS is used to describe the presentation of web pages which includes fonts, colors, and page layout. Using both these languages will help the full stack developer to dictate the structure of the web page.
  • JavaScript – This is the most used programming language for writing the front-end and back-end codes. It can run in almost all types of modern web browsers. Therefore, this is also one of the important languages which must be known by a full stack developer.
  • Git and GitHub – Git is a free and open-sourced distributed version control system. It is a tool used to manage source code history. GitHub is used for collaboration and version control, and also it is a platform used for code hosting. It enables the developer and other workers to work together from anywhere. The use of Git and GitHub together proves to be an important command used in the jobs for full stack web developers.
  • PHP – It is used for developing the back-end of web-based services. It is an open-source scripting language that is compatible with most platforms and can work smoothly with any operating system. 
  • Python – It is a general-purpose coding language. This means that it can be used for various other types of software development and programming along with web development. 
  • Ruby – It is an open-sourced programming language that focuses on productivity and simplicity. It is one of the desired languages in writing back-end code.
  • Java – The frameworks available in java makes the work of back-end developer much easier. This language is used in the development of android, desktop applications, and web development. It behaves like a full stack web developer since it is almost like a jack of all trades.
  • Web architecture Since the full stack web developer knows both the front-end and back-end development, they must also be aware of the various web architectures.
  • Basic Design Skills – Every full stack developer must have basic designing skills to make any website look attractive.

2.Various career opportunities in full stack development:

Some of the growing carer opportunities are described below:

  • Full-Stack developer – This is the most obvious field stated here. A full stack web developer jobs are very much in demand these days due to their knowledge in both front-end and back-end. There are many job positions where a developer can apply. They can either look for full stack web developer jobs for fresher, junior full stack web developers or for entry-level full stack web developer jobs. Even if he/she can’t devote their full time, they can search for full stack web developer’s freelance jobs. It must be noted that a full stack web developer job description template contains all the job responsibilities like creating or maintaining websites, working for website development, and so on. Hence, a developer must adhere to his responsibilities.
  • Front-end Developer – The knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript can help you to become a front-end developer. Their job description mostly includes web-designing with a little back-end development.
  • Back-end Developer – The knowledge of Ruby, Python, PHP, and Java will help you to become a back-end developer whose job role will be to maintain the server-side of the organization. Their pay is generally higher than a full stack web developer due to the exact job requirement.
  • Web developer – Their job role is to develop the back-end more than a front-end developer with the help of languages like Ruby, Python, and more.
  • Web designer – Their job responsibility is to make the web pages look attractive, and they also share a lot of their workload with the front-end developers.


In recent years if we look at the growth of full stack web developer jobs in India, then the demand has grown to a great extent. It is considered to be one of the highest-paying jobs in India. A lot of skills are required to become a full stack web developer who as mentioned above. However, once you attain these skills, you can apply them wherever you want. Therefore, career opportunities in this field are expected to grow even more in the recent future due to the increase in the use of web-based services.

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