Here’s Why a Career in IoT is a Good Idea

You would have probably read our IoT Salary Study, seen some of your friends switching their careers into IoT and also seen them doing well or better than you, or read about the storm IoT is cooking up in the job market currently. No matter what your source is, we are here to explain why a career shift into IoT is one of the best decisions you would take. Apart from the buzz that IoT is creating, not just abroad and India as well, it is wise to upskill today to be future-ready and switch to an industry that will define the course of the future. IoT is not sorcery and we are not here to simply provoke you to take up courses. Being an analytics company, we have data with us and we talk with proofs.

If you remember last year, massive layoffs marked the Indian IT scene, where companies like Tech Mahindra, CTS, TCS, Infosys and more fired their employees and asked them not to turn from the following day. Be it a cost-cutting strategy or any other factor, the real reason why so many people were laid off were because of their inability to adapt to the emerging trends. Their skills had become obsolete in the fact that a couple of lines of codes could replace them. What they lacked was the enthusiasm to stay updated in terms of relevant skills. When you knew Excel, you were celebrated in the 90s and then when everyone got used to spreadhsheets, you lost your might. That’s what exactly that happened last year.

Job roles are evolving and you must evolve in terms of your skill sets too. When you evolve, you not just pave way for a secure and irreplaceable job profile but for an authoritative one as well. IoT is all about data and if you are the one taking care of designing and implementing the architectures and programming them, your expert opinions would have a voice that will resonate with the top management. Imagine being an IT employee and suggesting a new idea or change, your voice wouldn’t reach your reporting manager. But skill up and have an authoritative job profile, your cough would have a hundred interpretations.

Besides an authoritative job profile, IoT is one of the most interesting industries to work in currently. All the amazing innovations happening right now in agriculture, energy consumption, home automation, driverless cars, and more around the world, you can live your wildest sci-fi ideas and visions when you have hands on exposure and experience on IoT and its allied devices. You can build from scratch or prepare algorithms or cloud architectures that would complement your goals. Tons of companies and angel investors are awaiting breakthrough innovations in tech and you could have the perfect idea to solve a particular issue. If it is entrepreneurship what you intend to pursue, having a rock solid skillset in IoT can change your game.


Lastly, IoT is also one of the most lucrative industries currently following Data Science. If you are in this real, you enjoy rewarding paychecks not just abroad but in our very own country as well. Companies are looking for skilled IoT experts to be part of their tech team to address several issues in terms of operations and performances and your expertise could alter their scenario. Moreover, you could visit major tech conventions and conferences when you are in IoT and further develop your influence.

A single decision today can rewrite your entire future just like a few lines of coding that accidently gave rise to an era of cryptocurrency. What do you think? IoT is a good idea but do you have what it takes to make it work for you? If we couldn’t convince you, this TED Talk would.

Want to learn IoT but don’t know where to begin? We got your back!

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