Top 10 Emerging Technologies Blogs To Read In 2023

Exploring the unknown and achieving new milestones every other day seems to be the norm of the 21st century. Even at the peak of technological innovation and yet hungry to discover and innovate things never heard of before, our determination does not seem to be even mildly deterred by a global pandemic. In fact, the pandemic only made us realize how much we do not know about the world we live in and how much more there is to know and discover. Especially the space of emerging technologies found a new acceleration to its growth during the pandemic, and more than just a few irrevocable and irreplaceable changes in several industries can be found today, thanks to the same.  

As we move ahead and look forward to 2023 and the innumerable opportunities the new year has to offer for us in terms of technology, innovations, experiments, etc., maybe it’s time to just take a quick look at what everyone has been reading and researching about in 2022. As the year comes to an end, we have compiled a list of the most interesting and sought-after reading materials across domains that kept our readers constantly engaged throughout the year. If you have not already read them or read about them, then this is your perfect chance to redeem yourself and gear up for cozy, enlightening, and enriching reading sessions with these splendid pieces of articles on various emerging technologies curated for tech-savvy avid readers just like you. Take a look: 

1. 30 Pattern Programs In Java That You Should Learn In 2022

Java is undoubtedly one of the most widely used and required programming languages. Most often than not, aspiring software developers tend to learn Java programming in their colleges and continue to do small projects to keep up with the growing trends and applications of JAVA. One of the most important methodologies in Java was of pattern programs. Finding applications for several requirements, a candidate’s knowledge of Java pattern programs are frequently questioned in interviews. Do read up this interesting piece of article on different types of Java Pattern Programs.

2. Important Functions Of HRM In 2022 

The Human Resource Management team is no more just about keeping the fun and frolic in the office. Today, they are primarily and entirely responsible for maintaining the complete workforce of an organization. With the use of analytics and other technologies in all HR activities, HR professionals today can quantify their work and are the real backbone of every organization. This piece on the various functions of the modern HR team is a must-read for every tech enthusiast.

3. 13 Methods Of Performance Appraisal For Every HR Professional (2022)  

Appraisal time is the most important and anticipated time of the year. The hard work done over the entire year bears fruit in the appraisal time. However, when the organizations are huge and there are numerous employees, several appraisal methods are utilized to assess the employee’s performance. But the modern world requires modern forms of assessments. This article is a brilliant list of different methods of performance appraisal that every HR professional must know. Do check them out without fail.

4. Top 14 Challenges of Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing is the rage today. There isn’t an industry today that is not aware of or reaping the benefits of Cloud Computing. With it evolving rapidly and finding application in newer vertices, the day is not far when every aspect of our lives are somehow connected to the Cloud. Yet there are still numerous challenges and hurdles in Cloud Computing that need to be overcome. Read this list of the most common and persisting challenges in Cloud Computing that are yet to be addressed in this evolving domain.

5. Top 10 Safest Cloud Storage 

Although affordable and easy, Cloud storage does pose a lot of challenges in terms of security and safety. Whether for professional use or for personal use, it is always quite a challenge to find affordable, reliable cloud storage that can fulfill all our storage needs and keep the stored data safe. So, here is an informative piece of reading about the top 10 safest cloud storage available in the market for your reference. Check them out!

6. What is a Modular Design? Everything You Want to Know in 8 Easy Answers! 

There is no denying the fact that Product Management is the necessity of the hour. With every product having innumerable competition, the need to have specific Product Managers for every product or individual feature will add immense value to the organization. Therefore, skilled Product Managers always hold high power and responsibilities in any organization. Read this detailed article about the need for and the importance of modular designing of a product and the role a Product Manager plays in the same.

7. Top 12 Product Positioning Example You Need to Know

The most important aspect of a product development process is its accurate market positioning. This decision is usually made by the Product Manager after a thorough and deep discussion with the marketing team. Here is an interesting piece on various brilliant market positioning examples for some super popular brands whose innovations have led to these products creating a niche for themselves.

8. Univariate Analysis: An Easy Overview for Beginners In 3 Points 

Today, there is not a single industry in which Business Analytics has not left its mark on. With data being the major foundation for most business decisions, newer and more unique ways are being used to mine data and analyze the same to make required business decisions. One of the most popular and trusted forms of analysis used in Business Analytics is that of a Univariant Analysis. Don’t forget to read this interesting article on Univariant Analysis that elaborates in detail on the process in detail.

9. Top 30+ Excel Interview Questions – An Easy List Of Q&As 

Knowledge of Excel is the most important and basic necessity in the field of data. From storing to cleaning, sorting, visualizing, and analyzing, Excel comes in handy in all stages of Data Analysis. With its innumerable features, it’s one of the most important tools to learn. This comprehensive article lists the top Excel Interview Questions that will help you prepare for all kinds of tricky questions regarding the same.

10. Types Of Hackers Based On Their Intent | Who Are Ethical Hackers? 

Hackers are one of the most interesting and exceptionally intelligent individuals. They are not only always trying to find loopholes in any security system but also land up succeeding most of the time. They are usually behind many big transgressions and other data breaches that often lead to disastrous physical and financial losses. Their only challenge or competition is usually ethical hackers who consciously work towards pre-tempting a hacker’s move. Here is an interesting piece of reading material just for you to know about the different types of hackers and who ethical hackers exactly are. If you are a Cybersecurity enthusiast, you must not miss out on reading this.


With every passing year, we see endless innovations and countless discoveries. With man’s quest to explore the unknown, the coming year is going to be no different. We hope you enjoyed our exclusive list of articles curated around various emerging technologies and have caught the eye of other enthusiasts just like you. For industry-curated programs on emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Product Management, etc., check out our UNext website and choose the best program according to your area of interest.

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