Confused about IoT? Here’s how you can cut through the noise!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the greatest accomplishments of our time. While networking technologies have long been limited to connecting traditional end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mainframes, today, it has expanded to include smart devices like smartphones, tablets, virtual assistants, and much more.  The concept of IoT revolves around sending and receiving information between devices, converting them into a set of data that can be utilized to make a decision.

The IoT network comprises millions of connected devices, right from elaborate ones like smartphones to everyday items such as alarm clocks, fans, bulbs, security cameras, etc. According to Statista, by 2030, there’ll be around 50 billion IoT devices in use globally.


IoT is pretty exciting. Imagine everything you’re using right now has the potential to utilise the Internet connectivity and function as an intelligent device that can operate itself or even communicate with you? It is an idea that has caught on and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.  IoT Analytics, a market research firm predicts IoT is expected to become a $1.6 trillion industry by 2025.

The impact of IoT in different industries

IoT technology has the potential to make an impact in many sectors. One of the most prominent being security. Identifying potential breaches is a significant demand for security firms. Real-time monitoring and diagnostics is another field where the internet of things technology is making a huge impact. Smart cities, smart energy, smart agriculture, smart retail are all employing IoT on a large scale.

The Internet of things analytics has applications to all horizons and specializations. It is one of the most promising future skills, and now’s the time to master this skill if you wish to build a career in IoT. As an IoT expert, you can bring the internet, data analytics, and data processing under one umbrella, helping the various sectors to become technologically smart. You can start your IoT online course with Manipal Jigsaw today. With in-person faculty, placement support, and hands-on analytics experience, you can pioneer innovation in this field.

IoT is at an infant stage right now. There are a billion possible outcomes of how we can connect physical objects to the internet. It is yet to reach the masses. Tesla or smart homes are still an option available for a few. With IoT, we can imagine a future filled with numerous possibilities. NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime understands the importance of acquiring digital fluency. Thus, it has coordinated with the Government of India to help India skill up in digital skills.

IoT’s infancy is the very reason why you have a chance to be creative. Don’t wait to think – take a leap in your career and begin your IoT journey today!

Contributed by: FutureSkills Prime

FutureSkills Prime is the first of its kind public-private partnership, between MeitY and NASSCOM to build a digital skilling ecosystem for the citizens of India. Its mission is to reskill/upskill graduates and professionals in emerging technologies and professional skills, to make India a global digital talent nation in the next few years.

FutureSkills Prime is committed to guiding and empowering the Indian professionals towards playing exciting, valued, and purposeful roles in a future that has significant possibilities, enabled by new-age digital technologies.

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