How Can You Build a Career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Building a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) requires a disciplined approach. If you are currently an IT professional, you might be interested in a career switch because of the exciting opportunities the industry offers to its aspirants. Or, you might have an interest that you have wanted to pursue long. Regardless of what your inspiration is, you need to follow an agenda to ensure a smooth transitioning from your current career path to the one in AI and ML.

Understand the Prerequisites

The realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning come with their own set of requirements and qualification. You cannot decide on a Monday that you want to shift to a career in artificial intelligence and on a Friday you land a job in one. The curve is steep and requires you to have a set of basic skill sets to start your journey into the industry. As an AI aspirant, you need to have skills and exposure in the following –

  • Statistics and probability
  • Algorithms and coding
  • Applied math
  • Programming languages like Python, C++, Java, R
  • Distributed Computing

Start Preparing

Now, you not only know the basic eligibility criteria to join the industry but the skill sets you to need to work on as well. The next phase of career transitioning is to start working on the skills you lack and getting your basics right. Get books on probability or statistics, brush up your coding skills and gain firsthand exposure to your weaknesses. As you prepare, we also recommend you join a substantial course on artificial intelligence and machine learning because it will not just help you get the basics right but gradually take you through advanced concepts as well.

Though self-learning is great, you need some moderation and mentoring to stay on the right track and not lose focus. A course from an AI institute teaches you the required skills the right way and allows you to get hands-on experience in the industry. You also get access to course materials that would further help you understand better about the technologies. Since the technologies involve complex concepts, algorithms and training, you would need the help of a faculty or an expert to guide you through the times of shortcomings. Plus, you also need to understand how the industry functions and works on a daily basis and what your role as an AI expert would revolve around. To answer all these questions, you need to enrol in a course that completely hones your interests and skills required for artificial intelligence.

Work on Projects

We have emphasized the importance of working on projects previously and would reiterate it. Working on diverse projects gives you ample experience in this field and helps your résumé stand out. When applying for a job, it is your certificate from your institute and the number of projects you have worked on that count. And it is on you to make them substantial. Work on as many projects as possible and collaborate with other aspirants for projects and constantly upskill yourself to meet industry requirements. You would understand the importance of it once you land a job.

Now that you have a clear understanding of building a career in AI and ML, it is time for you to start acting towards it. Analyze your strengths and work on your weaknesses, enrol in an AI course and set the foundation strong for a rewarding career in artificial intelligence.

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