How Will AI Create An Impact In Your Career if You Are in IT?

Most of us still remember the massive Indian layoff incident that rocked the IT sector a couple of years back. Regardless of the company, its prominence or the size of it, layoffs and pink slips took the best out of IT, leaving several thousand without a job. If you notice, most of the emerging technologies have a role to play in it. The trending technologies of today like data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more are smart. They can quickly foresee changes and adapt to it. However, the current talent pool isn’t. And that is where miseries began. Such technologies can bring about two distinct aspects of impact in your career depending on whether you upskill to artificial intelligence or other allied technologies or if you don’t. This article sheds light on both.

When You Don’t Upksill

As you know, information technology is always evolving – even when you are out on your smoke breaks. Something or the other is constantly happening in this realm and an IT employee is forced to stay updated in terms of knowledge, exposure and technical skill sets. If you look back, one of the major reasons for the layoffs was due to the inability of the talent pool to adapt or upskill to these emerging technologies. When you foresee a change, you need to immediately work on counter measures or ways of improving yourself to fit the change.

When several job roles were considered redundant, you cannot blame technology but yourself for noting having upskilled to something more crucial. Today, a few lines of codes can perform most tasks but that is not what should concern you. What should matter is how you can overcome this. The impact artificial intelligence will create in a negative sense is alarming if you don’t act now. As months and years progress, you would see tons of automation and optimization coming into business organizations. It is your duty now to adapt to newer technologies and be able to work on them. This move is decisive of your career path.

When You Upskill

If you have realized the potential of artificial intelligence and see a great future in it, chances are that the management of your company has seen it a couple of years back and is already working on bringing changes within. When you upskill to artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning or others, you are not just retaining your job but becoming undisputed in your industry. This wave of technology is revolutionizing everything it touches. From online behaviour to self-driving cars, there are only opportunities for experts.

As the technology continues to evolve, the concepts get more complex to implement and the industry needs competent experts like you to take care of niche responsibilities. That is when your added exposure and skill sets come into rescuing you and the industry. When we say impact in a positive sense, we just don’t mean value in terms of a lucrative paycheck or job security, it is your chance to make things better for others around you. When you don’t upskill, the impact is just on you. But when you do, the impact is on everyone in your vicinity.

Artificial intelligence and other technologies are not taking up existing jobs but creating newer and more advanced ones. It is up to you to decide which side of the game you intend to stand on. If you understand the turn your career can take with artificial intelligence, we recommend you get started with it today.

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