Is Business Analyst Still A Good Career Option? (2022)

Being a business analyst has its perks, and there’s a reason why you should strongly consider cultivating business analysis as your area of expertise.

An introduction to a business analyst career.

For businesses to promote and diversify quickly, business analysis is becoming crucial. Understanding the business needs and developing suitable remedies to a particular business problem are the processes involved in business analysis. 

Companies are investing in big data analysis to expedite the judgment call process based on data gathered in the past. To complete this work, big data specialists collect data from various sources and break it into manageable chunks. The multiple sources of data might be related or separated from one another. The business analyst must pick the appropriate tools to provide a given outcome. Getting professional business analysis certification could be one of them.

What is a Business Analyst?

Business analysts must use predictive analytics to evaluate processes, determine priorities, and present data-driven suggestions and analyses to management and consumers to reduce the gap between IT and businesses.

Industry professionals interact with corporate executives and users to better understand how data-driven improvements to processes, goods, applications, technology, and equipment may increase efficiency and provide value. They must express these ideas while weighing them against something that is technically, financially, and operationally realistic. Depending on your function, you may use data sets to enhance goods, hardware, equipment, technology, applications, or processes.

Business Analysis Skills

The primary abilities business analysts require are

  • Technical abilities: These include data modeling, stakeholder engagement, and IT understanding.
  • Analytic abilities: To generate ideas and solve issues, business analysts must examine vast volumes of data as well as other business processes.
  • Interaction: These experts must convey their views in a clear, expressive manner that the audience can easily grasp.
  • Solving issues: A business analyst’s main duty is to find solutions to the issues that an organization is facing
  • Research abilities:  In-depth research into new procedures and software must be carried out to deliver successful outcomes.

Responsibility And Duties Of Business Analysts

  • Assessing and finding improvements in a firm’s existing processes
  • Modernizing systems by investigating and evaluating new IT developments and contemporary business practices
  • Presenting concepts and results at meetings
  • Coaching and training employees
  • Developing ideas by the demands and needs of the business
  • Creating projects and keeping an eye on their progress
  • Cooperating with stakeholders and users
  • Maintaining close communication with top leadership, partnerships, customers, and experts

What Are The Primary Motivations For Working As A Business Analyst In 2022?

Following a profession as a Business Analyst may be a wise choice for several key reasons, including the following:

1. Pay above standard 

According to Indeed, the annual base pay for just a business analyst working in the country is $612,656. In comparison to the average yearly pay in India, this is much more.

2. High degree of autonomy 

Business analysts typically don’t have to strictly adhere to a certain set of rules because they regularly have to accomplish new jobs and deal with novel issues. Additionally, they maintain frequent communication with their organization’s senior management, allowing them the confidence and flexibility to address problems in whichever way they see fit. They have more freedom as a result than in many other business-related positions.

3. Fresh challenges

Business analysts’ work often isn’t monotonous since they frequently encounter new obstacles. Business analysts typically have the flexibility in determining their timetables in addition to always having new jobs to complete. Because every project is unique, the business analyst does have the freedom to choose the optimal strategy for each fresh challenge.

4. Remarkable work 

Even though most jobs add to an organization’s performance, workers seldom get the opportunity to see a change as a result of their work directly. Business Analysts seeking to enhance certain business procedures and practices. They are typically able to recognize the advantages that a successful new policy brings to the company, its personnel, and its clients. Given that you can get to personally witness how many others gain from your good deeds, this may be a highly effective motivational tool.

5. Collaboration on a variety of levels 

A business analyst’s position necessitates interaction and teamwork with employees from many organizational areas. You’re most likely to collaborate with new individuals because many of your initiatives will have an impact on several departments. This makes it possible for you to interact with new people who have learned from a diverse group of individuals, which may make each weekday more fascinating.

6. Possibilities for expansion 

As a business analyst, you are constantly encouraged to gain new skills and advance your professional career since there are always ways to enhance your company’s procedures and processes. Continuous research is frequently necessary to keep your company abreast of market developments, which may serve as an incentive to improve your abilities. Your career may benefit from this over time since the information and expertise you gain may help you land a top management job.

7. High demand for jobs 

Because of the quick development of technology, businesses now create much more data. As a result, many businesses are now increasingly data or in need of experts that can evaluate and utilize the data for the sake of the company. As a result, there are now more circumstances and settings where a management analyst’s talents are in great demand. Being a business analyst implies that professional skills and knowledge are likely to remain in demand for a very long time because this trend is unlikely to alter shortly.

8. Assisting others in solving difficult business problems

It’s often a business analyst’s job. Success in this area might benefit a variety of people. Depending on the specific problem you resolve, you could make it possible for employees of your company to operate more productively and efficiently. Effectiveness like a business analyst may enhance people’s personal life by making their work simpler, in addition to the good effects on their careers, such as assisting colleagues in carrying out their duties more efficiently and aiding the company in producing more money.


Is a business analyst a good career in India? Well, for those with the aptitude for reviewing and analyzing data, generating solutions, and managing many people while excelling at IT, a job as a business analyst might be a great fit. In India, there is a lot of room for growth in the field of business analysis. A good business analyst profession can result from solid subject knowledge, analytical techniques comprehension, and database administration familiarity. Business analyst experts are required from prestigious financial institutions to consulting firms like TCS, Infosys, Alibaba, and online market leader Amazon. A business analyst can advance in his profession after becoming an authority in his industry. The future of business analyst holds many ways to advance in their career due to the great employment options. If you wish to accelerate your career in Business Analytics, our IIM Indore-certified Integrated Program In Business Analytics will help you build & enhance your Business Analytics capabilities by taking you through a robust curriculum conforming to the 5D Framework. To know more, click here.

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