Jobs After BCA: An Important Overview For 2022

Introduction to Jobs After BCA

For students who aspire to make their career in computers or information technology, BCA is an ideal undergraduate course after completing school. What is BCA and what about the jobs after BCA? It stands for Bachelor in Computer Application and is a four-year degree course. This course prepares the student for the opportunities and challenges in the area of information technology. It emphasizes the application of computing principles and theory through practical assignments, case studies, presentations, and project work. The course is divided into 8 semesters focusing on:

  • Soft Skills and Personality Development
  • Basic Mathematics and Logic Building
  • Core Computing Technologies
  • Project Work (application of knowledge)

In this article let us look at:

  1. List of best career options after BCA
  2. Jobs after BCA

1. List of best career options after BCA

Students should be aware that after completion of the BCA degree, there are a variety of choices. They can either spend their formative years pursuing higher education or go out to look for employment opportunities right away. Following is a compilation of some excellent post-BCA career choices.

Specialization after BCA:  Some of the preferred courses after BCA are:

  • MCA (Masters of Computer Applications): It is a 2 years’ post-graduate degree course in computer applications that will train professionals for the IT industry’s diverse demands. It focuses on mathematics, complex commercial applications design, system software planning, and development. It also covers business management. Career prospects after completing MCA are very bright. One can apply for roles like Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Test Engineer, Database Administrator, Programmer, System Analyst, etc.
  • MBA (Masters of Business Administration): Students who have a managerial bent can pursue an MBA after completing their BCA. They can opt for specialization in marketing, data analytics, operations, IT, HR, or other domains. Career prospects for an MBA are very lucrative. They can apply for management and leadership roles like Management Consultant, Business Consultant, Marketing Manager, IT Governance, IT Service Management, Chief Technology Officer, etc.
  • MCM (Masters in Computer Management): It’s a degree course which focuses on both computers and managerial skills. Students get basic training on management fundamentals in addition to problem-solving and designing complex computer applications. After completion of the course, one can apply for roles like Computers and Information Systems Manager, Database Administrators, Computer System Analyst, etc. 
  • Data Science Courses: Students who are from math and statistics backgrounds can go for data science courses. These courses focus on programming, predictive analysis, machine learning, big data, and other related subjects. This is one of the fastest-growing and most rewarding career options. The demand for data science professionals is industry agnostic and ever-growing. The average pay scale for a Data Scientist in India is 4-10 LPA, subject to experience and skill set. 
  • Digital Marketing: As a BCA graduate, you have the advantage to choose digital marketing as a career option. There are courses that will teach you about techniques to promote businesses using the internet like SEO, SEM, content marketing, marketing analytics, and other relevant domains. There is no better time to start building your career in digital marketing as an SEO analyst, content manager, UI-UX designer, etc. The job scope, salary, and also demand is constantly growing.
  • Product Management: One of the exciting jobs in the technology industry, and one of the best courses after BCA, is Product Management. This program focuses on product life cycle, product analytics, product marketing in addition to the development, testing, and deployment of the product. Given a stiff completion in the software sectors, there is a huge demand for Product Managers who can help companies develop applications and software as per the customer need. The average salary is 7 LPA for a fresher and can go up significantly with experience.   

2. Jobs after BCA

In both the private and public sectors, there are several jobs after BCA and for BCA freshers. There are some job openings in the Government sectors like banks, defence, etc., where only BCA degree holders can apply. Also, in public enterprises like NTPC, BHEL, SAIL, there are many roles for BCA graduates in the IT department.

Many leading private IT companies give BCA graduates attractive work prospects with above-average pay packages. BCA job profiles include Programmer, System’s Engineer, Web Developer, Software Developer, Ethical Hacker, Multimedia Developer, and many more. BCA salary in India can vary from 2-20 LPA depending on experience, skillset, location, organization, and other relevant factors.

  • Freelancing: One of the BCA career options is to become a freelance programmer. Many small companies or startups outsource their programming assignments to freelancers to people with relevant degrees and knowledge. 


In the above article, we have tried to list some of the preferred courses after BCA or available jobs after BCA. We hope it gives the BCA students some clarity as to what to do after BCA. Depending on the interest, aptitude, and future aspirations, students can choose from several specialization programs to have a well-established career. India has seen the rise of the IT industry in the past 2 decades, which has resulted in a multitude of work opportunities for BCA graduates. 

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