Joining Analytics After a Career Break

We often get students (especially women) who have taken a temporary break from their career and are now looking to get back in. Having the latest skills that are in-demand by employers is the key to making a successful comeback. Thus it makes sense to up-skill yourself before re-entering the job market.

Analytical skills are in high demand at today’s work place and if you are trying to re-build your career after a sabbatical or a break, these skills can be the crucial differentiators for you.

At Jigsaw Academy, we are focused on equipping our students with the latest, most sought after, industry-relevant skills. Which means, feedback like the one below is really heartening and keeps us motivated. Thank you Eliza for taking the time to provide such detailed comments on your experience with us.

Eliza Stephen (Jigsaw Academy student based out of UK)


I would like to share my experience with the ‘Foundation Course in Analytics’.

I am on one year career break, and want it to be a hugely positive experience. Ensuring that I don’t de-skill before returning to work is key to its success. Having spent most of my 6 year career working with data, I decided to embrace analytics. Of several online courses which I considered, Jigsaw Academy’s ‘Foundation Course in Analytics’ had the most appealing combination of theory and practise.

I never ever thought an online course could be this effective. Virtual class room was so lively and fun filled that I felt it almost ‘real’. Highly qualified and immensely talented faculty like Sarita, Anshuman,  Gaurav and others, along with a wonderful mix of participants from diverse academic and industrial background, took the learning experience to a whole new level.

I appreciate the efforts Jigsaw Academy, especially Sarita, took to ensure that I utilize the course to its fullest. Understanding of key statistical concepts, good head start with SAS programming and most important of all – opportunity to work on industry data/case studies, mentored by the faculty who are pioneers in the field of analytics – is what I primarily gained from this course.

I firmly believe that this course will complement and enhance my skill set and I could work with a whole newer, wider perspective. It may help me fetch thrilling opportunities, but what I know for sure is that it has made me capable of exploring advanced analytics confidently.

I personally feel that this course did more justice than most technical trainings which I have attended in the past, the main reason for which is the unparalleled dedication of Jigsaw faculty to impart knowledge. I wish Jigsaw Academy every success in the future.

Thank you.



Image courtesy of sheelamohan at
Image courtesy of sheelamohan at

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