MNCs with Offshoring centers in India

India has become the global hub for analytics. Multi-nationals from all over the globe are setting up analytics centers in India. This is largely due to two reasons-

  • Availability of skilled, English-speaking talent
  • Cost arbitrage

India has a large number of graduates and post graduates in the fields of science, mathematics, statistics, economics and business management. These students make ideal candidates to become analysts for the multi-nationals. They possess the quantitative skills required to be successful in this role.

Further, the MNCs also enjoy cost advantages when it comes to having a work force in India. A typical analyst with about 5 years of experience will get a salary of about USD 80K in the US, the same analyst in India will get a salary of about USD 20-25K. When you add the significant overhead cost differential on top of the salary differential, we are talking about big cost savings for any company.

MNCs have been quick to recognize this advantage. GE and AMEX are among the earliest companies to set up analytics centers in India. Since then, numerous other MNCs have followed suit.

Some MNCs with captive centers in India

MNCs Captive Centers in India

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