Tips to Build a Successful Data Analytics Career In United Kingdom

As with the rest of the world, Data Analytics as a career is hotting up in the United Kingdom as well. Thanks to guest blogger Zara Andrew, for giving all those in her part of the world some tips on how to build a successful career in Data Analytics. Of course, much of what she advises is relevant to anyone interested in a career in Analytics anywhere in the world, so read on and find out what you can do to get ahead and be an analytics star. Zara is from Scotland, UK and has been writing content on the web professionally. As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Education, Parenting, Health and Fitness and Technology, among many others. Currently, she is working on a practical test.

When looking to build a successful data analytics career in the UK you should follow these top tips:

Tip #1: Educational Background

As with most roles, a data analytics career usually requires a higher education degree. Relevant degrees in this field include:

– Computer Science Degree

– Mathematics Degree

– Business Degree

While degrees may not be essential, the indication of the strong interest in this field via further academic study will certainly position you well for any career openings.

Tip #2: Analytical Skill Set

More important than a degree is a demonstrated ability to perform analytical tasks and big data computation. Skills in database administration, data manipulation, report compilation and presentation are essential to be considered as a leader in this field.

Tip #3: Pattern Identification Skill Set

A data analytics career is not just about getting data, interpreting it and then presenting it. You also need to be able to identify patterns within the data and based on those patterns present models, which predict future patterns.

Tip #4: Work Experience

While it may be difficult to get a paid job without experience or a strong educational background you could easily get an unpaid internship as a data analyst. This will give you much-needed experience in a hand on the environment, which allows you to build a previous history in the role.

Tip #5: Industry Trends

Data analytics is a constantly evolving career and as such you should stay up to date with new analysis tools, discoveries and research. Prove your worth to a potential company by staying up to date with all relevant industry news and advancements.

Tip #6: Build Efficiency

If you have experience or educational background in data analysis this is a great foundation. You should build on that foundation so that you can introduce efficiency into your work. Any boss looking to advance her career will look at how quickly she can produce results as a key indicator for career advancement.

Tip #7: Work Smarter

Some people wrongly believe that the key to success is to work longer. Ultimately your boss doesn’t care whether you work 8 hours or 16 hours, they just care that you get results. Aim to work smarter by completing tasks assigned to you quickly and without errors.

Tip #8: Industry Jargon

Each industry and career type will have terminology that is used within the industry. Become familiar with it and start using it within your normal speech patterns. It should not feel awkward to insert industry jargon into everyday sentences.

Tip #9: Seek Out Reviews

Endorsement by third parties is a great way to build up your profile as a data analyst. When you complete work at a high level and the person you completed the work for likes it ask them for written feedback. Add this feedback to your resume and possibly even ask them to review you online via LinkedIn.

Use these 9 tips to help you harness your potential in data analytics. It’s a great and booming career to get into.

Image: By Stuart Miles

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