Upskill to Upgrade – MNC Tech Firms Hungry For Skilled Professionals

Yes, MNC firms are hiring hundreds of skilled professionals in Analytics and why not? Upskilling is the need of the hour and we have been saying that all along.

Analytics is the hot and happening Industry of 21st century. People are trying to make a mark in the industry. All the leading organizations worldwide are dealing with enormous volumes of data, and as they get more adept at data acquisition they are relying largely on analytics professionals to help them mine that data for business insights and to drive strategic growth.

Qualified analytics professionals are in huge demand, and can command high packages for specialized skills. Here’s listing a few which you must read.

  1. The Analytics Industry Report 2017 is Now Live!
  2. A mid career switch to Analytics
  3. What Does It Take To Become A Data Scientist?

    The newspaper article originally appeared in Times Business.

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