What are the different job roles in the cloud industry?

Over the last decade, the world has seen several developments and innovations in technology, leading to digital transformation in the way businesses function. In recent years one particular industry has gained an enormous amount of popularity, and that’s the cloud computing domain. With the increase in numbers of organizations moving to the cloud for data storage and security purposes, changing the business landscape, there is a sky-high growth in demand for cloud professionals. With growing interest and demand for cloud, the number of job opportunities has also increased.

 “India is expected to see over 1 million cloud job roles by 2022.” –  The Economic Times

For building a career in the cloud domain, one has to know their way around the cloud along with enthusiasm for becoming a cloud specialist. This article is to help you understand better about the different job roles in the cloud industry. Before that, let’s take a quick look at the must-have skills to land in the cloud domain.

Must-have skills to build a career in Cloud Computing

  • Aspirants must have an understanding of coding and programming languages like Python and R, along with traditional languages such as PHP, Java, etc.
  • Candidates must know Data Science query languages, such as SQL, MySQL, etc.
  • They possess the knowledge and understanding of DevOps (Developmental Operations).
  •  Fundamental skills, like communication, presentation, along with quality assurance.

Moving forward, these are the most in-demand career opportunities in the cloud computing industry.

Cloud Engineer
In an organization, from designing cloud software and systems to implementing and maintaining them, cloud engineers are accountable for all technical duties related to Cloud Computing. They possess talents that span in several domains including IT architecture, operations and software development. Their average salary starts from INR 12 lakhs per annum for freshers and goes up to INR 19 lakhs per annum for experienced professionals.

Cloud Architect
A cloud architect is a professional who focuses on the bigger picture of designing the infrastructure and configuration, rather than designing and configuring the individual server. Innovations in technology could affect the company’s cloud infrastructure. A cloud engineer must have the ability to foresee how those changes and emerging technologies will affect their existing systems. To achieve success, the aspirant should carry eight to ten years of experience and must be able to build a roadmap for the company’s existing and future cloud assets. A cloud engineer average salary starts from INR 20 Lakhs per annum.

Cloud Developer
As it is clear from the title, these professionals are the one who is responsible for coding and developing cloud applications. An effective cloud developer has to be expert in most – if not all – the major coding languages, with a minimum of 5 years of experience. Professionals in this role will work towards building, testing, debugging and deploying of applications in an organization’s cloud server, often using DevOps practices. 

Cloud System Operations Administrator
Once the application has been designed and developed, Cloud System Operations Administrators are the one who takes over the project. These professionals are responsible for managing and monitoring most of the activities that follow the development of the applications. The aspirant should possess a deep understanding of system management, visualization and troubleshooting. They should have proficient command over Linux, along with a few configuration management tools, monitoring tools and coding languages.

Cloud Product Manager
A cloud product manager is responsible for the efficient performance and product planning for the cloud-based applications – product concepts and strategy documents. Their responsibilities also revolve around identifying product positioning and allowing the sales process. Along with experience in working with a software development company, they must have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or computer science. Their average salary starts from INR 16 lakhs per year and can go up to INR 30 lakhs per year with experience and added skills.

Cloud Automation Engineer
It is one of the most critical and influential roles that affect an organization’s success in the cloud industry. A cloud automation engineer possesses experience in software development or IT operations and applies it on cloud automation, orchestration and integration. This role often requires a wider understanding and knowledge of hardware and software, along with data centre and cloud infrastructure. A cloud automation engineer is responsible for implementing, optimizing and supporting cloud infrastructure. The average salary of a cloud automation engineer starts from INR 8 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs per year.

Cloud computing domain is an ocean of opportunities for every technology enthusiast. Are you ready to start a career in cloud computing and become a complete cloud professional? Join the league by clicking here.

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