101 Applications of IOT

Dhananjay Basrur

IOT (the Internet of Things) is one of the most exciting and fastest growing domains of analytics technology today. There are billions of devices in use the world over, which all connect to cloud services and this integration helps make our lives a lot easier. In this article, we will take a look at 101 different ways in which IOT technology is being implemented by different organizations to great effect.

#1 Ibaco Ice Creams

The Bangalore and Chennai-based ice cream chain was facing a significant wastage of its inventory, as up to 25% of the ice cream used to melt away due to improper storage. Nimble Wireless, a company that provides IOT hardware solutions, installed smart temperature sensors, which allowed store managers to remotely monitor the ice cream storage. As soon as it began to melt, they were notified and were able to attend to the problem.

#2 Harley Davidson

With the onset of the 2008 financial crisis, the company’s famous assembly line system of production was proving to be a liability, as they were unable to meet customer needs that were changing rapidly. To arrest this slump, the company transitioned to a digital supply chain – with every step of the production process being tracked in a real-time management system, as well as on screens around the plant. With this, the company was able to reduce costs by 7% and improve their net margin by 19%.

#3 Rolls Royce

While generally known for their cars, Rolls Royce are also prominent in the area of airline engine manufacturing. Moreover, they offer customer services to companies who buy these engines, but the volume of data was beginning to get out of hand and extremely scattered, leading to the lack of optimization in the maintenance process. By employing an IOT Suite and using predictive technology, the company is able to now analyze this data at scale and get the most out of their products, especially in terms of fuel efficiency and part replacement.

#4 Maersk

Responsible for 18% of container trade in the world, Maersk is one of the foremost in the industry and naturally they face a high level of accountability when it comes to the transport of goods. By instating a Remote Container Management system, they are able to better monitor container temperatures, especially for fresh produce and intervene to prevent spoilage. Blockchain technology also helps with more accurate container tracking capability, leading to huge cost savings every year.

#5 DHL

While DHL has always been in the forefront of global logistics, the company has begun implementing IOT technology to further optimize its existing systems. Prominent displays in Smart Warehouses introduce capabilities that can help spot potential hazards, reduce production costs and massively boost efficiency, by pulling together data elements from all over the warehouse and unifying them in a single, engaging interface.

#6 Johnnie Walker

IOT in a whisky bottle may seem like an unnecessary frill but the patent-pending OpenSense technology actually serves multiple purposes for the company as well as the consumer. Along with unique identifiers to check the status of each bottle in the supply chain, they also contain tags to check if the bottles have been tampered in any way, or if they are counterfeit products.


#7 Health360

Health care is one of the many industries where there is an almost constant need for optimization and improvement. By implementing the integrated ImagineCare Experience as well as an engaging patient app, Health360 was able improve engagement, especially remote care for chronic patients, improve staff efficiency and reduce costs by correctly identifying and doing away with unnecessary trips to the ER.

#8 Union Pacific

Given the scale they operate at, transport services attract several safety concerns. To guard against derailments, Union Pacific has implemented a software program that collects data through acoustic and visual sensors on the underside of train carriages. This is then analyzed to identify potential dangers well in advance and in turn save the company millions of dollars that would otherwise be lost due to damages and delays.

#9 John Deere

Agriculture can always benefit from practices that help enhance its output, particularly in terms of crop yields. John Deere has begun stitching together different technologies to optimize farming systems to this very end. They make use of IOT sensors, wireless communication, cloud apps and even a steering wheel replacement that increases precision when tilling arable land.

#10 Whirlpool

Any company that sells electronics should constantly be looking for feedback on how their products perform and look to improve on any areas where they may fall short. This is exactly what Whirlpool is doing through the use of IOT sensors on their washing machines and refrigerators. These sensors gather data on how the products are being used and how they are responding to this usage. This then helps them make specific changes to future products to account for consumer preferences.

#11 Ricoh

Companies the world over tend to lose a lot of money due to time spent in redundant meetings. In a bid to combat this, Ricoh has created a whiteboard with cognitive capabilities, which can capture voice interactions as well as anything written on it. These transcripts can then be shared with employees, for later reference. The aim is to use this to significantly streamline meeting processes and reduce loss of information and revenue.

#12 ThyssenKrupp

With cities expanding ever more rapidly, tall buildings create the need for highly efficient elevators. ThyssenKrupp uses IOT sensors in each elevator to track KPIs, which all feed into a central cloud databases. Their representatives on the field can then accurately track this information via a mobile app and identify which elevatore requires servicing well ahead of time, to preemptively deal with the problem.

#13 Bajaj Allianz

Young drivers are often priced out of buying cars, as they are perceived as ‘higher-risk’ customers when purchasing car insurance. However, technology is now slowly changing that. Insurance companies such as Bajaj Allianz, use IOT sensors in cars to collect data from thousands of different drivers. This can then help them more accurately identify the driving abilities of a certain age-group, rather than relying on age-old ideas that younger people were less reliable drivers.

#14 Crowne Plaza

Parking space is always an issue at hotels, especially for ones like Crowne Plaza which attracts large crowds for conferences and private events. By using IOT and ParkNET technology, the hotel helps visitors and staff get a better idea of parking availability in real time, which helps provide a more seamless experience for everyone involved. When guests arrive, the staff can immediately direct them to an empty parking spot, saving a lot of time.

#15 Advantech

Over the last few years, IOT technology has begun to infiltrate the restaurant industry, as a way to enhance processes, increase cost efficiency and provide a better customer experience. Many restaurants now use more integrated systems, with digital menus and smarter POS devices. Additionally, restaurants also have sensors that collect information on footfalls, customer behaviour in terms of items they order, heat maps of the restaurant etc, which are all used to enhance their own business practices.

#16 Kohler

By integrating modern technology into their products, Kohler helps build smart systems for homes, that make routine practices far more efficient. For instances, smart bathrooms check the weather outside early in the morning and set the right temperature for your bath water by the time you wake up. Plus, your toilet seat and bathroom floor are warmed up in preparation for your ablutions. Basically, anything to make waking up each morning seem more enjoyable.

#17 Weka Health Solutions

Vaccinations are one of the most essential branches of medicine the world over, to help eradicate countless diseases. If not stored at the right temperature, vaccines can be completely destroyed. To overcome this, Weka has developed a smart fridge that allows remote management of the inventory and ensures that the medicines are always stored at the correct temperature. Additionally, the vaccines are dispensed one at a time through a specially designed drawer, so that the fridge doesn’t need to be left open unnecessarily.

#18 Gastromatix

At any large event, there is always a fair amount of confusion at the bar, especially if cocktails are involved. With IOT technology, Gastromatix has created a device, by which almost anyone can make a cocktail with extreme precision in a matter of seconds. By providing the exact proportions of ingredients, this also reduces product waste. Moreover, the system can be used to accurately bill all the drinks and streamline the entire process for a better customer experience.

#19 Roche

IOT technology is being used extensively in IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics), an essential component of healthcare delivery. By tapping into the technology, clinicians are better placed to detect diseases, determine the underlying causes, monitor patient progress and improve overall outcomes. As the demand continues to rise, this technology will also make the processes far more cost-effective.

#20 Nav Canada

Air traffic control is a job that carries with it substantial risk and responsibility. In the age of rapidly advancing technology, traditional radar systems do not entirely serve the purpose. To considerably enhance the process, Nav Canada has used satellite technology to broaden its reach. With this, airplanes can now be tracked no matter where they are flying, including previously hard to access areas such as airspaces above oceans and deserts.

#21 Texa

The information collected by computers in cars was previously restricted to mechanics and enthusiasts who could access it with a diagnostic device. However, Texa is now tapping into IOT technology to provide consumers and fleet managers with detailed statistics and in-depth information about a vehicle’s metrics. This includes fuel consumption, engine health, a person’s driving skills, as well as instantly notifying paramedics or the police in the event of an accident.


#22 Steelcase

A major problem a lot of companies face today, is the lack of a fully optimized workplace. Office space is unused and there is low employee engagement. Steelcase is a product that is working towards integrating the workplace and helping companies get the most out of it. Through IOT technology, any employee can run diagnostics on which parts of the office are in use at any given time. Steelcase then provides additional expertise on how to optimise the available area, helping to increase efficiency across the workforce.

#23 Schneider Electric (Electricity)

A significant portion of the world’s population still relies on highly inefficient sources of power for cooking and cleaning such as coal, biofuel and diesel. In Nigeria, Schneider Electric is tapping into solar power to provide 200 schools with sustainable electricity. By using IOT technology, they are able to implement remote diagnostics and track energy usage patterns. This lets them conduct preventive maintenance wherever required so that the power supply remains uninterrupted. It is estimated that 190,000 students will have benefitted from this initiative by the year 2020.

#24 Schneider Electric (Agriculture)

Farming has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Simultaneously, the demand for freshwater remains, with over 70% of the available amount used for agriculture. By using ScadaFarm, a smart integrated device, farmers in New Zealand are able to automatically adjust the amount of water used in their fields, based on weather forecasts. This can help save up to 50% of the allocated water and help with better long-term conservation of a precious resource.

#25 The Government of India

Aside from its religious importance, the Ganga is India’s longest river and a source of water for 11 states in the country. However, it has long been a victim of pollution, agricultural runoff and general contamination. By employing IOT technology, the government intends to clean up the waters in the long run. 36 monitoring stations have already been set up to collect live updates about the condition of the river water. This is then used to devise the appropriate environmental policies to combat the pollution problem.

#26 Dubai World Trade Centre

One of the region’s largest centres for events and exhibitions, the DWTC regularly rents out up to 7,000 of its 11,000 pieces of audio and video equipment. To improve the tracking and management of these assets, the DWTC tapped into a sophisticated cloud system and used sensors and ibeacon tags to enable real time tracking of each camera and microphone and also helped improve the overall management of the inventory.

#27 Kone

By incorporating various IOT sensors and systems into its production practices, Kone is able to track the movements of each elevator in real time. This helps provide valuable insights into which elevators may be in need of maintenance ahead of time as well as potentially preventing accidents by preemptively identifying and replacing old parts. This helps them keep everything running smoothly and safely transport over a billion people worldwide each day.

#28 SilverHook

While racing in a speedboat might be a truly exhilarating experience, racers need to be very careful of variables such as weather conditions when heading out to sea. By using IOT technology, anyone using a SilverHook racing boat can get real time and highly reliable information about weather conditions that may affect the boat. Sensors within the engine will also inform them if they need to adjust the throttle of the boat to prevent it from malfunctioning.

#29 Coca-Cola

By collecting information from thousands of vending machines, Coca-Cola has been able to more accurately assess user behaviour and convert this into a number of different initiatives – cashless payments, stock refilling, loyalty rewards and even creating new flavours. By enabling mobile wallet payments, they can even send customers highly personalized and contextual communication, which vastly increases customer engagement.

#30 Current Care

In the city of Bolzano, Italy, there was a significantly higher proportion of older people in the population. By using IOT technology, the city was able to reduce the pressure on services and ensure the safety of the elderly by helping them stay in their homes. Sensors helped track their daily routines and if they are watching TV etc. More significantly, public services were alerted in the case of an abnormality, such as a senior citizen falling out of bed, which they could then act on.

#31 Bank Of America

While employee surveillance may seem intrusive, it has been conducted for several years now in different ways. However, it is done within the parameters of the law. By embedding sensors in employee IDs, the Bank of America was able to gain valuable insights into their speaking volumes, tone of voice, postures and more when socializing with colleagues. It was found that a lot of employees were trying solve work-related problems during their breaks and this contributed to an overall boost in productivity by almost 10%.

#32 Compology

Buildup of waste in cities is one of the biggest problems plaguing the planet today. However, a San Francisco startup has tapped into IOT technology to devise a highly efficient waste hauling system. Compology helps optimize pickup routes for fleets, to ensure maximum efficiency when collecting waste. It also reduces the equipment needed for the job and ensures that pickups only happen when needed.

#33 August Doorbell Cam

With video playback and motion detection sensors, the August Doorbell Camera records all movement outside your front door. You can converse with people who ring before you let them in, see who visited when you were out of the house and even get real time updates no matter where you are. With the integrated August Smart Lock, you can even let people in via your phone.

#34 Amazon Echo

Arguably the most popular IOT device at the moment, the Echo is simply a way to accomplish some of the most basic tasks hands-free. Using voice recognition technology, you can make and receive calls, play music or even get information off the internet. It also integrates with other smart devices in your home on the same cloud system and lets you use all of them through the same voice commands.


#35 Philips Hue

By connecting a smart light to your smartphone, you can control the Philips Hue to provide any sort of light you want in your home. The interface lets you choose from a wide range of colours and you can customize the lighting to suit the occasion. Through IOT integration, the bulb can also be controlled through any smart devices such as an Amazon Echo or a Google Home.

#36 Chai Point

After massive success as a tea-serving franchise, Chai Point has developed a tea-dispensing machine that integrates IOT and AI. With the highly sophisticated dashboard, anyone using the device can track the amount of tea made from the machine, when to refill the containers and there are even controls to alter the milk and water levels when mixing the beverage inside.

#37 Wildcraft Spot

Along with tracking your personal run times and other physical activities, the Wildcraft Spot is also useful for checking on the whereabouts of loved ones, particularly young children and old people. It comes bundled with an app and the device itself can be attached to a bag as well. For example, if a child goes off the regular path he is meant to take home from school, the app will notify the parents instantly.

#38 Owlet

Waking up every 5 minutes to check on a baby is something that many new parents struggle with. The Owlet SmartSock is a way around this, as it monitors the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate. If they go outside the preset zones, the parent is notified immediately via the integrated mobile app. This can help parents get some rest, while ensuring that their child is safe and sound.

#39 Shockbox

The long-term dangers of impact sports are being seen more and more with several athletes reporting mental health issues later in life. The sensor inside Shockbox helmets tracks every hit an athlete takes and identifies when the impact is too severe. This integrates with a mobile app, which coaches and parents can use to guide the player’s movements better from the sidelines. The long-term effect of this will be to the benefit of several athletes worldwide.

#40 Schlage

While security is naturally a big deal for all of us, carrying keys around is still a slightly painful task. Schlage locks let you simply enter a key code and just use a few taps to open your door. The lock also pairs seamlessly with your smartphone, making it very easy to use. You can share the code with just a few trusted people and you no longer have to worry about keeping a track of spare keys.

#41 Amazon Dash

When running low on any given household products that you regularly use (let’s use detergent as an example), you face the prospect of a trip to the store, or having to open an app to order it. With Amazon Dash, you get a product-specific button that can be placed anywhere in your house. When you run low on the product, pressing this button instantly places an order through your Amazon account using your home Wi-Fi.

#42 Trak N Tell

If your car is being driven by someone else, like a family member or chauffeur, you’re always left wondering if they’re safe. By installing Trak N Tell, your vehicle is converted to a smart car and you can use a mobile app to track its movements in great detail. It also provides other details such a alerts if the car is speeding, engine health and even has a silent panic button in case of an emergency.

#43 Arrow

By using an NFC chip, the Arrow Smart Shirt lets you carry out several day-to-day activities with just a tap of your phone to the cuff. You can share your LinkedIn profile and business e-card with clients or business partners, activate vibrate or silent mode on your phone for meetings, or even open your favourite apps. By downloading the app and pairing it with the cuff, all these functions can be achieved with complete ease.

#44 Dosamatic

While dosas are a huge favourite across the country, the process of making them is still quite laborious. Dosamatic is an IOT-driven device that makes the dosa making process extremely simple for anyone who is a fan of the crispy treat. You just need to add batter, oil and water to the containers on the top and fresh dosas are cooked at the push of a button. Customers can also customise the thickness of the dosas being produced, as well as what toppings they may want on them.

#45 AnyMote

Our lives are governed by multiple gadgets today but that results in having to keep a track of a bunch of different remotes for each device. With AnyMote, you can convert your phone or tablet into a universal remote and unify all the devices in your home to the same cloud system. You can then control your TV, speakers, gaming console etc from anywhere in the house with a single remote device.

#46 PillDrill

As humans get older, their reliance on medication generally increases. It’s important to take all the various pills at the right time and this is especially a concern for senior citizens. PillDrill is a smart tracking system that alerts people that they need to take a dose and it displays the name of the medicine that needs to be taken as well. To mark the pill as taken, simply waving the pill bottle over the hub reads the tag on the bottle and counts the dose.

#47 Coca-Cola Freestyle

Manual intervention to dispense soft drinks is a huge waste of time and resources, particularly at fast food chains in the west. With Freestyle, a smart vending machine, Coke allows customers to choose from a wider range of drinks and customize the portion to their preference. It can also be paired with a mobile app and can be used to mix and match different drinks depending on what the user’s tastes are.

#48 Nespresso Prodigio

While many of us can’t start our day without our morning coffee, the time and effort spent in making that first cup is something we find bothersome. Nespresso Prodigio uses IOT sensors and cloud integration with your smartphone, to let you schedule the brewing from wherever you are. You can also order supplies and schedule maintenance for the machine through your phone, making your coffee consumption a lot easier.

#49 Eversense

While many thermostats allow you to control the temperature through your smartphone, this still could lead to a waste of power. Eversense enables you to link every family member’s smartphone to it and tracks the movements of each person. The temperature is then incrementally increased and adjusted depending on each person’s location, thus maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house while also ensuring huge power saving.


#50 June Intelligent Oven

Using an oven to make dinner or dessert is great fun but it brings with it a number of variables and interruptions that you need to consider. By letting you pair it with your smartphone, a June Intelligent Oven prevents any potential mishaps when cooking. Smart sensors help it regulate temperature depending on what you are cooking and an internal camera lets you get a look at the dish on your phone while it’s being cooked. The oven also provides step-by-step instructions for a wide range of recipes.

#51 Netatmo Indoor Camera

Traditional security cameras are only equipped with motion sensor technology, which results in you having to review a lot of footage to find out who broke into your home and what they did. The Netatmo camera instantly identifies an “unknown face” and you receive a full video on your phone no matter where you are. This can be provided to the police as evidence and significantly increases the overall security of your home and loved ones.

#52 Singlecue

Motion sensor technology has evolved massively in the last few years. It is now being used by companies like Singlecue to do away with the need for physical remotes altogether. Sensors are able to detect hand movements and enable people to control their home appliances with just a wave of their hand. This works for TVs, music systems, smart lighting and anything else that connects to a cloud system.

#53 Aptomar

The oil and gas industries bring with them significant risks. The transportation of these resources is a delicate operation and anything that affects the process could result in an oil spill that causes huge financial as well as environmental damage. By using sophisticated sensor packages, Aptomar is able to provide operators with 24/7 surveillance of drilling operations, along with real time tracking of any oil spills. They are also able to detect potential obstructions in a tanker’s course, to prevent accidents.

#54 CargoSense

While most logistics systems these days are highly optimized, there are still several variables involved in the entire shipping process that one needs to consider. CargoSense is equipped with technology to provide excellent insight into the entire shipping process. Customers can track cargo in real time and in every part of the supply chain. They can also get updates on the weather conditions where the shipment is, by recording temperature, humidity, pressure etc.

#55 SkyBell

SkyBell is another of many recent inventions to considerably enhance home security and surveillance. The camera is equipped with motion sensor technology, which tracks all movements outside the main door of your home and these recordings are sent to your smartphone in full HD. You can also directly talk to a visitor outside the door and the device instantly notifies you if someone reaches the door but doesn’t ring the bell.

#56 Deako

Lights being accidentally left on for a long time leads to massive power wastage around the world. Deako smart switches let you manage your home lighting system more efficiently and conserve energy. The switchboard can integrate with any existing light fittings and by using a smartphone app, you can schedule the lights to come and go off at designated times. You can also have 3 different light settings per board, which are customizable to your specifications.

#57 MyMDBand

Especially useful for senior citizens, this wearable bracelet provides consolidated medical information about anyone, which can be accessed just by scanning a QR code. In case of an emergency, someone attending to the afflicted person can gain immediate access to their medical history, including allergies, last medical tests, vaccinations and more.

#58 Roost

Instead of having to deal with 3am chirps from your smoke alarm reminding you to change the battery, the Roost smart smoke alarm sends a notification straight to your smartphone reminding you to change it as soon as possible. One of the most convenient aspects of this is that you can simply retrofit your existing smoke alarm with the smart battery. You can also get alerts on your phone if your smoke alarm sounds when you’re away.

#59 Awair

We rarely give a second thought to the quality of air we breathe indoors, assuming that it’s much cleaner than the outside. However, this is often not the case, due to the presence of fine dust particles and humidity indoors. Awair is a smart device that monitors the air quality closely and sends you a colour coded scale of how healthy it is. You also receive personalized recommendations on how to improve the quality directly on your smartphone.

#60 Toymail

First seen on the popular TV show Shark Tank, these soft toys enable parents to communicate with their children through the toy itself. By downloading the supporting app, parents can send and receive audio chats and this even works between two toys. This allows parents to stay in contact with their child, while negating the need to give them phones at a very young age.

#61 Ray Super Remote

By integrating all your home entertainment functions into a single device, the Ray remote does away with the need to keep several different remotes on hand at all times and can be used for the TV, music system, gaming console and a lot more. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful recommendation engine and after tracking your viewing habits, it can suggest similar programs you may enjoy watching.

#62 Cujo

As our homes get more digitized, with a higher network of interconnected devices, the threat of cyber attacks is something to consider. Cujo acts as a firewall for your smart home, protecting it against potential threats. As it integrates into your home wi-fi network, it can also be used to monitor the sites your children are visiting, so you can keep them safe.

#63 Sonos

This powerful wireless speaker lets you stream music from over 50 music services and integrates with all the popular ones such as Apple Music and Spotify. It works over wifi rather than bluetooth and so calls won’t interrupt the music that’s playing at the time even if you receive a call. You can also play different music or podcasts in different rooms, depending on who’s listening.

#64 Eight Smart Mattress

This smart mattress is helping people vastly improve their sleep patterns for healthier living. By connecting to your home wifi network, you can pair the mattress with your smartphone and generate detailed reports about your previous night’s sleep. There is also a function to evenly warm the bed before you turn in for the night, for a more comfortable sleep.

#65 Kinsa

A standard thermometer is very useful but at the same time is limited to only being able to check temperature. Kinsa’s capabilities extend far beyond that, as it recommends remedies to soothe the symptoms, record your entire family’s health details and even track what illnesses may be present in your vicinity to better know what you’re fighting.

#66 Click and Grow

Through the use of specially designed Smart Soil and an automated watering system, Click And Grow lets anyone grow an indoor plant of herb garden with minimal effort. An LED light ensures the plant gets enough light as well, to let it flourish even in an urban home. All you need to do is connect it to a water source and the technology takes care of the rest.


#67 Hello Barbie Doll

Barbie is one of the most recognizable and popular toys in the whole world. And while the doll has undergone numerous iterations over the years, it was only recently that Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie, truly tapped into technology. By using voice recognition software similar to Siri and Cortana, children can now interact with Barbie, by simply pressing a button on her belt buckle and speaking. She then responds with one of more than 8,000 lines of pre-written content to strike up an engaging conversation with the child.

#68 Breathometer

Oral hygiene is something any human being needs to be particular about. Despite being regular with brushing and rinsing your mouth, there may still be undetected bacteria left behind in your mouth. Mint is an oral hygiene tracker that connects to a smartphone app and conducts a thorough analysis of your mouth within seconds, providing you with a detailed report of your cleaning effectiveness. The device also provides personalized tips to you based on your dental history and cleaning patterns.

#69 Falcon Bus Tracking

A constant worry for parents of school children is that they are safe when travelling to and from school by bus. With the Falcon tracking system, both the school staff and the parents can keep a close eye on the route any given bus is taking and whether or not children are getting off at the right stops. The tracking system is integrated into a smart dashboard display for the school administrators, as well as mobile app for parents.

#70 Whistle

A problem a lot of pet owners face, especially those with very playful and energetic dogs, is that the animal might stray too far from the house, with no proper way to track its movement. Whistle is an internet-connected collar which integrates with a smartphone and lets owners track their pets whereabouts with ease. The device also monitors the dog’s general activity levels and overall health profile.

#71 Theatro

In the hospitality industry, there is a distinct lack of technology being used to make employees more efficient in their day-to-day functions. Theatro is a wearable smart device that provides hourly employees to interact better with each other, get better information and then provide better service to customers as a result. The lack of a screen also lets employees stay hands-free and engage better with their customers.

#72 Deeper

Deep sea divers need to do enough research before plunging into the water. A lack of sufficient recce could lead to potentially dangerous situations. IOT technology is making this research a lot easier, with Deeper. It’s a device that can be attached to the end of a line and cast into the water – it then relays the depth and temperature information to a smartphone app and it can also detect where the different sea life may be hiding.

#73 Cinder

A common problem when cooking meat is excessive heating causing it to dry out. Cinder is a grill that uses extremely precise heating technology to cook any food at a very controlled temperature, ensuring perfect cooking. Once ready, the integrated app notifies you, you just need to take the ready meal off the grill and it’s ready to eat. It also allows you to customize your heat settings depending on what kind of food you are cooking in it.

#74 CubeSensors

By having the air and atmosphere of a house at optimal levels, you can improve your health and productivity. CubeSensors monitor everything in your house from temperature changes to stale air and light sensitivity to mould and guide you on how to optimize the conditions in your house. This helps keep you and your family far more comfortable and healthy than ever before.

#75 Altizen

Given that many of us sit at our desks for most of the day, coupling a healthier approach along with productivity would be an ideal situation. Altizen helps convert your regular table top into a standing desk. Along with ergonomic design, it’s also equipped with technology that connects to your smartphone, letting you customize the height, set reminders to check posture and also get daily reports of how long you have been standing for.

#76 Tile

Misplacing wallets and keys is something that all of us do at least once in a while. With Tile, a smart device that integrates with your phone, you never have to worry about losing anything again. The tiny device clips onto your keys or wallet. The app can be left running in the background and can tell you where you last left the item, to help you locate it with ease.

#77 Honeywell

To enhance and simplify security at home, Honeywell has built a DIY all-in-one system which is extremely easy to set up by yourself. It tracks all movement in your house, recording everything in crisp 1080p quality. In case it spots an unfamiliar face, you will be sent a video instantly. The device also integrates seamlessly with other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and can be used to play music, check the weather and more.

#78 Rachio

Watering your garden often involves a fair amount of guesswork, as well as manual intervention. With Rachio’s smart sprinkler system, you can schedule them to come on and go off as required. It also contains wireless leak detection, all of which can be monitored through your smartphone. Based on weather forecasts, the sprinklers will adjust the output to ensure better conservation of water.

#79 Bioflux

Remotely monitoring the condition of a heart patient is an extremely necessary but tricky issue to solve. Bioflux is going a long way towards doing just that, by providing physicians with real time updates on the ECG information of cardiac patients, through a single-unit device. This also enables better dispatch of medical care in case of emergencies.

#80 Ellipse

Bicycles are one of the most frequently stolen vehicles, largely due to improper locking systems. With Ellipse, owners can keep better tabs on their bikes. The smart lock comes equipped with long-range bluetooth sensors, that notify the owner if the bike is disturbed through a mobile app. The bike can also be unlocked with a tap of the phone, making it very easy to use. With a built-in solar panel, the lock also charges itself, making it extremely efficient.

#81 Keen Smart Vents

In many houses that are centrally cooled or heated, a significant amount of energy is wasted due to the uniformity of the ventilation system. Keen Smart Vents let you control each vent independently via your smartphone and only cool or heat the rooms that need it. This is especially handy for households with babies or elderly people, as the temperature in their rooms can be regulated for their comfort.

#82 Nest Smoke Alarm

Most smoke alarms are likely to send people into a panic when they go off. You hear the beep and you’re in a rush to find where it’s coming from. The Nest smart smoke alarm conveys exactly what the source of the smoke is and sends the alert straight to your smartphone. It also differentiates between steam and smoke and avoids sparking panic unnecessarily. You can also silence the alarm directly via your phone, from wherever you are in the house.

#83 Belkin WeMo Smart Plug

This is regarded as one of the most useful devices from Belkin’s WeMo range. It connects to any plug in your house and is compatible with cords from any devices. By connecting to your home wifi network, you can then control this plug via your smartphone and switch it on and off as required, or even set schedules for when it should be in use.

#84 Kolibree Smart Brush

Even something as mundane as brushing your teeth is being turned into a more exciting activity through the use of technology. The Kolibree smart brush uses augmented reality turns the task into an adventure through interactive mobile phone graphics. It also coaches them on the right way to brush their teeth and since the device integrates with a smartphone, you can also track their overall cleaning habits.

#85 Petnet Smart Feeder

Pet owners need to be very careful to ensure that their pets are getting the right nutrition from their diets. The Smart Feeder lets owners control feeding times, meal sizes, the optimal food recipes depending on the pet – all this can be done remotely, through a smartphone integration. The device also has a button for quick home delivery of pet food, so there is never a shortage.


#86 Scanomat Topbrewer

There are so many occasions where you urgently crave a cup of hot, great coffee. The Scanomat Topbrewer is something designed to meet those very needs. It fits seamlessly on to any surface in a kitchen or even a boardroom table. Through the integrated phone app, you can brew a fresh cup of coffee in a matter of just 15 seconds. The device also combines both hot drinks as well as cold ones like juice, becoming an all-in-one dispenser for all beverages.

#87 Dash Car Tracker

Driving is something so many of us just take for granted. Dash makes monitoring driving patterns a lot easier and using the data drawn from this, drivers can increase fuel efficiency and improve their maintenance cycles to help get better resale value. The device can help taxi companies monitor their drivers better and provide appropriate feedback depending on how they have been performing.

#88 Mimo Monitor

Parents are always understandably concerned about their baby’s safety, even when it is asleep. With the Mimo Monitor, parents can keep a constant track of the baby’s sleeping positions, breathing patterns, wake and sleep times and much more. The monitor integrates with a smartphone app, which generates a detailed timeline of how the baby slept the previous night.

#89 Ralph Lauren Polotech Shirt

Nowadays, most people use wearable technology on their wrists to track the metrics of a workout. However, Ralph Lauren has created a shirt that serves the same purpose and could spark a change in wearable fitness tech. The shirt monitors basic biometric details such as heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered etc, which is all transmitted to a paired iPhone app, allowing athletes to gain access to the information.

#90 Tesco

To prevent large delays in the restocking of empty shelves in their stores, Tesco tapped into technology to find a solution. Sensors were installed on the shelves and as soon as they emptied, this information was transmitted to a central database. Staff were then accordingly directed to restock the requisite shelves at the earliest, to prevent the shelves from being empty for too long. This not only creates a better impact on customers but also prevents inventory from piling up.

#91 Fitness First

The upper management at Fitness First felt the need to make the gym experience more modern. They started by using iBeacons to track every visitor to the gym and then pushed content to them on the basis of their interests. They specifically targeted the most regular visitors and offered them incentives to invite their friends. Overall, this helped increase engagement with their customers to a great extent.

#92 The Internet of Cows

Oddly enough, cattle theft is an issue in the UK, primarily as a fully grown cow can be worth up to £2,000. To guard against rustlers, the National Trust teamed up with BT to fit cows with digital tags, which were connected to a central console. The movements of entire herds could be tracked and even if a cow was picked up, they could see exactly where it was being taken.

#93 Brother Printers

Ink refills may seem rather unexciting but we’ve all had a situation where we’ve needed to print something important but been out of ink. To guard against this, Brother fitted more than 70 of their models with predictive tech that accurately identifies when the ink is likely to run out. The integrated system then triggers an order for a new cartridge, which is shipped to the user before the old one can run out.

#94 The Hilton

Hotels around the world, like the Hilton, are adopting modern technology to elevate the hotel room experience. Mobile apps are replacing key cards in a bit to improve safety. Rooms also now have integrated heating and lighting systems, which you can connect to via your smartphone and adjust to your preferences. Checking in and getting tourist information is also becoming a lot easier with these systems in place.

#95 Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are soon going to be far more common in daily life but for now they resemble something from a science fiction movie. They are packed with all sorts of sensors and gyroscopes to predict traffic, pedestrian movement, obstructions in the road, speed limits and a host of other data points. All this information is rapidly analyzed by an integrated system and the car then navigates itself. AI and Machine Learning are also integral parts of this process.

#96 Oyster Cards

Oyster Cards, which are used by millions of Londoners for public transport, are one of the earliest instances of IOT technology in the public domain. The cards cover all forms of transport and as a result, the local authorities can collect massive volumes of data about how commuters are using different services, gain insights into the most popular routes and accurately identify which parts of the transport network require maintenance at any given time.

#97 L’Oreal

One of the global leaders in cosmetics, L’Oreal tapped into technology to take the makeup process a step further. With the Makeup Genius, which uses augmented reality, customers can test out different makeup products virtually and see how they would look. The app also connected to social media to allow to share their different customized looks. This helped people get a better idea of the product before placing an order for it.

#98 Heineken

To elevate the joy of drinking beer even further, Heineken tapped into IOT to create a connected beer “Ignite” bottle, equipped with more than 50 sensors and LED lights. The sensors detect the rhythm of the music playing and the lights flicker in time to it, adding to the atmosphere. The bottle also lights up when tipped back for a sip and dims when nobody’s touching it, making for a very engaging and enjoyable beer drinking experience.

#99 Samsung Smart Fridge

By integrating a connected smart touchscreen, Samsung has significantly upgraded the home refrigeration system. The fridge technology integrates with your smartphone, letting you keep a track of what’s inside the fridge, plan ahead for the next meal, add notes for other family members and even order groceries directly through the screen. You can also set expiration notifications for different foods, to prevent wastage.

#100 Football Performance Tracking

Football has always been one of the most basic sports, with very low requirements in terms of resources. However, technology has infiltrated the sport in a big way in the last few years, especially in coaching. With sensors set up around the ground, as well as in training bibs and shin pads etc, coaches can gather comprehensive data about players’ performances and use that information to tailor their coaching modules.

#101 Aviva

In order to devise the most beneficial insurance plans for customers, Aviva is collaborating with companies that have already got a foothold in IOT technology. This includes collecting data from home security devices and leak detection softwares, to accurately assess the requirements of each homeowner and tailor the plan to suit those needs.

The extent of IOT technology doesn’t end here and there are certainly far more than just a 101 applications. As it continues to evolve and develop further, we are almost certain to see it being incorporated in many more things that we use in our daily lives.

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