Azure Architecture – An Easy Guide For Beginners In 2021


Cloud is an exchange of how an application is secured and designed. Applications are stuffed into decentralized and smaller services. This helps to exchange through eventing, APIs, or by using asynchronous messaging. Applications adding new instances and scale horizontally as offer requires.

  1. What is Azure Architecture?
  2. Diagram
  3. Components
  4. Best practices

1) What is Azure Architecture?

Azure Architecture is a cloud computing stage that was launched by Microsoft Company. It is a flexible and open cloud stage that assists in service management, development, service hosting, and data storage. Azure Architecture tool services online web page applications over the internet with the assistance of Microsoft data centre.

2) Diagram

Once prefer the major technology and the architecture style components, then it willing to envisage the technical plan of application. Each application is discrete, but the subsequent sources can assist in the following way:

  • Reference architectures

Depend upon each case scenario; one of the reference architectures has a probability to be an auspicious onset point. Every reference architectures contain resilience, recommended practices, security, along with scalability considerations, and another appearance of the plan. Reference architectures also contain a reference implementation or deployable solution.

  • Design principles

Order ten high-level design theories that will make the application more manageable, resilient, and scalable. These design principles apply to each architecture method. Everywhere this design process keeps ten high-level design theories.

  • Design patterns

A software design pattern is a repeatable form or a pattern that is achieved to clear up technical problems. A list of Cloud design form or a pattern speech has technical challenges in distribution arrangement. They descant aspects involved such as security, availability, performance, and resiliency.

3) Components

  • Compute

It presents computing operations like deployment, development, and app hosting in Azure Architecture stages. It has the following components as under:

  1. Virtual Machine: Allows deploying workload, and languages in each operating system.
  2. Virtual Machine Scale Sets: Allows employing thousands of identical apparent machines in seconds.
  • Storage

Azure Architecture store is a cloud storage determination for neoteric modern machines. It is planning to call the requirement of their customer order for scalability. It ratifies to process, and store 100 terabytes of information.

  • Database

This class offer Database as a Service that offers NoSQL and SQL tasks. It also offers databases like Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Azure Cosmos DB.

  • Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network collects fixed web content about the strategy of a placed venue. This assists to furnish speed for hand over the content to people.

  • Security Identify Services

Security Identify Services furnishes intuitive capability to respond and identify cloud security as intimidation. It also furnishes to administer sensitive assets and encryption keys.

  • Enterprise Integration Services:
  1. Service Bus: Service Bus is a data distribution service which erects on the third person communication arrangement.
  2. SQL Server Stretch Database: This service assists to move any transparently and cold data securely to the Azure Architecture cloud computing system.
  • Monitoring and Management Services:

These services incorporate straightforward administration of Azure Architecture formation.

  1. Azure Resource Manager: It makes it straightforward to visualize and manage the pecuniary resource in the application.
  2. Automation: Azure Architecture automation is a path to constantly repeated tasks, automate the manual, error-free, and long-running. The mission is generally performed in an enterprise environment and cloud system.

4) Best practices

Best practices articles lid several plan considerations including caching, API design, data partitioning, and auto-scaling, and so on. Comprehensive review these and apply the utmost principle that is judicious for the app.


Cloud computing is referred to as accessing data and storing it over the internet. Azure Architecture is a cloud computing system that was launched by Microsoft. There are mainly three types of clouds in Microsoft Azure Architecture: 1) IAAS 2) PAAS 3) SASS. Platform as a service is a computing system that contains web services, operating system, database, or programming language execution environment.

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