10 Best Cloud Automation Tools In 2021

Ajay Ohri


Developing buyer requests and transforming IT situations are making ‘automation’ basic across numerous organizations of all sizes. Cloud automation tools are assuming an extremely key part via mechanizing numerous manual assignments, maintenance burden, and easing operational. 

Automation in the cloud computing environment has progressed significantly from simply being a pattern to getting key in the fruitful cloud venture for migration and consistent advancement.

List of Cloud Automation Tools

In a more extensive viewpoint, Cloud Automation alludes to the way toward utilizing resources and technology tools to diminish the manual weight in managing and provisioning cloud computing workloads. There is a wide assortment of tools for various use-instances of cloud automation. Thinking about the meaning of automation in the infrastructure, we are posting the top 10 Cloud automation tools as under:

  • AWS CloudFormation: 

Reasonable for the AWS cloud platform, this tool mechanizes and sends resources into your AWS cloud infrastructure. Handles mechanized administration of records, supporting business scaling. On the off chance that you use or plan to utilize AWS-based cloud offerings, CloudFormation can help guarantee configurations are just about as simple as workable for every one of your groups.

  • Chef:

Chef automation tool is another well-known infrastructure configuration tool that helps in viable consistency of the management, from implementing arrangement approaches to the constant conveyance of production code. Other than consistency, it additionally guarantees high accessibility and GUI-based work process pipeline creation.

  • Microsoft Azure Automation:

Configuration and automation service for predictable administration across non-Azure and Azure conditions. Likewise gives automated control over compliance and maintenance tasks. Update management and process automation are among different highlights that help to diminish time and errors on infrastructure deployments.

  • Google Cloud Deployment Manager: 

Reasonable to construct cloud foundation through Google Cloud Computing. Deployment and automate the configuration of Google cloud with repeatable template and deployments configurations. Use APIS, CLIs, and different devices for all periods of overseeing infrastructure management and the configuration.

  • Puppet:

An innovator in the configuration automation market. Helps configure, model, and authorize infrastructure configurations. Works for all cloud variations, from computing to storage and further to systems networking resources at a large scale.

  • Kubernetes: 

A holder organization apparatus is known for scaling, automating deployment, and the management of compartment applications. Cloud-Native Foundation’s leader project was upheld by driving tech giants, for example, Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Google, and so on.

  • CFEngine: 

A configuration the executive’s tool used to automate IT infrastructure for ventures, everything being equal. With requiring central administration, CFEngine runs on self-ruling specialists that run in ordinary spans to uphold configurations.

  • SaltStack:

Zeroed in on automating security consistency, this tool designs and deals with all parts of the cloud-based infrastructure. Exceptional security tooling and agentless node management are the notable highlights of this tool.

  • Cisco Intelligent Automation: 

Supports Cisco and other cloud conditions, from Infrastructure as Service to involved administration and provisioning of cases. Network service automation, multi-tenancy, and self-serving portal for users are some remarkable highlights.

  • Foreman:

On the off chance that you need a lightweight device to deal with the full lifecycle of your workers, from bare metal to provisioning to arrangement, the open-source Foreman task can help. In any case, note that Foreman depends on a genuinely profound combination with open-source Puppet for arranging the board of your hubs. However, it additionally boasts plugin support with Salt, Ansible, and Chef for other administration angles.


Each cloud automation tools have its learning curves, weaknesses, and strengths. Cloud-seller-constructed tools may give the most straightforward approach to get this show on the road as you start your cloud migration, particularly if an “all-inclusive resource” is the thing that you’re searching for.

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