Top 5 Cloud Backup Services – A Simple Guide

Ajay Ohri


Over the past few years, cloud backup has evolved into an important element in storage and data maintenance. Both businesses and individuals need to understand how to backup cloud, and the make the most from these services. Figuring out the best cloud backup is not easy mainly because there are plenty of cloud backup solutions to choose from. The ultimate choice strongly depends on what you want from the cloud backup services, and your budget. With this being said, here are some of the towns best cloud backup storage solutions for you. 

  1. Definition
  2. IDrive
  3. Dropbox
  4. Crashplan
  5. Onedrive
  6. Backblaze Business

1) Definition 

Before you understand more about storage and brands that make a big difference in this industry – you need to understand what is cloud backup. Also, you need to find answers to questions like how to get backup from cloud. 

By definition, cloud storage is a means of securing your data in an instance that is not your PC or local storage device. Data of any media type can be backed up into the cloud. In fact, there are free cloud backup solutions too. These are solutions that will let you try the cloud facility before you buy a business or personal cloud backup.

2) IDrive 

One of the finest cloud backup software or services in the market would be IDrive. This storage as a service company offers a baseline of 250 GB of space. Well, this might sound like very little storage, to begin with. Yet, it is a great platform for trying cloud storage. 

IDrive offers an express software solution that allows backing and restoring data on the fly. The data can be managed using any device too. IDrive features an interface that works well in all tablet devices and even smartphones. 

If you are not willing to spend money on cloud services, IDrive is a great option to begin with. Much of the baseline facilities can be obtained for free. And, business owners can opt for three absolutely free backups every year. As a cloud backup option, IDrive ensures that all its services can be accessed from any platform. It doesn’t have limitations for Linux, Mac or Windows based users. Regardless of the platform, users will be able to backup and restore data from the IDrive cloud. 

3) Dropbox

The talk about best cloud backup service remains incomplete without Dropbox. This company was a pioneer in cloud services. They have some of the town’s most secure and reliable cloud services. To begin with, every user gets to expertise the 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption. Few other notable security functionalities offered by Dropbox to those backing up data to the cloud would be watermarking, file locking and user permissions. Unless a person has the right privilege, they will not be allowed to access content from the Dropbox. This is a basic rule that both individuals and businesses using Dropbox secure. 

Dropbox has an advanced plan, for 20 USD. Through this plan, users can avail up to 100 GB of cloud backup. Every benefit in owning the standard Dropbox account will be witnessed in the advanced version too. Additionally, users will be able to make use of admin and management options. 

4) Crashplan 

A lessor known, but definitely the best cloud back up solutions in the industry would be Crashplan. This brand became famous for its unlimited storage, and unique versioning technology. Additionally, it supports users with impressive customisation facilities. This means the way you store and share data from the cloud can be easily monitored and controlled using Crashplan. 

The key goal of Crashplan is to support businesses that may compete for price and functionalities. Based on the needs of the business, cloud services are carefully modified. The versioning option helps businesses track files that were stored months ago. In fact, finding documents with date and time fields “alone” is also supported by the Crashplan. 

Once you avail this cloud solution, you have the freedom to schedule when a backup or restore should occur. The data required for scheduling needs to be entered by your system administrator. Henceforth, the customisation of your cloud storage depends on the data entered. Common customisation preferences include retention policies, compression and chosen encryption methods. 

5) Onedrive 

Another known and one of the best cloud backup software choices would be Microsoft Onedrive. Technically, Onedrive begins with 10 GB of cloud storage. The free user plan is strategically paired with all Microsoft Office 365 products. This means any document created or shared using the 365 products can be secured in Onedrive with a click of a button. When the 365 products are used, users will have access to nearly 1TB of space. This option proves to be useful for both individuals and businesses. Regardless of the documents created, everything will be backed up safely in the cloud. 

6) Backblaze Business 

Finally, what is the best cloud backup for businesses? Most companies would answer “Backblaze”. A reason behind the popularity of this company would be its unlimited cloud storage. Whether it is bandwidth or storage capacity – Backblaze has you covered. This is a low cost service, which caters to the needs of businesses that are budget oriented. Unlike other cloud backup services that have multiple options to choose from – Backblaze has a single plan for all its customers.

This plan is offered at a flat rate of 60 USD per annum per computer. This is how simple the subscription plan of Backblaze is. Likewise, the overall backup procedure is also very simple. Users have the freedom to configure the mode of backup. You can decide if the backup needs to be taken from external disks or the local machine. The initial settings can be modified easily using the Backblaze interface. The interface can be accessed easily via mobile or desktop devices. 


Business or personal, choosing the right cloud backup solution makes a big difference in how your store and retrieve data. Cloud is certainly the future of storage. And, brands are trying hard to ensure security and performance. Also, many brands are coming up with plans that would make their services more practical and user friendly. 

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