What is Cloud Computing Security Architecture? Explained in 3 Points

Ajay Ohri


    Cloud Computing is an emerging data centre that helps to store through the internet without interference and direct contact of management. These are very helpful to protect our data which yields the required results of the company. So to get more idea about this cloud computing will discuss the cloud computing security architecture framework in detail.

  1. What is Cloud Computing security architecture? 
  2. Plan
  3. Design

1) What is Cloud Computing security architecture? 

When we need to explain cloud computing security architecture, it is important to get a clear idea about cloud computing and what are the safety measures it has been taking to protect the data. In general, we use cloud service providers (CSP) and service level agreements (SLA) to provide basic security to the stored data. Apart from these, several researchers also recommended some safety measures for cloud security architecture to protect the data at a basic level. They are-

  • To monitor the cloud data easily. It is advisable to use a single sign-in ID for multiple accounts.
  • Always prefer virtual firewalls and virtual comments to avoid threats.
  • Maintain preventive measures for the Incorporated data.

2) Plan 

The cloud security architecture plan may vary from model to model. So it is necessary to understand cloud computing security architecture for every model separately.

IaaS Cloud Computing Security Architecture

        Infrastructure as a service architecture has majorly security and networking tools to protect the network of data. Hear the application programming interface impact is high rather than the other. Even though the cloud service provider’s (CSP) provides security for the infrastructure, the remaining Security will be provided by Network tools like network packet brokers (NPB). The attributes of IaaS Cloud Computing Security Architecture are,

  • Segmentation of the network will be in practice.
  • Virtual Network tools are stored in the cloud.
  • Virtual firewalls and web applications were preferred to use. It helps to prevent malware or threats.
  • Optimum utilization of Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS).
  • Virtual routers are also introduced.

SaaS Cloud Computing Security Architecture

The cloud security architecture in cloud computing follows a different plan for software as a service. as the name itself specifies that the Cloud security architecture majorly monitors the software and the data can be accessed with the help of the Internet’s connection for the management. Management needs to negotiate with the CSP team to maintain proper security based on the legal contract between the security team and the management. Cloud access security brokers play a vital role in this Security model. The features of SaaS Cloud Computing Security Architecture are,

  • Usage of multiple logs is highly prioritized.
  • IP restrictions were strictly followed to maintain the security concerning management also.
  • Application programming interface gateways are also used In This Cloud computing security architecture plan.

PaaS Cloud Computing Security Architecture

In general, the platform as a service model can be defined as the deployment of applications that can be done by considering the capabilities of the host and underlying software and hardware. But it doesn’t consider the cost and complexity of buying those applications. Cloud security reference architecture for Paas majorly depends on the cloud security providers. As we already know that the applications can be taken care of by the management, the remaining data needs to look after by CSPs. Features of PaaS Cloud Computing Security Architecture are mostly similar to that of the SaaS plan. They are-

  • Maintenance of several logs and audits.
  • Do not get compromised with IP restrictions.
  • Half of the security can be achieved by API gateways
  • CASB Cloud access security brokers also had a significant part in maintaining security.

3) Design

The security architecture design in cloud computing may change just from the company to the company based on their requirement. Nowadays several enterprises are willing to adapt hybrid cloud security architecture. It is an advanced version of the cloud security architecture that helps to reduce the workload and exposure of data.



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