Top 10 Cloud Computing Skills: A Basic Guide

Ajay Ohri


Among other reasons, flexibility and scalability have rendered cloud-based systems as a preferred choice of organizations. Thus, the growth and demand for professionals with the skills required for cloud computing have also increased. 

If you want to be a cloud computing architect or engineer, get a head start by building these top 10 cloud computing skills:

1. Cloud Security

The use of the internet for transmission and storage of sensitive, business-critical data makes cloud security a top concern as well as requirement. The smallest security breach could put companies and their clients at risk. Cyber security professionals know and understand common risks, vulnerabilities, cloud architecture security, cloud application security and so much more. This is one of the major cloud computing skills in demand.

2. Machine Learning and AI

AI and Machine learning have grown into a key market by themselves. When coupled with Cloud Computing, it has made companies not only work with these as core technologies but also allowed other organizations to dabble in this area. Cloud-based applications deliver the infrastructure and computing power to make this possible. Expanding your knowledge base to include AI and Machine Learning tools and services offered by cloud vendors can make you stand out in this highly potent field.

3. Cloud migration and deployment 

Organisations may need to migrate from native IT setups to cloud platforms. They could also need to migrate from one cloud platform to another. Such work is not simple. It requires advanced skills in cloud computing. Professionals need to ensure data integrity and its security even as they minimize downtime during the process. So, it is a smart move to upgrade with these key multiple platform skills needed for cloud computing.

4. Database skills

Cloud-based development and applications are invariably accompanied by the need to manage a huge load of data. Much of it is unstructured and professionals need to know how to make sense of this data. Also needed are skills to store, manage, and access data. For this, knowledge of database query languages is essential. While SQL is popular, some of the other important ones include Hadoop and MongoDB. These cloud computing job skills will allow you to set up and configure databases too.

5. DevOps

DevOps refers to the software development approach that selectively allows automation to get the most of an application. Professionals who understand the entire software life cycle and development process in cloud computing can add value by improving operational efficiency.

6. Serverless architecture

Such cloud architect skills help to do away with the need to host and manage servers-– virtual or physical, server operating systems and other related processes at your end Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS do these. This means you can narrow your focus on the individual functions and application code and nothing else.

7. Programming languages

Cloud computing brings with it unlimited data handling capabilities. So, programmers who work with cloud need to be expert coders. As opposed to generic languages like C, C++, Java, cloud developer skills include knowledge of data-oriented ones like Ruby, Python and Perl.

8. Automation

This skill helps professionals to understand ways in which processes and procedures can work without human interference. Enterprise companies usually look for talent with such revolutionary technical skills required for cloud computing.

9. Linux 

Numerous managed services are powered by this open-source operating system. So, Cloud engineers need the mastery of Linux environments- including design, development, setup and administration. Certification courses are available for building such cloud engineer skills.

10. Quality assurance

Cloud computing models adopted can vary – private model, public model, a hybrid model or some other. QA skills are essential to apply best practices and ensure the best quality from the chosen cloud service model.

If you are wondering how to start a career in cloud computing or how to get a job in cloud computing, it is a good idea to equip yourself with an understanding of all major cloud platforms. Having knowledge of AWS, Azure, as well as Google cloud computing skills, could position you as a key resource in any organization or even open new career opportunities!


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