Cloud Computing Tools: Best Cloud Monitoring Tools in 2020

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Let us look into cloud computing tools. Specifically, cloud monitoring tools help us to access the cloud-based infrastructure. These cloud computing tools’ importance and works are to track the performance and safety of crucial apps and services. We are going to talk about cloud monitoring tools. With these tools, you can identify more production with cost-effective cloud apps. Once the right option is specified, a more productive and cost-building structure is created with these tools’ help. The more the industries understand the tools and system of cloud monitoring, the more effective it will be to manage things.

Before that, let’s understand what is a cloud environment or monitoring? These are cloud-based tools used to optimize and provide end to end services for an excellent user experience. 

Cloud monitoring uses manual tools that help manage the cloud computing structure, services, and architecture. These tools help us understand how to manage the cloud. The overall cloud management strategy depends on allowing administrators with cloud-based resources. You can prevent minor issues with the help of these cloud computing tools, which help identify the defects and troubles created to solve them immediately.

List of Cloud Monitoring Tools

Here is a list of cloud monitoring tools or cloud tools that will make your life more comfortable with various procedures.

1. Cloudwatch

The amazon web services are one of the best cloud computing management systems that allow cloud resources and applications running under the amazon services, enabling you to track and view instances. It gives you a brief insight into the overall health and performance of the system. This system can be used in a great way to optimize operations. The best part of cloud services is that you do not need to install any kind of software or invest in heavy installation services. This is the most fantastic thing about the multi-cloud management strategies. All the security services are provided by amazon itself in any kind of mess or when things go wrong.

2. Cloud Monitoring Tool

The famous Microsoft cloud monitoring tool, which runs on Azure, is one of the virtualization tools in cloud computing, which monitors your workload. It gives you great insights into your workload to monitor and analyze logs and identifies security threats. The main advantage of the cloud monitoring tool here is that it is easy to set up and transparent. It provides complete access to the performance and health of the applications with infrastructure and workloads. The main similarity in these cloud monitoring tools is that you do not need any extra software installation with any additional costs incurred. 

3. Infrastructure Manager

The DX infrastructure manager is a great management platform in the cloud computing platforms list. It helps deliver intelligent analytics for infrastructure monitoring. It is a fantastic tool that is quite proactive in solving troubleshooting issues that might affect the loud infrastructure’s performance. Without a doubt, this is a great tool that manages storage services, networks, and servers, etc. It depicts specific distinct patterns or analytics by mapping out the latest trends, simplifying the troubleshooting process, and reporting various activities. It is a user-friendly platform with customizable dashboards to enhance visualization. It monitors every aspect of the cloud eco-system. It also features turning the DX IM into a useful incident management tool that improves monitoring capabilities. 

4. AppDynamics

AppDynamics, acquired by cisco in 2017, is one of the excellent cloud development tools which provides a cloud-based monitoring system for accelerating application performance. It allows the users to learn the real state of the cloud applications and help with business operational and coding levels. This is quite an environmentally adaptable system with magnificent capabilities. This tool is quite useful in cloud performance monitoring. 

5. Relic

The New Relic is one of the cloud computing software tools which is quite efficient in managing complex and ever-changing applications. It helps the servers running real-time and also gives an insight into the issues and resolves them quickly. It also allows you to scale your operations with the usage. It considers various processes and optimization of the apps, whether it is either mobile or web-based applications. It helps to place all the data in one place in the dashboard, which gives you a clear picture of every part of the cloud. These are many top-notch companies using this cloud structure.  

6. True Sight Pulse

The BMC true sight pulse is again one of the cloud-based monitoring tools that helps you to boost performance and manage operations along with cost management structure. It gives you an end-user performance experience to detect problems and monitor resources. It provides a fair chance to develop cloud operations management tools. It also allows you to control costs, optimize, and manage the right resources at cost-effective prices. It helps to breakdown the cost, which businesses can later use and invest in business needs.

7. Solar Winds

This cloud computing monitoring tool provides cloud monitoring services and networking and database solutions. This cloud management platform allows you to monitor applications, servers, and virtual machines’ performance and health. It is encrypted with the infrastructure management tool, which can monitor cloud environments. 

8. Retrace

It is again one of the cloud-based tools designed for developers and designers helping with code and design development. This is considered top in the cloud computing tools list. It helps in tracking execution and ensure the developers to create advanced coding at all times. The idea is to make the developers more productive with fewer complications and make the developer and designer much more manageable with much faster work. It fits small and medium businesses with an affordable price range. 

9. Exoprice

The SaaS monitoring tool or service offers you security and optimization of the services, enabling the cloud app up and running. These tool applications such as dropbox, salesforce, etc., watch and manage all the tools with troubleshooting and fixing problems that can directly or indirectly impact your business—the central business and company platforms such as Starbucks, PayPal, and P&G.

10. Sematext

It is again one of the useful cloud computing tools which collectively manages performance and solutions available in the cloud and on-premises. It enables the users to efficiently diagnose and solve performance issues and the latest trends for an ultimate user experience.

11. Aternity

This cloud is specially designed for the end-user experience. It ranks in the virtual screen system with the mobile end-user experience. Various tests are performed to manage such a system and look into the proper functionality. It detects the page loading time along with any traffic problems. It also optimizes user interaction. It offers an extensive list of tools that enhance the user experience in the most effective way.


Thus, you have a clear idea about the tools used in cloud computing, making life more comfortable, and providing advanced structure. The cloud computing tools and technologies are made to offer advancements in business structure with fewer costs and more efficiency.

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