Top 20 Cloud Monitoring Tools – A Basic Guide


In 2020, with more and more organizations relying heavily on cloud computing, it’s important to ensure that all services that run on the cloud continue to operate and perform smoothly. The work from home ethic which seems to be the norm for the time being relies heavily on cloud-based software and ensuring that these servers continue to operate reliably needs one to employ the services of cloud monitoring tools.

  1. Definition
  2. List Of Cloud Monitoring Tools

1) Definition

Cloud monitoring simply refers toa process where one evaluates, monitors and ensures proper management of services applications and even infrastructure that relies on the cloud. Various tech giants utilize various cloud monitoring software that in turn helps monitor cloud-based applications.

2) List of Cloud Monitoring Tools 

When it comes to selecting the best cloud monitoring tools, one needs to consider a variety of factors. These are mainly based on their budget and needs. Some clients may find themselves satisfied with simple out-of-the-box monitoring tools. These tools are usually provided by their cloud provider and are usually opted for when one just wants to monitor system performance. Others may look for more complex solutions or may just be in the market to upgrade a solution they already have in place.

Cloud monitoring tools can also be classified based on the on how much information or help a client may want regarding their cloud-based infrastructure. Some can offer a client full observability and full visibility while others may stick to just one function. Some cloud server monitoring tools are relatively easy to set up while their more complex counterparts may have more involving setup procedure. Ultimately, all cloud monitoring software has its pros and cons and one may need t to choose depending on their needs.

Here are some of the best cloud-based monitoring tools

  1. Microsoft Cloud Monitoring

Brought about by the company that gave us Windows, Microsoft also offers a host of cloud monitoring tools for those who run web apps on Azure. It gives you all the details of your web app, ranging from its performance to any alerts if things are not in check. These come inbuilt with Azure, thus eliminating the need of having to install separately.  

  1. ExoPrise

This tool is commonly used with mainstream applications such s Office 65, Skype, Slack etc. it monitors the entire Microsoft Suite and is an effective tool to be used when tracking one’s cloud tools.

  1. CA Technologies 

This tool offers all the monitoring and management solutions a business might need. These can be used on clouds regardless of them being public, private or even a combination of the two. These tools offer everything one may need and helps keep an eye on operations. 

  1. Retrace by Stackify

This tool is an Application Performance Monitor (APM). It is a multi-function tool and combines a vaerity of functions to keep proper track of activities hosted on the cloud

  1. VMware Hyperic

It helps monitor both physical as well as virtual infrastructure. Its UI is one that’s useful and is preferred by many companies as its owned by Dell

  1. App Neta

This set of cloud application monitoring tools works across a variety of cloud platforms. Its Performance Manager feature gives one a better idea about the servers.

  1. Rackspace Cloud Monitoring

This tool is specifically for those who use the Rackspace OpenStack cloud servers. It’s a free addon with an OpenStack cloud account and offers many features.

  1. BMC TrueSight Pulse

This tool from BMC provides a high quality user experience. It works with both Azure and Amazon CloudWatch to better visualize data and set notifications of necessary.

  1. SolarWinds

These cloud computing monitoring tools come with a Virtualization Manager. It provides users with predictive recommendations. These are made in order to help improve one’s performance.

  1. Amazon CloudWatch

These aws cloud monitoring tools are a must-have if one uses AWS. Monitors the platform for you and comes with the advantage of being pre-loaded software.

  1. Redgate

Adding to the list of cloud performance monitoring tools, this software is effective fro those who use an SQL server or .NET. Helps one design special apps.

  1. AppRiver

Helps monitor webapps such as Office365 and email service providers. Also ensures security and keeps information safe by providing a variety of features.

  1. PagerDuty

It’s a tool that helps ensure cloud maintenance. Constantly updates users with how well the stacks are performing.

  1. Logic Monitor

These were recently crowned as the best cloud monitoring tools and justify the same. Just like others on the list it helps in monitoring the entire stack and does so well and continently.

  1. Unigma

This is a tool that covers a wide variety of platforms such as AWS, Azure, etc. it provides a simple and easy to use dashboard to ensure the performance of the cloud is top notch.

  1. Prometheus

When looking for cloud monitoring tools open source, this tool is one to choose. Its primarily to monitor Docker. Supported by a powerful query language, it allows easy distribution of data.

  1. Riverbed

This tool is at an enterprise level. Thus, it’s a capable cloud monitoring software that can easily handle the stack without issues.

  1. Sematext Cloud

This tool monitors the full stack. Its easy to set up and can provide users with important information and data.

  1. AppDynamics

Allows its users to evaluate the entire stack. It allows for better internet of things monitoring and sends email alerts when necessary.

  1. Datadog

The final set of cloud network monitoring tools on the list provides users with a list of features. It comes with plenty of functionality and even flexibility. However it’s not a cheap to use option.


When it comes to choosing the right cloud monitoring tools, there are a wide variety of paid and free cloud monitoring tools available for one to choose from. Before choosing any of the options above, a proper analysis of needs and requirements should be done in order to ensure one gets the best results.

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