Cloud Product Manager – A Basic Guide On Skills Required(2021)


A cloud product manager is a person who identifies the right problem statement of the customer, understands his need and tries to figure out the appropriate solution. It is an extremely high growth area where the cloud product manager needs to focus on the products, their design, their code, their build, etc. Product manager designs, strategize also ensure the execution of the product. There should be a balance between hard skills and soft skills. 

Let’s focus on some skills of product manager-

1 RESPONSIVENESS – A product manager is himself responsible for his products and their success. There are huge responsibilities over him. He needs to focus on the demand of the customers that what they want in a particular product. Also, have to take care of such innovations which attract customers so that there could be more sale possible. As the organisation grows, the product manager’s responsibilities shift to what is essential for the product’s success.

2 ANALYSIS – A cloud product manager needs to analyse what are the difficulties arising for the consumers. He has to recognize the nuances and get into the details of the problem. He has to think about how should he transform a particular area for the success of the product.

3 EMPOWERING TEAMWORK – Collaboration with others is essential; this is an essential and remarkable skill needed in the cloud product manager. Every company wants a person who can actually handle the whole team and could lead over it. The great product manager coordinates the activities with others effectively and efficiently. The person has to naturally develop a network of trust; after all, it is teamwork, and everybody has to rely upon others so that they could finish the work effectively. He should also have the ability to be calm and composed as teamwork is such a kind of work in which conflicts are widespread to arise. 

4 COMMUNICATION SKILLS – A cloud product manager needs strong communication skills so that they could connect to the customer and try to figure out the exact condition of the suffered one. So this problem-solving attitude is in demand for the selection of this post. The person should have such communication skills to make others understand about the product, its uses and its working.

5 BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE – A cloud product manager should also have a strong business perspective as only understanding the customers’ problems is not enough. He also needs to focus on whether the company gains some profit regarding this or not; after all, this motive is the company’s first motive. 

6 PASSION FOR TECHNOLOGY – In today’s world, without technology or the knowledge of technology, a person is incomplete or unskilled for any post in any type of company. The product manager is always focused on what’s next, and the core of being the product manager is figuring out the WHY. 


Sometimes there arises confusion between what a cloud product manager does and what a product owner does. The product manager is responsible for the mission, vision and high-level problems, what success looks like, etc. But the product owner takes higher-level mission and vision and breaks down and manages day-to-day activities, translates the vision to day-to-day activities, and manages the requirements. It became tough for the product manager to manage – bouncing the user experience’s needs to make sure that to build something feasible, building a business need. If you want to know in a single definition that what product manager do, there is no single right answer. Someone had said – ‘It’s not black and white but rather many shades of grey’.

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