Cloud Provisioning Software: Why Is It Important? (2021)

Ajay Ohri


Using tools like automation, orchestration, and provisioning to control the processes like installation, configuration, and the management of cloud computing is referred to as Cloud provisioning software. The software’s main aim is to aid the organizations in making better decisions to help flourish the business in every possible way. Such a tool will help a business improve in all aspects.

Activities involved in Cloud provisioning software

Here are the following activities involved in Cloud provisioning software:

  • Compliance and security
  • Deployment of the code.
  • Storage and automatic backups
  • Changing the configurations

While cloud provisioning software is a brilliant way to automate cloud deployments, it should be considered a small piece in a big puzzle. The fact that it needs much more attached to it to work the correct way. Personnel who has in-depth knowledge of the tools so that they can be deployed appropriately. 

  1. Benefits
  2. Are the tools enough?
  3. Shifting towards cloud provisions software
  4. Examples

1) Benefits

Various benefits of Cloud provisioning software are:

1. Reduced costs: Cloud provisioning software, when used in the right manner, reduces the cost incurred by the companies towards the maintenance and management of IT systems. The cost of education occurs by utilizing the resources instead of spending the amount on expensive equipment and systems. Few pointers that enable the organizations to reduce the cost using Cloud provisioning software include:

  • Upgradation of the software and the hardware are included in the provisioning software terms.
  • The company needs to appoint lesser human resources, leading to cost-cutting.
  • Lesser energy consumption.
  • No more delayed projects 

2. Scalability: This refers to the company’s ability to work in the most effective way possible. These provide the companies to scale their data up or down depending upon their needs. While a fixed amount needs not to be paid, a cloud computing environment enables the companies to take care of their finances better.

3. Saves time: The Cloud provisioning software helps the team members save time by developing a repeatable process. The primary factor that leads to saving time is that no effort is required for an actual operation.

4. Self-healing: Automation is a boon for the organization to an extent where self-healing and auto-correction occur. This makes the companies take a sigh of relief because they know that things will be taken care of automatically.

5. Facilitates growth: While a business needs changes in configurations and scaling up the existing systems, Cloud provisioning software proves to be a great help for companies, big and small. It helps organizations to facilitate IT growth and infrastructure. It also enables companies to respond promptly to the changes.

2) Are the tools enough?

No wonder that automation with Cloud provisioning software is the best possible a company can look for in automation. Still, even with the right set of tools, if the company fails to appoint personnel with in-depth knowledge of the tools, it is most likely to fail. In other words, no top can help a company succeed towards their step of automation if they lack the human resources to operate them.

3) Shifting towards cloud provisions software

While we look at two different angles: the technology shift and the mind shift, automation is inclined more towards the mind shift than just the technology. There have been instances where managers in an organization have failed to adapt to the complete automation structure because they lacked the knowledge of doing it in the right way.

Learning is the key to success. And that too in a formal way. Just searching for how to automate IT on the web and young through several articles won’t help unless proper training and guidance are provided. Moreover, a hands-on practice also plays a vital role in becoming a professional in automation. While the learner can discuss the problems and interact while getting trained for the same, the self-research combined with instructor-led training has shown tremendous results. Managers have always been fearful of the IT getting modernized, and it’s just proper guidance they need at each step, especially the process that includes automation with Cloud provisioning software.

4) Examples

Here is the list of different types of cloud services that have gained popularity in recent years

  • Terraform.
  • Google cloud deployment manager.
  • Microsoft azure automation.
  • Cisco intelligent automation for the cloud.
  • SaltStack.
  • CFEngine
  • Ansible
  • Chef


While companies are loving the concept of automation, not just because it saves time and money but also prepares the backup, which means that the data is kept for a lifetime without any fear of data loss due to hardware or software damage. The cloud provisioning software alone does not solve the entire purpose of automation because it needs an employee who has in-depth knowledge about the tools’ usage but is equally skilled with manager qualities. There is so much Cloud provisioning software available that gives a wide range of options to the organization to select the most suitable one.

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