Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server: An Important Guide(2021)


Most of the companies are getting online, and cloud vs server options are now being offered by the hosting industry to host their data on the appropriate server as per their needs. If you are starting up, you might have to pick between two common hosting choices – cloud server vs dedicated server.

The difference between cloud and server is that in a cloud server, you don’t need to purchase and manage some infrastructure as it is ‘handled’ by the service provider, while the customer leases or buys the server, applications and other services from the web hosting provider in a dedicated system.

To determine which choice is right for your company, it is important to consider the basic differences between cloud server vs dedicated server performance to make the right decision.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is Cloud Server?
  2. What is Dedicated Server?
  3. Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server

1. What is Cloud Server?

The cloud servers use cloud computing, and instead of hosting the webpage on physical computers, a virtual environment is built, with multiple servers to provide space and storage to the webpage. In simple terms, a cloud-based server uses many virtual machines and gives you high power and scalability.

 The cloud server has no additional costs as everything is done virtually, and you just pay for the resources and space for which the website is used. The cloud server is suitable for both small as well as large business. 

2. What is Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a component of a traditional server. The dedicated server meaning is used because the concept of the cloud server was into the picture. In a traditional cloud, the user may purchase a shared or reserved space on the server to host his or her website.

In a shared server, more than one customer shears the same server; suppose there is a server of 1TB, then according to the customer’s order, the service provider gives some space to the customer out of this 1TB.

In a dedicated cloud server, the user buys an entire server. Major companies and businesses use dedicated servers because they can provide a high degree of protection. This choice is not ideal for small businesses because it requires experts’ expertise and senior capital to handle and operate a dedicated server.

3. Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server

The differences between Cloud Server vs Dedicated server are:

PointsCloud Dedicated 
Cost FactorThe cloud server is cost-efficient as you only pay for space and services which you are using. All the specialist information of server operating is done by the provider itself. You may not need any unique to handle the server. Dedicated server cost is more as we have to pay for a particular set. Here, professional expertise and high-level capital are required to handle the server, which is very costly, and the small companies cannot afford to provide a dedicated server. 
ManagementThe cloud server is managed as the user does not have any control over the Server. Managing a cloud server is much harder than managing a Dedicated server; unlike the single dedicated server, in the cloud server, we work with hundreds of virtual servers.In the dedicated server, the owner has direct control over the server and can handle the server according to the need. Though for the maintenance and management of the dedicated server, we need complete awareness of the server itself, here we have full control of the server.
ReliableIn the cloud, several servers hold your website instances. If a server collapses or gets offline, the instance of the web page will be handled by another server. These various servers allow cloud storage to be reliable.In a dedicated server, a single server is involved because if there is any fault in the system, it will crash the entire server and data too, which can bring down the server.
SecurityCloud service offers security, and cloud servers are extremely secure.The dedicated server is very hard to penetrate the security of the system.
CustomizationsCloud does not offer too much access to its client, so a cloud user does not configure the server.As in a dedicated server, the customer has complete power over his server, so here he or she can configure the server according to the need.
Integration of ToolsCloud server enabled you with numerous services with less expense.In a dedicated server, if you want to combine software with other utility-based resources, you will have to pay extra as opposed to the cloud server.
ScalabilityCloud servers are extremely flexible, according to the use, you can adjust anything, such as resources and space.We cannot alter the setup of a dedicated server since we have dedicated hardware in operation.


Both cloud and dedicated servers have their capabilities. The above article has given a head-to-head comparison between cloud server vs dedicated server.

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