Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers in 2020


By definition, cloud storage means a series of physical onsite servers managed by a hosting service. It is evident that cloud storage services can replace traditional hard disk and server at architecture. This is an upcoming technology that allows companies to invest in storage, based on their requirements. It serves as a storage solution for many companies and users. Files, digital assets, and documents are a few cloud storage examples. Also, there are multiple types of cloud storage.

List of Cloud Storage Providers

1. Ice Drive

Ice drive is a famous cloud storage service provider for businesses that specialize in mobile services. It offers solutions for the web, desktop, and mobile applications. The question of how to use cloud storage becomes simple with ice drive mainly because of its simple interface. The cloud storage solution can be used without worrying about the operating system, or device. The mobile application of Ice Drive allows users to upload and download files into the cloud. The platform has custom software for videos and audio files. Also, it features an exquisite backup wizard to help with backup and restore. Native application in the platform help users edits their files and documents too. 

2. pCloud

The pCloud cloud drive storage offers access for a lifetime. This makes cloud file storage a great choice for businesses with a limited budget. The cost of cloud storage reduces drastically with PCloud and its affordable lifetime access plans. How cloud storage works from pCloud is interesting, users need to pay 175 USD for 500 GB of storage. The plan needs a one-time registration fee. Apart from this, pCloud is famous for its annual plans too. The basic package has collaboration features and even military graded encryption for the data stored. The military graded encryption can be obtained at a fee of 125 USD. 

3. IDrive

IDrive is one of the safest cloud storage options in the industry. It is often used for data backup. And, it is known for its automatic file retrieval methods. Backup can play an important role when the project and data are priceless. Mainly because it is hard to predict when content would be deleted or corrupted by user operations. IDrive has express tools that can be used to back up desktops, mobile data, NAS, and SQLs. The IDrive allows businesses to manage their devices remotely. It is top cloud storage for retrieving data from backup. The backup settings can be reversed in real-time, but without the user actually sitting in front of the machine. 

4. Zoolz 

Zoolz is another top free cloud storage for heavy volume and long term storage. Zoolz is an affordable choice too. Some of its plans begin at 19.99 USD per month. This is one of the few cloud storage service providers with the ability to save 100 TB of data for three to five years. Important features of Zoolz are on the go military encryption – The ability to utilize its smart duplication algorithms – The ease in deployment to a thousand, or more users – Continuous protection of data with backup preview. It also allows users to set advanced access rules mainly Zoolz a great choice for confidential information. 

5. Sync

The talk about cloud storage for regulated industries will remain incomplete without Sync. Sync is in compliance with three crucial standards: HIPAA, GDPA, and PIPEDA. Both healthcare and banking industries rely on sync for storing their data. Above this feature, all the data stored in Sync is protected using end to end encryption. Since it offers regulated cloud storage solutions, there is no third-party tracking with Sync. Furthermore, the cloud storage system offered by Sync allows users to send and receive files with password protection. Based on the plans you pick, unlimited files and folders can be created in Sync. 

6. Dropbox 

Dropbox is one of the market’s fastest cloud storage solutions. It has been offering cloud services since 2008. Indeed, this is one of the most famous cloud data storage providers out there. Regardless of the device or platform used, Dropbox offers many versatile features. Its admin dashboard is extremely useful, especially for transmitting files and documents on the fly. Even though it ranks among the major cloud storage providers, Dropbox limits new users to only 2GB of free storage space. Once the free plan is exhausted, users can buy 3TB for 16.58 USD. This comes with watermarking, password protection, and remote device wiping. Dropbox Paper is another offering from Dropbox for uploading documents and single-page files. 

7. iCloud 

Unlike most popular cloud storage providers, iCloud has an exquisite range of features for Apple users. It integrates seamlessly with the Apple Finder App. Also, if you are a user of iWork, saving, and retrieving files from iCloud is simple. Just like OneDrive users receive only 5GB for free. If you own an Apple device, this feature is offered by default. Any picture captured using the Apple iPhone will be uploaded to the iCloud automatically too. Apart from the photos, you will be able to upload your files and message as well. Even though iCloud is a pioneer in cloud services, users can buy 50 GB of storage for 0.99 USD. 

8. OneDrive

OneDrive is identified as one of the most secure cloud storage providers. It is created and managed by Microsoft. This means OneDrive is an ideal choice for windows users. The cloud platform integrates seamlessly with outlook and the office suite. It takes care of scanning and automatic backup of documents too. It supports offline access. This means users don’t need an active network connection to view and open their files. Personal Vault is an important feature of OneDrive. As suggested by its name, it supports the storage of confidential files with identity verification. The verification is broken into multiple layers, making the OneDrive a choice for many companies. 

9. Google Drive

Another important player in this list would be Google Drive. The Drive became famous for its free offerings. If your daily need depends on the GSuite, Android applications, and other services offered by Google, this would be your ideal solution. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free cloud storage space to newbie users. 

10. LiveDrive

A pioneer in cloud storage for remote collaboration would be LiveDrive. It is a smart way of sharing data with teams located remotely. The cloud service supports unlimited amounts of pc and mobile backups. Anyone with a working network connection and access to the files can edit. Also, the service offers unlimited backup which helps teams work without worrying about losing files or a device going wrong. LiveDrive offers bank-grade security features like a state of art intrusion prevention technology. 


Investing in cloud storage proves to be useful if you are keen on saving money, creating backups, and have the ability to access files from anywhere in the world. And, when you choose a cloud storage service provider, you need to focus on attributes like security, flexibility, and ease of integration. 

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