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The companies that need to succeed in the market need to do three things well. They should be able to anticipate where the market is going, they should create a plan in order to move forward and they should then execute their plan. Read below to understand the actionable cloud strategies that can help to improve the agility, competitiveness, and profitability of your company. You also get to understand the benefits and the risks of using the cloud and then create a plan that can fit into your business needs which lets you execute it well.

  1. What is CS?
  2. CS roadmap
  3. Top CS to look out for

1) What is CS? 

A cloud-based infrastructure is advantageous to any company. The primary benefits of migrating to the cloud are for businesses to work on their bandwidth, technical specifications, and security. The bigger picture of migrating to the cloud is to increase productivity, make the process more cost-effective, and to work on scalability.

When a company migrates to the cloud it benefits the IT team. The team can spend less amount of time to maintain the infrastructure and instead focus on enhancing productivity and implementing new measures. To implement cloud in the workspace the company should have a clear-cut cloud strategy. Before that let us first understand the roadmap and then delve further to read about the top 10 strategies of the cloud.

2) CS roadmap 

Organizations that focus on growth and sustainability should make use of the cloud which is a valuable asset in the strategy. However, to adopt cloud every company will follow its own path. Also, each industry would be at a different stage of its cloud journey. While one may be just starting out another may be already working at multiple clouds. There is a huge investment in infrastructure in order to support the cloud and thus the team needs to ensure that they are investing in the right thing to get the maximum return. The cloud strategy roadmap is thus divided into assessment, planning, implementation, and optimization.

3) Top CS to look out for

Here is the list of the top 10 cloud strategy:

  • Change the way you think about the cloud. This is the major barrier that stops the mid-sized and small companies from taking maximum advantage of the cloud services.
  • Understand how the cloud can benefit your organization. It is important to invest in a strategy, reduce the time to market, increase margin and competitiveness, improve IT security, and streamline the monthly billing which is all possible through the cloud.
  • Next, figure out the objectives and determine the technologies, systems, and processes that are used by the organization. Gather what your corporate goals are, the current needs that are unmet, the key stakeholders, and the main reason to adopt cloud.
  • To build a cloud computing strategy you need to determine the way in which you want to deploy cloud into the organization and this can be done by choosing the right model.
  • Choose the right kind of cloud service by identifying the target department and outlining IT services.
  • Understand the preparedness to move to the cloud services and this can be done by evaluating the key factors of data criticality and security compliance.
  • Develop a cloud-first strategy and a multi-cloud strategy.
  • The cloud projects are not simple and the functional areas need to improve continuously to progress through maturity.
  • Develop a multi-cloud management tooling strategy.
  • Evaluate the multi-cloud SaaS integration requirements which let the organization present optimal choices to those who are responsible to extend and integrate the SaaS solutions.


The cloud-first strategy should go beyond the IT organization. It should be something that is embraced by the whole organization. The organization should focus more than on the technical steps that are required to implement the cloud-first strategy. They should understand the merits of the cloud and implement the cloud strategy to extract and develop the business benefits that can yield a competitive edge and offer better profitability.

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