Dell Boomi: A Simple Introduction In 2021

Ajay Ohri


It was in the year 2016 that Simon who is a resident of New England started to make t-shirts for himself as well as for his friends who loved hockey. This he did to celebrate his love for the hockey sport and most importantly for Boston Bruins. It was his clever slogan and his drawing that got the attention and this is how Simon started to sell t-shirts.

Initially, he started by selling the t-shirts to his friends first in person and then online through various retail outlets present in his area and then in a little shop that he purchased right in town. His black and yellow t-shirt was the best-selling which has two cartoons on the skates. He slowly saw his business growing.

Simon was an avid technology user and ran his business on a cloud-based solution. He made use of QuickBooks to do the accounting. He used Shopify to run his e-commerce platform and to maintain his ERP he made use of the NetSuite. This helped to manage his sales in his land boutique. It was in the year 2018 that Simon could sell a record number of t-shirts. However, he soon reached his limit. He tried to manage each of the cloud-based systems by himself but this involved loads of working hours and he was also prone to make mistakes.

During the fall, Simon concentrated more on trying to fix the various discrepancy issues in the software instead of running the t-shirt business. And with the holiday soon approaching something had to be changed or his growth would have stopped. This would have never let his business see the year 2019. Simon wanted a power play that could save his business. So he reached out to an integration specialist who then advised Simon that all he needed was Dell Boomi integration.

Well, this story may have given you a crux about what Dell Boomi exactly is about? Let us get into its details below.

  1. What is Boomi?
  2. How does Boomi work for you?

1. What is Boomi?

Dell Boomi is nothing but a connector. It is softwareDell owns Dell and it helps to reduce the complexity of the business process using the solutions offered by the Dell Boomi consultants who are certified.

Boomi helps in connecting many objects. It could be apps, processes, employees, devices, or data. Dell Boomi connectors in the case of Simon helped to transfer the information between:

  • All the online sales that one does on Shopify
  • The sales reports that he enters in QuickBooks
  • All his inventory on NetSuite

Before Simon got to know about Boomi he would be spending days cross verifying and entering data. He earlier was under the assumption that it will need a code-based tool to integrate all into one. He may have to hire a developer which he could not afford.

Dell Boomi instead offered him a solution that did not require any investment and also took a short time to implement. Boomi allowed his IT employees to connect all the cloud tools from the internet with the Boomi interface that is user-friendly. It was all that easy.

Boomi today synchronizes as well as consolidates information that was needed to run a business.

2. How does Boomi work for you?

The Dell Boomi interface will operate exactly in the way you want. You can drag and then drop the two apps that you wish to connect and then you connect the time. All the processes take place just with a click of the mouse and in three steps:

  • You need to pick an action and the integration starts by choosing either you want an information piece, want to end an information piece, or listen to an information piece.
  • You pick any connection, which is the app from where you get the previously done action.
  • Finally, you pick on an operation which states what you should do when you get a piece of information.

Boomi provides many templates that help to accelerate the process and gets you connected in no time. There are more than 26 million apps that other customers create which helps to simplify the processes and connects varied apps. It is possible to scale Boomi. So you can pick a solution that will help you to grow your business. The possibilities of the connection between the apps are endless.

If you need to double your sales in the next year you will not need to double your investment into cloud solutions. This is because you have Boomi that fits companies of any size.


Boomi is a business unit that was acquired by Dell in the year 2010. It is an integration platform as a service that allows the connection of the data sources and the applications. The Dell Boomi platform is low on code and it offers event-driven Dell Boomi architecture, lifecycle management, and API for cloud integrations.

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