Einstein Analytics: An Easy Overview in 4 Points

Ajay Ohri


Einstein Analytics, formerly known as “Wave”, is a cloud-based app created by the world’s leader in CRM platform, Salesforce. It is a visibility tool that provides insight into the data that users regularly add to CRM. This visibility tool also acts as an analytical tool and integrates with the primary platform of CRM. Though it is a salesforce product, the data is stored on the own platform instead of the Salesforce platform.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is Einstein Analytics?
  2. How does Einstein Analytics Work?
  3. Why do I need a visibility tool?
  4. Is Einstein Analytics the right visibility tool?

1. What is Einstein Analytics?

Every activity that is performed in the Salesforce environment is monitored and visualized through Einstein Analytics. The users make additions of data such as accounts, campaigns, contacts, etc., regularly to the CRM. This data is analyzed and presented back through Einstein Analytics trailhead. This visibility tool is rightly termed as “AI-powered advanced analytics” as it provides solutions including graphs, dashboards, reports, and several data visualization opportunities. This tool is normally used to understand how the users are using and getting benefits from salesforce products.

2. How does Einstein Analytics Work?

This visibility tool is a kind of personal data scientist that analyzes huge data in very little time. It finds correlations, performs predictions, and guides organizations to solve the queries. After the analysis, Einstein Analytics automatically generates recommendations, explanations, answers in very simple and easily understandable language. It assists the team to make better and smarter decisions.

Einstein Analytics bindings are connected directly to the data from CRM and generate reports and dashboards. It is not mandatory to use SalesForce products, and Einstein Analytics can be connected to any CRM.

3. Why do I need a visibility tool?

Visibility tools are vital to any organization to measure success, performance and identify opportunities for business through insights. Security and performance are not possible if you can’t see what is happening through the application. With binding in Einstein Analytics, identifying areas of security concerns, focusing on training or traits of a successful team and team members become simple. Also, data for compliance, performance, adoption, usage, and security can be extracted.

  • The analysis of a huge amount of data is possible through Einstein Analytics in a concise span of time. This is possible without any data scientist.
  • This visibility tool is highly interactive and flexible.
  • The visibility tool is integrated into CRM and performs actions directly and automatically from the dashboard. The tool is powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Einstein Analytics is cost-efficient as it requires very few infrastructure investments as compared to other tools. Also, there are lesser queries, and other complementary software are not required.
  • Strong security is assured with this tool as it is believed to be the biggest cloud software.

4. Is Einstein Analytics the right visibility tool?

Einstein Analytics is a very smart investment for every and any organization. The reasons for the same can be summarized as follows:

  • Pipeline Management

The biggest advantage that probes due to Einstein Analytics usage is that the users can check the latest changes in the opportunity pipeline. The managers can easily monitor the new deals and the closed ones and the reason for the same. This assists in evaluating the opportunities that are trending and also the growth of the business accordingly. With the application, users can assess the opportunities that need more effort. The parameters of the sales process are dynamically changed at lightning speed. 

  • Performance

The performance and achievements of the team and the team members can be monitored, analyzed, and assessed easily. This assists in building individual team members and the parameters required to achieve the target and the quota. A notch view of the KPI and a better exploration of the provided data is possible with the leader view dashboard. This provides transparent data and better performance to the sales process.

  • Sales Einstein Forecasting

Due to Einstein Analytics, the managers find it easier to forecast revenue and sales. This makes it easier to plan for sales production and estimate the period when the deal can be concluded. Also, if any modifications are done, the same are displayed and activated. The effective sales process is properly configured through the data perspective based on previous trends of the data.

  • Whitespace Analysis

With the activation of the whitespace analysis of Einstein Analytics, the sales manager can focus on better deals. The potential opportunities are well sold out with the optimum utilization of time and energy. The personalized deals and items can be created to cater to the specific needs and requirements


With Einstein Analytics certification and unique capabilities, the business cost is reduced, processes are improved, and the organizational team is empowered to provide better, faster, and smarter conclusions and decisions. The tool creates an experience of the sales process retrospectively and prospectively efficiently. This brings a rise in sales revenue, automates the trends, and prepares the organization for future trends to cope with the market.

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