Google Compute Engine: Everything Important You Need To Know In 6 Points

Ajay Ohri


With the augmentation of data, businesses need to provide better, faster, and secured data access to customers. Cloud Computing delivers tremendous benefits and advantages in today’s business world. Google marked its position among the top 5 cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM, by launching their Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Spread over 22 regions, as of Q1 2020, Google is investing billions of dollars globally for connecting with users effectively through Cloud Computing.

  1. What is Google Compute Engine?
  2. What is a VM?
  3. What are the Fundamental features of GCE?
  4. What is Google Compute Engine used for?
  5. How much does Google Compute Engine cost?
  6. What are the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Machine types?

1) What is Google Compute Engine?

One of the best features of Google Cloud Services Platform, a specific sort of service from its myriad of benefits, is its compute stack such as Google Compute Engine (GCE). 

As part of Google’s Infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS) offering, Google Compute Engine offers and enables the user to execute workloads on Google’s physical server. It gives a measurable quantity of VMs or Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing for serving in terms of enormous clusters for workload execution. It controls either via various Google compute engine APIs, command-line interface, or web console.

2) What is a VM?

While executing Google Compute Engine, an individual could have the chance of making Virtual Machines, finding CPU and Memory, and a bit of storage capacity, for example, SSD or HDD, alongside quality and quantity of storage. GCE allows users to launch Virtual Machines (VMs) on demand. At Google Compute Engine, one can pick abacus cases that could be of variable range in terms of storage, and even customized Virtual Machines can be built according to workloads.

3) What are the Fundamental features of GCE?

  1. Confidential Computing: Confidential Virtual Machine is an advanced technology; it enables us to encode the most delicate data into the Cloud while data is being processed.
  2. Live migration for VMs: GCE Virtual Machines can share live-migration among the host systems; it continues applications executing even when the host systems demand maintenance.
  3. Sole-tenant nodes: Sole-tenant nodes are treated as physical Compute Engine servers assigned for our use only. These nodes make simplified implementations for Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) applications and provide an approach for similar machine types. 
  4. Predefined machine types: GCE gives predefined Virtual Machine configuration from small-level purposes to large-scale memory-optimization cases up to 11.5 TB of RAM or faster compute-optimization cases up to 60 vCPUs.
  5. Custom machine types: An individual can make a Virtual Machine with a custom machine type that could be an appropriate fit for workloads. Also, by adopting a custom machine type for some specific necessities, one can save a significant amount of money.

4) What is Google Compute Engine used for?

Google Compute Engine supports up to 257 TB of storage. It is more suitable for organizations that are looking for more scalpel storage spaces. The Google Compute Cloud provides enduring and stable services as it has the potential of migrating Virtual Machines live amid hosts, i.e., any organization can execute 24*7*365 without any execution barrier or downtime.

5) How much does Google Compute Engine cost?

Google charges the Virtual Machines for a minimum of 10 minutes. Towards the end of the 10th minute, instances are charged in 1-minute increments, rounded up to the nearest minute. 

6) What are the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Machine types?

Google Cloud Platform offers a wide array of machine types optimized to meet various needs and will solve your Cloud Conundrum for sure. Machine types provide virtual hardware resources that vary by virtual CPU (vCPU), disk capability, and memory size, giving you a breadth of options. 


We hope this article helped you understand enough about Virtual Machines, Cloud Platform, and Google Compute Engine with its promising characteristics. The choice of Cloud Computing benefits the organizations at a considerable scale. This is the reason why we have shared this in-depth detail about Google Cloud Platform and Google Compute Engine.

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