How to become a Cloud Architect – A Basic Guide in 5 Points


Cloud architects have practical experience in creating and actualizing an association’s cloud services, including cost improvement and security approaches. An essential spotlight is guaranteeing that content on the cloud is consistently accessible and secure for clients. Given in this article are details that will answer your question of how to become a cloud architect.

  1. What is a Cloud Architect
  2. Kinds of CA Career
  3. Skills required
  4. Education
  5. Certification

1) What is a Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is an IT proficient who is liable for regulating an organization’s distributed computing system. This incorporates cloud selection plans, cloud application plans, and cloud the board and checking. Cloud planners supervise application engineering and arrangement in cloud conditions – including public cloud, private cloud, and half breed cloud. Also, cloud architects go about as advisors to their association and need to keep awake-to-date on the most recent patterns and issues

2) Kinds of CA Career 

1. Cloud Reliability Engineer 

On the off chance that you believe you have solid suits for critical thinking capacity, this vocation opportunity will give you an advantage in practising your mind. Such cloud engineers are liable for checking, keeping up, and fixing distinctive cloud-related issues. These kinds of up-and-comers need to have huge information on the whole distributed computing range of abilities

2. Cloud Consultant 

The part of a cloud advisor is to give different specialized examinations and studies and locate the best cloud plans for your organization. You will be liable for investigating and recommending the best cloud administrations and engineering dependent on your organization’s prerequisites. This sort of employment job is normally saved for experts with a solid IT foundation.

3) Skills required 

The premise of turning into a cloud architect is to have a decent comprehension of how cloud computing functions. That is the essential need. There are other specialized zones that you will be needed to dominate in and acquire these cloud architect skills.  

  • Application architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Outsourcing and internal hosting
  • Security
  • Automation and orchestration

4) Education 

People will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline to function as a cloud architect. A few employers may want a master’s degree. A solid foundation in scripting and programming languages will be valuable. Intrigued people can look for participation in an industry association like the Cloud Computing Association (CCA). The association means to support both specialist organizations and end clients to use cloud tech.

5) Certification

After we have answered the question of how to become a cloud architect and accepted that you meet a portion of the recently referenced requirements, how would you currently approach turning into an affirmed Cloud Architect? It relies upon the platform that you prefer. some options to chose from are :

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect
  • Google Cloud Platform 


Cloud Architect is a key job that is popular, and the conceivable outcomes are huge. What’s more, with proceeded with remarkable development estimated throughout the following years, we feel that turning into a Certified Cloud Architect is certainly a positive development as both a lifelong decision and as an opportunity to jump aboard with any new and energizing advancements that will undoubtedly arise in the cloud field.

Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Certificate Program In Cloud Computing brings Cloud aspirants closer to their dream jobs. The joint-certification course is 6 months long and is conducted online and will help you become a complete Cloud Professional.


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