How to Become a Cloud Engineer – An Easy Guide in 2 Points


Cloud Computing is one of the specialized fields of Computer science and engineering. It is an on-demand service that runs on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means you only have to pay for the services you are using. Cloud Computing is being used on a very large scale, and the field is growing as time is passing. Cloud Computing has reached every industry, and thus, a computer science graduate is needed to fulfil the place of a cloud engineer to handle engineering work related to cloud computing.

A cloud engineer is an IT professional, professionalized, and trained to work on the technological aspects of Cloud Computing. This article will cover the most important question asked by candidates who are keenly interested in Cloud computing and want to become a cloud engineer, and that is How to become a Cloud Engineer. 

  1. How to become a Cloud Computing Engineer?
  2. Skills required to become a Cloud Engineer

1) How to become a Cloud Computing Engineer?

Cloud Computing provides services based on need, and on that particular basis, one can pay for the amount and quality of services they use. Cloud Computing provides software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. And all these services are beneficial in their way and are used by around everybody having a device and an internet connection. A cloud engineer is working to provide these facilities behind all these services and hence plays a very important role.

 To become a cloud engineer, there is no educational obligation like you should have passed or completed a graduate degree in computer science and engineering specialized in cloud computing or a diploma in Cloud computing. All one needs to become a cloud engineer is Knowledge in the field of Cloud Computing. But still, if someone wants to follow or lead a path to become a professional cloud engineer through studying and gain knowledge step by step, then here are the things you should know. If you, too, are the aspiring candidate for the Cloud engineer, then you have to qualify certain criteria that include the following:

  1. In India, one should have PCM as a compulsory subject in their senior secondary or equivalent three-year diploma in engineering.
  2. B.TECH or BE in computer science engineering. If one has chosen Cloud Computing as a specialized subject, it helps extend the Knowledge in cloud computing and hence secure a better opportunity in this field.
  3. Anyone interested in exploring the field of cloud computing can opt for a master of technology in the same field of study.
  4. When you have passed all the above requirements that include schooling and graduation, you become eligible to apply for a job and provide service as a cloud engineer. 

Once learning is completed, the next step is to apply that learning to produce fruitful results. This can be done by two means. The first one is to apply for a job designation of a cloud engineer and work in a company under someone else’s demand and guidance, or you can try to provide your service. Now, when you have come to know that How to become a cloud engineer, let us focus on what does a Cloud computing engineer do? Cloud engineer performs tasks to make development in computing and tries to extend the field of the same.

2) Skills required to become a Cloud Engineer

Learning is half part of becoming a Cloud engineer; the other part is skill development. These skills also answer the question of what a cloud engineer do? Anyone who mastered these skills can overshadow anyone in this field. Few skills that one must possess to become a good cloud engineer are mentioned below:

  • Cloud Engineer is an IT professional, so they are expected to have skills such as programming skills, Knowledge of database management, networking, cloud service providers, Storage and security, Virtualization, etc.  
  • Alongside these skills, a cloud engineer is expected to have good business skills, problem-solving skills, etc.


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