Top 15 IAAS Examples You Need To Know In 2021


We live in a technically advanced world, and there is always something new that comes up in the market every other day. If you are providing digital services to your clients, then you must be aware of cloud computing. Generally used by e-commerce businesses, cloud computing is described as an on-demand computer system resource availability, especially data storage. 

Cloud computing has always been a hot topic for small business owners as well as global enterprises. When you start understanding the advantages of cloud computing, you get to know the types of cloud services used across the globe. It can be infrastructure or software that a company deploys while switching to the cloud. 

One of the most crucial and extensively used models is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Generally, there are three types of cloud service models available in the market, namely SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and PaaS (Platform as a Service). 

In this article, we will understand IaaS and get to know the best IaaS examples in the market.

What Is IAAS?

We have already established an understanding that IAAS refers to Infrastructure as a Service. It is one of the three models used by many organizations while switching to cloud computing. With so many IAAS examples already established globally, several startups and SMEs take cues from them. It helps these smaller organizations to integrate IAAS in cloud computing while they switch to this service. 

Data is one of the vital elements of every organization irrespective of its grip, strength, turnover, and market cap. To accommodate all this data, business owners switch to cloud computing as this technology helps them accommodate all their data and aligns it in the best way possible. IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service is one of the services that a business can enjoy in the cloud. It is nothing else but an instant infrastructure offered by the cloud that can be managed and provisioned over the internet.

The best part of using this service is that it quickly goes down or scales up based on the demand, which means you only have to pay for what you use and nothing more. Microsoft Azure is one of the best infrastructures as a service example. This service helps a business avoid the complexity and expenses of managing and buying physical servers and infrastructure to house the data.

Listed below are 15 IAAS examples that are best to use in 2021:

  1. Microsoft Azure
  2. Web Services by Amazon
  3. Flex Metal Cloud
  4. Cloud Infrastructure by Google
  5. Cloud services by IBM
  6. Vultr
  7. Cloud Infrastructure of Oracle
  8. Digital Ocean
  9. Server Central
  10. Cloud Services by Alibaba
  11. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  12. Open Cloud by Rackspace
  13. Linode
  14. CenturyLink Cloud
  15. Hitachi Enterprise Cloud

1) Microsoft Azure

When listing down the IAAS in cloud computing examples, Microsoft Azure is probably the best. Moreover, this is one name that comes to everyone’s mind whenever there’s a talk about cloud computing services. Be it IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, Azure of Microsoft is one of the dominant and popular forces in all the categories of cloud computing services. 

When a smaller business uses the IaaS of Azure, the platform helps deploy several configurations of the managed infrastructure. The reason for Azure’s dominance in the cloud computing service world is the versatility and wide range of options offered by the platform. Azure is a fine IaaS example because Microsoft has positioned it in a way that helps businesses procure benefits. The wide range of benefits offered by Azure includes analytics, touting compliance, flexibility on cost, and unified delivery.

2) Web Services by Amazon

Amazon is the largest brand that offers cloud computing services. Amazon is one of the top-notch service providers giving tough competition to others in the run. When it comes to infrastructure as a service in cloud computing, Amazon is a name that people always remember. Amazon is an identifiable brand when it comes to cloud services such as IaaS amongst business people. The brand covers many things in the cloud spectrum, which is why they have a lot of customers. 

If you are looking for one of the best IaaS examples that can help you switch to cloud services, then Amazon Web Services or AWS is a very easy-to-use platform with a huge array of tools for all its customers. All these tools are easily accessible, have many advantages, and are highly affordable in scaling up the business.

It has a few drawbacks, but it won’t bother you much because if you know how to use the tools and services on offer, you will get your business results in no time. 

3) Flex Metal Cloud

Another very big name and a good competitor in the cloud servicing market is InMotion hosting. Recently, the brand launched its diversified version of IaaS named Flex Metal Cloud. After its launching, several experts reviewed that this platform has given the customers a diversified hosting platform that can fit any business model. Every business gets to enjoy a few exciting features as per their verticals. All these factors together made Flex Metal Cloud one of the perfect infrastructure examples.

Flex Metal is powered by OpenStacks that enables small business people to build their own private cloud platform on-demand. This helps keep the budget tight as you will always have to pay for what you are using. Also, in addition to what they are offering in software and services, a person can also enjoy the private cloud that allows the IaaS users to access the hardware beneath the cloud services at affordable rates. The entry plans of this platform come with 3 hyper-converged server clusters. 

These services are profound and work as a catalyst in expanding your business easily. All these services together make Flex Metal a perfect IAAS in cloud computing example.

4) Cloud Infrastructure by Google

When it comes to digital platforms and services using emerging technologies, Google is a name that stands tall. This brand has always been one of the best service providers in innovative services such as cloud infrastructure for businesses. Probably, one of the best IaaS examples; Google has always aimed to build a secure, aligned, and highly professional working platform to store data. Google has extensively worked in building secure in-depth layers using several technologies. 

The company has a massive amount of data stored for their functioning, and they are one of the backbones of networks spread across the world. They have a secure platform that connects all the data centers around the world. Google also proudly declares that they have a global scale cloud of their own that seamlessly retrieves data.

5) Cloud services by IBM

In the world of emerging technologies, IBM has become a brand that everyone knows of. With massive cloud servicing centers worldwide, IBM is one of the finest IaaS examples in the world. They are one of the top cloud service providers, and to ensure smooth running, they cover the entire spectrum. With an extensive product line, IBM is a fine example of a comprehensive Iaas segment, thus covering network resources, compute elements, storage, and other important cloud services elements. 

Uniqueness in the IBM cloud is its Bare Metal service that allows all the Iaas users to access the hardware lying beneath the cloud service. Cloud Object Storage is another notable product that comes under the Iaas range. It makes IBM a wonderful service provider of IAAS in cloud computing. 

6) Vultr

Vultr is another that simplies the cloud services offered by several organizations across the world. They have an easy-to-use dashboard that standardizes the common tasks conducted while using cloud computing in IaaS. It does not just help standardize the tasks but also retains the scalability factor, which is the true nature of IaaS. 

Vultr has now become a fine cloud services example for small business owners. It makes their tasks easy. If the service provider has to deploy several web applications, it can be done with a single click. There are no lags registered and many other advantages tagging along. But with a few setbacks, Vultr is still a less preferred option. 

7) Cloud Infrastructure of Oracle

For those who are not aware of the world of technology, Oracle is one of the best technology service providers. Whether IoT, Big Data, AR, VR, or even cloud computing, every service they provide is top-notch. Oracle’s Cloud infrastructure is another top-notch service that helps streamlining the work without missing out on the security front. 

The company has a vertical named OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) that is more or less their mainframe in the cloud business of IaaS. With the help of OCI, Oracle provides a complete computing solution to the customers. With the help of the OCI scale, the brand can meet the demands of the bigger organizations at ease. 

The company’s IaaS is a wonderful service on offer as its structure helps and enables the company to deliver on-demand scalability to the customers. This functioning is not alone as Oracle has combined its autonomous services with IaaS to provide customized benefits to all the users.

With all the tightly integrated security layers, Oracle is one of the best infrastructures as a service example of all tightly integrated security layers.

8) Digital Ocean

People who often deal with website hosting are aware of Digital Ocean. It is one of the well-known IaaS and other cloud-related service providers. Though Digital Ocean extensively focuses on website application and website hosting deployment, their fine understanding of IaaS services has made them a leading service provider and one of the best IaaS examples in the world. 

With some ground already covered, Digital Ocean uses the piecemeal allocation for most of its infrastructure resources. This helps the company to customize the cloud computing services according to the customer’s unique requirements. 

9) Server Central

Another brand that enjoys providing top-notch IaaS and other services of cloud computing is Server Central. This brand is relatively fresh and small compared to the others in the race, but with some of its unique tricks and offerings, it bridges the gap between itself and the big guns. 

Server Central has taken the cloud services a notch-up by integrating the on-premises infrastructure in the setup. It offers a hybrid platform that gives a smooth and great IaaS to its customers. This is what differentiates it from the others and makes it one of the best cloud service examples in the world.

10) Cloud Services by Alibaba

In the race to provide the best cloud-related services, especially IaaS, Alibaba has also made a good amount of investment in their research. In other words, we can also say that Alibaba’s Aliyun, which is what they call their cloud services, is an answer to the US companies providing the same services. Undoubtedly, one of the best IaaS examples globally, Alibaba has grown at an outstanding rate.

Jack Ma’s organization offers a massive range of cloud services to all its customers, including the IaaS. With an extensive range of customers, Aliyun has expanded its data centers to a massive number of 63 across the world. The entire setup of the company is based on the pay-as-you-go concept, which is different and seamless at the same time. 

11) Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE or Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a well-renowned name in the world of technology and gadgets. Apart from the toys they have to offer, HPE has several services to offer as well. They provide not just IaaS but everything as a service. Taking the various cloud computing services to different levels, HPE has introduced and integrated multiple levels and security layers in their cloud-related services. This includes IaaS as well. 

HPE solutions have always been the base and build-up for many customers. With the help of its tightly integrated systems, many business owners have found their perfect solution, from cloud-based services to on-premises systems.

12) Open Cloud by Rackspace

Rackspace cloud service is an example of IAAS services and probably one of the finest amongst all. Rackspace in today’s world is a leading company offering cloud services, including IaaS space. You get to enjoy several options with Rackspace. All its models are meticulously designed and integrated to fit every business needs and allow the user to use all the supporting services necessary. 

It allows the easy adoption of IaaS technology and perfectly aligns all your plans with your business motto. The options available in its IaaS include VMware and HyperVisor, Azure, OpenStack, AWS deployment, and several others.

13) Linode

Linode is a fine example that also accounts for the IaaS example of web hosting industries. Talking about the concept adopted by this brand, it is almost identical to what Digital Ocean has adopted, but there are still a lot of dissimilarities. Linode has chosen to bring forward the user-friendly aspect of working on the cloud. 

Another fine Iaas example that’s based on VMware and comes with a set of functionalities and features that helps the user to keep up with the applications that are as complicated and intense as you need.  

The brand uses a hybrid IT building block system that has a lot of interesting features to offer. The Advanced Managed Services on the cloud service list of the brand offers another set of solutions to the user.

15) Hitachi Enterprise Cloud

Yes, our list has added a brand from Japan. Hitachi is a leading tech-solution provider that has integrated cloud computing services for its clients. The Hitachi Enterprise Cloud supports cloud-native environments and VMware as well. All its solutions, including IaaS, provide flexible, progressive, faster, and reliable solutions for all users. 

It depends on the user to pursue a hybrid or a private cloud to deliver their application and automation processes. With the help of a preconfigured approach, Hitachi offers a streamlined working environment and helps its customers save money and time. 


IaaS is one of the best and extensively used emerging technologies but knowing and utilizing its full potential is something that’s still a long way to go. The above-listed IaaS examples are some of the leading names in the world of technology. If you plan to switch your business to a better platform, then integrating IaaS is a must. You get all the data stored in one place and easily accessible.

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