Multi Access Edge Computing: An Important Guide For 2021


The first question that pops up to mind is that what MEC stand for? 

MEC stands for Multi Access Edge Computing. It is exactly what it sounds like. Computing takes place at the edge of corporate networks with the edge to find the place where an n number of devices access the rest of the networks like phones, laptops, industrial robots, and sensors. The edge used to be a place where these n number of devices connected and deliver data and receive instructions from centrally-located data from a cloud. A market of edge cloud computing emerging from 2016, it continuously grows up as a most helpful hand for humanity throughout the world.

Multi Access Edge Computing is a growing and emergent technology system that works with the host having content for the edge of the network. It helps in the promotion of various technological growth features like wireless computing and devices for the ease of users. It hands over massive IoT devices with the 5G networks for both commercials as well as industrial uses.

Taking a thematic example for understanding the use of edge computing, if a massive fire broke out at an office, then the MEC sends an alert through cloud computing and automatic alert to the fire departments and other police offices nearby. 

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is MEC?
  2. MEC Characteristics
  3. Key drivers for MEC
  4. How is MEC used?

1. What is MEC?

Multi Access Edge Computing allows the computation of traffic of internet and data services with the help of a centralized cloud-like system at the network edge.  This edge computing first creates, analyze, process and stores the data which is transmitting through it before sending it further. Less the distance of the customer with this cloud or network device, more efficiently data transmits from one place to another in less time. 

2. MEC characteristics

Edge computing network works on the MEC multi access network system. Being a trending and one of the most popular networks, some of the factors benefits the MEC over the other networks. These are: 

  • New services and new revenue streams
  • Real-time analytics with lower latency
  • Reduced cloud data storage and transport costs
  • Improved availability of applications and IT assets
  • Conserve network bandwidth and reduce network congestion
  • Strengthen security and compliance
  • Proximity, high bandwidth, and virtualization have added importance like a cherry on the top of the cake.
  • At the moment, the existing internet of things systems perform all of their computations in the cloud using data centres.

3. Key drivers for MEC

The latest intelligent networks like 3 G, 4 G, and 5 G networks, IoT networks, i.e., the internet of things are some of the edge computing devices that act as the key drivers. These intelligent and more advanced networks gained popularity among the people and are covering much more countries and the larger areas, which automatically attracts large traffic to the edge computing devices.

With the emergence of technology, people also want to access the latest technologies, which can be possible by multi access edge computing(MEC) services. These networks not only increase the traffic from individual enterprises or large business tycoons throughout the world but also help in increasing flexibility and access to the MEC in sharing a high volume of data. Edge computing devices also time to time, introduce various innovative ideas for the development of network bandwidth and its durability.  

4. How is MEC used?

Multi access edge computing is being used by various business organizations dealing in different purpose commercial and industrial sectors to promote their existing actions by improving their own customer engagement and environment of the network. There are some of the areas where MEC and edge computing would be used. 

  • Customer Services
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Commercial Operations
  • Industrial IoT
  • Emergency Services

Many experts also believe that the true potential of edge computing will become apparent when 5G networks go mainstream in a year from now. Users will be able to able to enjoy consistent connectivity without even realizing it.

Having the potential of being quick, future technology-enabled with localized solutions makes it more common for the use meanwhile during an environmental epidemic situation. For example, it can be used as an alarming and alert message sending system in a building or in a wi-fi-laced locality if a major fire may occur without any human intervention and automatically sends a quick response to the fire department. This feature also makes edge computing more data-efficient.


Multi access edge computing or MEC is the latest technology which is famous among every age group person, used for sharing, receiving, and transmitting data safely with the help of cloud computing system. It has multiple benefits and a variety of purposeful uses. In this article, we had gone through various questions and their diameter like what does MEC stands for, what does MEC means, its definition, various edge computing networks, and more.

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