Private Cloud Storage: A Comprehensive Overview For 2021

Ajay Ohri


Cloud storage gives you 24/7 access for storing data online through an internet connection to upload, modify, and share documents, presentations, images, audio and video. In online storage, data are not stored on the hard disk of your PC. Enterprise buys the storage capacity from the cloud providers to store its data. 

Different types of cloud storage solutions.

  • Personal Cloud  Storage stores individual’s data in the cloud storage and provides access to the online data from anywhere, such as Apple iCloud.
  • Public Cloud Storage: In this model, the enterprise and service provider is different, and no cloud resources are stored in the enterprise’s data centre.
  • Private Cloud Storage: it means that a single person or company uses the infrastructure; hence in private cloud storage high level of privacy and security is maintained.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage combines public and private cloud storage, of which critical data are stored in private cloud storage while other data is stored in public cloud storage.

So now we will explain the private cloud solution in detail.

  1. What is Private cloud storage??
  2. What Makes Private Cloud Storage Different?
  3. Why is a private cloud better than a public cloud?
  4. Private cloud storage providers
  5. Best Private Cloud Provider

1) What is Private cloud storage??

Private cloud storage is also known as internal cloud storage. It is a type of storage technique that helps an organization work on home servers by implementing cloud computing and storage technology. It is a cloud infrastructure that can easily be used according to the ease of single users.  A private cloud Is best suited for highly regulated businesses like financial and health care institutions. A large organization that requires advanced and custom data centre solution also benefit from the private cloud model. DELL is one of the companies that offer private cloud services.

2) What Makes Private Cloud Storage Different?

Private cloud storage is the same as public cloud storage in terms of its usability, scalability and flexibility. But as discussed above, a private cloud is owned by a single organization and is not publicly accessible, and all critical information is stored within a system. For this reason, private cloud storage solutions are more secure than public cloud storage solution. A large company may choose a private cloud, while a smaller business might choose a public cloud.

3) Why is a private cloud better than a public cloud?

High security and privacy – Private cloud provides better security and privacy as resources are not shared outside the organization.

FLEXIBILITY  – In a private cloud, one can customize its resources as per the specific needs of the client or organization.

Predictable Cost and Energy Efficiency – As the whole infrastructure is customized to organization-specific needs; maintenance cost is usually predictable.

Legal compliance – when clients deal with legal compliance, for example, financial and health care or critical data, then one should follow the strict rule of storing the data, how they can handle it, and how it will be protected with a private cloud.

Better performance – Since private clouds are installed inside the organization’s intranet, which ensures better efficiency and good network performance.

Improving or increasing reliability – Private cloud storage provides a reliable infrastructure as a whole administration and set up within the organization.

So after looking at the various advantage of using private cloud storage, We will discuss the best private cloud storage services available today. These can be paid as well as free software.

  • Icedrive: Icedrive provides easy to use and clean interface to manage your files.  Here we can store files up to 100 TB. 
  • pCloudThis tool allows you to share files with other users. The organization should keep its private files confidential with the highest level of security. 
  • Mega It offers 50 GB free storage space to upload or download, of which 1 GB data for every 6 hours. It is mainly used for Windows, Mac, and Linux platform. 
  • Microsoft One Driveis online storage to sync files up to 15 GB in size to work on a Windows PC or Mac operating system. The organization can use their phone to scan cards, receipts, documents in One Drive with its expiration date for security purpose.
  • Dropbox: It is used to sync data across all devices, whether working alone or in a team. The maximum file size should be 50 GB or small.
  • Amazon Drive: is a cloud storage application of Amazon. It automatically backs up the photos and videos on our phone, file sharing, photo printing, and file backup.
  •  Sync allows you to send files of any size to anyone, even if they are not registered, but if you upload files larger than 40 GB, performance becomes poor. It is an ideal solution for storing and sharing confidential and sensitive data.
  • Box: Users can use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to quickly search the file they want by editing once local file, and Box will save it in the cloud.
  • Media fire allows you to specify access control by pasting the link in any files, and Media Fire will upload to one account. The maximum file uploading limit is 20 GB. 
  • Jumpsahre: a combination of the screenshot, video recording, as well as team collaboration. We can send and share unlimited file of big size.
  • MiMediais a backup service that allows users to import from Dropbox, Google, Flickr, and Facebook.

Most important Private Cloud Storage  As we can see, there are many private cloud platforms to choose from, but all platforms are not equal. Here are 5 most private storage solutions –

4) Private cloud storage providers  

 We will be discussing only the free cloud storage model.

  • Google Drive lets you synchronize files from PC to the cloud with free Data Storage of up to 15GB. Google storage space is also shared with other Google services, which include Gmail and Google Photos. Mobile apps are also available for  Android users.
  • One Drive – One Drive allows upto 5GB of free data storage for Microsoft Windows users. All files can be edited without the file being downloaded.
  • Dropbox provides great storage support for 3rd party apps with a web interface that lets users edit files without downloading them. Dropbox has upto 2GB of storage space for new users. 

Top-rated Cloud Storage providers

  • Amazon S3:It enables file storage to multiple servers and offers file encryption to share the data publicly.
  • Google Cloud: It offers unlimited storage space. It also has the ability to resume the file transfer after a failure.

5) Best Private Cloud Provider

HPE Virtual Private Cloud ServicesA key leader of private cloud offers hardware and software services as well
VMwareCloud Management Platform, Hybrid Cloud Managerthe top name mention in a private cloud
Dell EMCEnterprise Private Cloud Solution and Security applicationsexpertise in storage hardware and services
OracleManaged Cloud Services, Oracle Cloud PlatformA leader in databases & enterprise storage
IBM / Red HatHosted Cloud ServicesOffers with other cloud platforms
MicrosoftAzure Private Cloud expertise in organization data centres
CiscoCisco ONE Enterprise CloudCenterA top leader in networking
NetAppFlexible converged solutionsStrong in storage & backup
AWSVirtual  Private   Clouddominant vendor of cloud computing

 Are there different types of cloud storage solutions?

  • LiveDrive – Best for Remote Team Collaboration.
  • Google Drive – Best Free Cloud Storage Service.
  • Microsoft OneDrive – Best for PC Power Users.
  • Apple’s iCloud – Best for Apple Power Users.
  • Dropbox – The Most Popular Cloud Storage Service.


In conclusion, I want to say that Successfully implementing a private storage cloud architecture helps reduce the total cost of ownership. As we edge closer to reality, increasing numbers of organizations have recognized that private cloud storage is a right fit for their organization. Implementing a private cloud solution can greatly optimize enterprise storage infrastructure and increase efficiency to reduce storage cost.

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