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What is saas in cloud computing? Software as service or SaaS is a model which continues to gain popularity among business and enterprise. It is basically gaining popularity due to online business ownership and management. Online business solutions are impossible to run without any software as a service solution. This is the best software as a service example as an online business totally relies on the SaaS module to plan and manage daily business activities. 

  1. Benefits of Software as service Saas
  2. Examples of saas products

1. Benefits of Software as service Saas

It is especially appropriate for private ventures which is the best saas examples in cloud computing. Rather than putting resources into extra in-house worker limits and programming licenses, organizations can change their Software as a Service or SaaS membership consistently, scaling utilization prerequisites here and they are dependent on venture requests and different factors. There’s likewise an expansion in human transfer speed. The in-house IT staff members are freed from the undertakings related to on-premise programming and functioning, permitting them to handle more crucial matters to the organization’s future development. Also, as the infrastructure relies on the data center information, the organization benefits in getting the data and back up immediately in case of an outage. 

The major SaaS benefit is that they do not really care about the operating system used. The main benefit is that these do not require any software to run, just an internet connection works best for this kind of service. Many companies provide a desktop version of the application however the features and the work along with functioning remains the same. One of the major key benefits of software as the solution is that the way this runs the software with the help of its own data center is commendable as it helps the customer to get rid of the expensive maintenance of various equipments. 

A SaaS with its membership charge and cloud-based circulation permits it to quickly react to bugs and highlight demands, permitting the product to be refreshed steadily as opposed to once in a couple of years like in normal programming improvement. This additionally implies the client of a SaaS consistently has the most cutting-edge programming and doesn’t need to stress over what rendition they are running, or if they are presented to a significant security spill or another issue for an all-encompassing timeframe.

The major benefit of this is a reduced risk of piracy as the security services make it impossible for any kind of stealing or scam. You can either pay to utilize it, or you don’t get access, which helps boost a SaaS seller to continue providing the product and maintain it refreshed in control to keep clients paying.

2. Examples of saas products

You would wonder what is saas examples? Let’s have a look at some of the saas examples in cloud computing along with various services provided to chose the better option among them:

  • Hubspot is of the best saas applications examples which are high in customer use these days. It is basically a CRM which is also known as Customer relationship management software which is mostly used in business for tracking sales and revenue systems. It is very useful in performing and tracking the whole sales process starting from lead generation to tracking the sales along with delivery confirmation. It also allows you to track all your social media channels. Basically, anything which is related to their business can be overlooked and managed in the SaaS system. This is a perfect channel if you are in the business of any kind of sales or lead generation process, this software makes things quite easier to manage. It is a free channel, basically a freemium channel, which allows the customers to start using the basic version of the software and slowly pay for the up-gradation as per the requirement of the business. It has different pricing with different features which engages the customer more with the software.
  • If you are looking to set up an online or e-commerce store where you can get online visibility, you would first look into the market for any developers or designers and pay them a huge amount for setting up an online store. However, with Shopify which is considered as saas platform examples where you can create your own online store and start selling products instantly. Setting up a store is quite an easy and hassle-free process on Shopify as shopping cart, online payments and catalogs are all available on this single platform. It also provides customized options with various plugins which facilitate your store with a designer view and features. If you are one of those looking for any startups or into dropshipping business, Shopify is the right platform for you as it facilitates the amazon fulfillment shipping with great prices and facilities. 
  • G-Suite or google suite is one of the best saas cloud examples. It is a Microsoft Office version with less functionality. It is the version of google business application Some of these are free if you have a Gmail account in place, however, the paid version is of the minimum price which can be used and upgraded.  It is the best joint effort useful for all the online business applications, where you can have various clients signed into a similar report and making changes progressively at the same time without any forming issues like some different administrations.
  • Skubana is another cloud saas example that provides inventory management solutions. It is mostly used for online retailers who would like to sell their products by various channels. Skubana is a cost-effective cloud-based solution with various in-built features. Other inventory management software in the market can be quite expensive and can be a great problem when it comes to managing various sales channels. 
  • Zendesk is another saas model example that helps manage support tickets for customers in a very cheap and effective way. It provides ways to communicate & resolve any concerns which come in mid-way. It also helps in managing feedback and helps cut down negative feedback. It also helps reduce wait time for support functions which provides instant customer solutions. 
  • Dropbox is a cloud SaaS storage solutions service provided on the internet platform. This is also one of the best saas examples. Dropbox offers a freemium platform that starts from a free version for a startup with upgrading to a premium paid version. The safe and secure model helps keep all your documents and files with a fingerprinting facility for all devices. It manages to provide easy access to store your documents and files in a secured space created which can later be viewed or shared with context to permissions provided by the user. The platform is quite secured with a password protection facility related to sensitive information. 


The above-mentioned cloud saas examples are quite user-friendly, which makes our life quite easier and also the most cost-effective & convenient way to progress in any business.   

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