SnapLogic: A Basic Understanding (2021)


Cloud-based systems are a precondition in this era of the internet, where digitalization has increased, and businesses are getting online. SnapLogic is one such commercial software company that provides cloud-based services to its customers. Using this, you can store and send data online. This helps the users to tether cloud-based application with other business systems. It allows connecting cloud data sources. The products are intended to allow businesses with less technology availability to ingress and govern the data from various sources. SnapLogic empowers enterprises by automating application and other processes.

SnapLogic summarizes integration task complexity with “Snaps”. Here, snap is a SnapLogic connector that can perform the simplest as well as a mammoth task. It can perform tasks like reading data from a file, scrutinizing data and providing complete access to all the data. Whatever be your cloud-based need, SnapLogic would be the last thing you will be looking for. The SnapLogic architecture allows for all types of integration, including batch integration, real-time integration, and streaming integration. This helps to handle any variety, velocity and volume of data.

SnapLogic documentation includes an “Intelligent Integration Platform”, which uses workflows to automate all stages of IT integration projects – designing, development, deployment, and maintenance – whether on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid environments. The system is easy to use and is a self-service interface. Whatever is the kind of work and whatever be the kind of environment, it can all be managed with the help of SnapLogic.

SnapLogic tool is used to transfer data from one system to the other. This process is also known as data migration. This can be done through data integration as well as through ETL, which stands for extraction, transformation and load. It helps in moving the data amongst different cloud-based systems. It also enables analyzing the data as per our needs.

List of snaplogic integration cloud

SnapLogic architecture provides its customers with various types of integration clouds. The variety of such SnapLogic tools includes the following used for various purposes to suit your needs:

  • Snaplex:

 Snaplex is an execution network that streams data between different application databases, files, social and big data sources. It can move elastically based on the volume of the data which is being processed. The data can also be transferred easily and speedily from one place to the other.  The Snaplex can be positioned and installed anywhere on the end user network that has access to the required data or on-premises application.  

  • SnapLogic Designer:

The designer is a HTML-5 designed product. It is used to create pipelines. The pipelines are an integration workflow. These pipelines are a sequence of Snaps connected to serve one particular purpose. Snaps can be connected through a simple “drag and drop” interface, which requires no coding. This feature makes it relevant in the industry for multiple-uses.

  • SnapLogic Manager:

It is a management interface. It manages various projects as well as accounts. It also provides functionalities like management, job organizing, notifying and alerting. It makes effortless a managers task of managing various things hence is very relevant for the same.

  • SnapLogic Monitoring Dashboard

This function helps in remotely monitoring the performance of the integration workloads. The monitoring dashboard is available for use in a browser as well as in devices such as mobile phones and ipads as well. It enables real time monitoring of the workload. This helps business manage the various tasks on hand, and it enables prioritization of the tasks hence giving due importance to the essential tasks.

  • SnapStore

Snapstore is an online marketplace where various downloadable snaps have been made available by SnapLogic. One can also sell their snaps on SnapStore. This helps the businesses fulfil their requirement and help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of functions that are being performed. The business can purchase the snaps as per the tasks on hand.


In this era of digitization, where businesses are getting online, and customers are using the internet to satisfy their various needs, a product that helps integrate data, store data, and fetch data from anywhere has become a pre-requisite. SnapLogic comes in handy at this point of time. It helps businesses store data on cloud based systems and makes available the data whenever it is required. This also enables organizations to maintain a large volume of data.

The cloud-based services product is a boon for big and small business as it fulfils all the needs right from reading the data, storing data, retrieving data, and analyzing data. The data can be sent and received anytime from anywhere. This leads to ease of doing business and, in turn, improves productivity. The work can be completed speedily in a shorter time period and with precision. SnapLogic provides a complete platform to suit all the needs and helps businesses in scaling new heights and meet their objectives timely.

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